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  1. What are you listening to at the moment?

    Marcus King Band - Marcus King Band Joe Strummer - Earthquake Weather Sonoran Sunsets - Bry Melvin Revolution Come....Revolution Go - Guv Mule
  2. I'll be with you - Mix ok?

    Great atmosphere. Like Will said the backing vocals add nicely. I can't believe I am saying it, but I disagree with Ben - no guitar solo is needed. Did I just say that?
  3. Table for Two (Acoustic version)

    Good tune. Really liked the bass line, also the rhythm guitar. Your vocals brought to mind Jason Maraz. Really enjoyed listening. Jim
  4. Deus Ex Machina

    Really liked the song. You got some food from thought from the others. My only other thought was for the chours. The chorus is catchy, have the chorus vocals doubled or tripled, giving it a stage/live feel to it.
  5. I Beg Your Pardon

    I like the feel, as was already said I also like the use of the guitar. Maybe play it up a little, but I'm not much for synths. As CapM said I know none of your references, except for The Shins. Lyrically I have to honest, I have no idea what the songs about. Not a big deal, this happens a lot to me, and if others are more honest...... No biggie. Your lyrics are a lot more, lets say cerebral. My songs tend to be more straight forward. All that said I like what you are doing. When I get time I plan to look at some of your other works. Keep it up. Oh - don't sweat your vocals. I am very vocally challenged. Stay honest. Jim
  6. Highs and Lows

    Good song. You have gotten some good input on the recording. I'll just say I'm not completely in agreement with ImKeN about the chorus. I think lyrically it can work fine, it does have a George Harrison feel to it with the backing vocals. Maybe if you just came at the chorus from a slightly different angle musically. Again good song. Jim
  7. Enjoyed listening - moving composition
  8. when you kiss me do it right

    Good write. Like everyone said you got a very strong chorus. The verses I think will work with the right music. The chorus put me right to a country song also. Nice job.
  9. Wizard and Glass

    Well done, well constructed song.
  10. The Better Man

    Tom - I always enjoy listening to see what your doing next. You never disappoint, another solid tune from you. Nice job. Jim
  11. I Should Be Rising - now Instead of Rising

    Hey - you got me interested right off the bat. Maybe another verse, not quite sure where its going yet. You may not know yet either though. Jim
  12. Free To Think with New Vocals & Remix

    Like the song. Not a fan of the guitar/synth. Nice piano. Jim
  13. She Took My Moment (with edits)

    You have a lot of good advise. There seems to be a lot on why the cops were called. I like the mystery. maybe elaborate a little, to feed on the curiosity. Everyone has their own experiences and imagination. Play on that, and feed them a little, to build more interest. Nice start. Jim
  14. You Don't Love Me No More (wip)

    Good country tune. Key West brought me back though. Jim
  15. Dave - been gone awhile. I had to see what you were doing. Great tune. I can certainly relate. Always great playing and writing. Jim