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  1. Thanks for the encouragement, Kyle...and thanks for listening and commenting. Hi Tony........thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the generous words. Maybe it's time to bring back those lyrics that remind us what is truly important.....just got to package it with some new sound. Thanks again. Hey there Darin....nice to see you. I'm trying to drum up some instrumentation, as well as some accompanying tracks. I want to trim it down and sweeten it up (so to speak). I would like to get a lead guitar player involved with making a track....(interested??) -T And thanks you for taking the time to listen and comment...........I appreciate it! Thanks everyone! -Tom
  2. 22

    Nice song Kyle....I like you're smooth and relaxing style. Very nice writing.... ....good luck with this in the Sept. monthly over yonder!
  3. Thanks sooooo much for the encouragement! I really appreciate it! Thanks Matthew for stopping by! I'm working on the instruments! Hey there Mark....thanks for listening and commenting. I think the idea that it is the work that produces the sweat has been established, for the most part......although, I see where the confusion might raise it's ugly head. Trying to keep the idea clear while remaining pithy is a challenge. Thanks again! Sorry, bud.....I wish you could try again! Thanks, everyone! -Tom
  4. Hey there Burton...................I like what you have....I truly think this needs a musical chorus or change to keep this energetically alive. Lovely idea, and a lovely sound.......just have to take us into another direction. -Tom
  5. Very, very cool rhythm, man! Love this......just waiting for the words.........you do have words?......don't you? Too bad....... Entertaining, none-the-less! Good job, man -Tom
  6. Great sound.....I dig the song, man. The only thing is that I personally would like to speed it up a few BPS. Other than that, it's a fine song. I can here some Brian Adams influence, here...................very cool!! Love the guitars! -Tom
  7. Hey there Dave......Just wanted to let you know, here at Songstuff, that I think this song is vintage, and at the same time a great representation of where your music is these days.............OUTSTANDING. -Tom
  8. Well done, Tim..........I've always loved the Celtic sound. I'm German, Danish, Italian........go figure!? Great musicianship! An awesome recording, as well. Great writing! -Tom
  9. Beautiful sound, Matthew! As always, it is a wonderful escape into your fantasy world. Thanks! -Tom
  10. Sweet sound.......not the most original melody, but it sure does sound good! Nice singing....love the harmonies. Good piece of writing, Crystal. -Tom
  11. Thanks, Larry.......I'm rather limited with my arrangements, but maybe I can come up with something. Thanks, again!
  12. Thanks Jim....I hear a harmonica, as well. And thanks for always stopping by with a word of encouragement! Hi Larry......thank you very much for the generous words. I'm not sure what you mean when you say you are hearing a tight rhythm section? Any ideas? I would love to hear them....I'm going back to the tracks this weekend to do some exploring. Thanks again! Hi Dave......thanks for listening and commenting. I have some ideas to make it a bit more pithy, and a bit more entertaining (I hope). Glad you stopped by.......Congrats on your win at the monthly comp, by the way! Hi Crystal......I'm hoping this weekend back on the tracks will rectify some of the problems. Thanks soooooo much for sharing your thoughts! Thanks everyone! -T
  13. Hi Everyone! I have another tune out.......a simple recording that could use a variety of instruments. But, here is the basic idea. While first impressions are greatly appreciated,any and all thoughts are welcome. Thanks in advance, -Tom "Everybody Wants" by Tom Tognaci http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13205718 Everybody wants to sleep, But they don’t want to make their bed Everybody wants a hand, But they won’t use their own head Everybody wants to eat, They don’t want the cook to wait Everybody wants and wants, But they won’t clean their own plate Hey……everybody’s wanting….. Not what they need Hey……everybody’s wanting….. Not what they need…..not what they need Everybody wants to win, But they just can’t bear one loss Everybody wants Heaven, But they won’t carry their cross Everybody wants it all, They don’t want the work it takes Everybody wants and wants, But can’t stand the sweat it makes Hey……everybody’s wanting….. Not what they need Hey……everybody’s wanting….. Not what they need…..not what they need Everybody wants a pill, To keep their love alive Everybody wants the thrill That keeps them satisfied Everybody wants a hook, They don’t want that barb of steel Everybody wants and wants, But they just don’t want what’s real Hey……everybody’s wanting….. Not what they need Hey……everybody’s wanting….. Not what they need…..not what they need Everybody wants to sing But they don’t want to sing in key Everybody wants a voice When they don’t know harmony Everybody wants the lead As the singer in the band Everybody wants and wants, But they just don’t want the band Hey……everybody’s wanting….. Not what they need…….No! Not what they need.
  14. Thanks Crystal....all of my recordings have recording issues. I might as well set up an outside studio in the middle of a zoo ;-) For me, it's all about the song. thanks so much for listening. Hey there GBN....yea, some bass is always nice, and the variation between two acoustics is always a pleasure to listen to.......What I would love is to work with a band! And many thanks for the knd words......it makes it all worth while. Thanks, again! -Tom
  15. I love this mystical sound you have here. Fantasey produces the greatest escapes! Love it, Tim. WOW -Tom