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  1. Good write. Like everyone said you got a very strong chorus. The verses I think will work with the right music. The chorus put me right to a country song also. Nice job.
  2. Well done, well constructed song.
  3. Tom - I always enjoy listening to see what your doing next. You never disappoint, another solid tune from you. Nice job. Jim
  4. Hey - you got me interested right off the bat. Maybe another verse, not quite sure where its going yet. You may not know yet either though. Jim
  5. Like the song. Not a fan of the guitar/synth. Nice piano. Jim
  6. You have a lot of good advise. There seems to be a lot on why the cops were called. I like the mystery. maybe elaborate a little, to feed on the curiosity. Everyone has their own experiences and imagination. Play on that, and feed them a little, to build more interest. Nice start. Jim
  7. Good country tune. Key West brought me back though. Jim
  8. Dave - been gone awhile. I had to see what you were doing. Great tune. I can certainly relate. Always great playing and writing. Jim
  9. A fire boat
  10. After all the critiques, I wont bother, but to say I'll be looking for more from you. Jim
  11. I'm not sure if the 2 lines in the middle is the chorus. If it isn't it should be. There's potential there. Jim
  12. Good song. The chorus does seem a little repetitive, but that all depends on the presentation with the music. I'll be looking for more. Jim
  13. Simon - I thought the first version was great. The final version was much improve, the over all tone, you seemed to have vocals worked out better, ... The guitar strumming did seem a little high in the mix. Bass work was great. Inspiring. Thanks. Jim
  14. Critiques been done. I'll just give thumbs up. Nice song. Have a good New Year. Jim