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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  2. Your celebration of Songstuff's 10th anniversary was a fine and succinct survey of the current state of affairs in the music business and also an exciting and inspirational look into the future. Thank you!
  3. Dear "Strangetouch"... This song made me think of sunsets, roads and rain. I was my tapping my toes to the beat. Your voice has just the right touch of loneliness in it to sustain the feeling of yearning. As the first song I've ever heard with the city of Glasgow, Scotland, as its subject, I'd say you've definitely piqued my interest in that place on the map! bluage
  4. Oops, sorry about that, my cat is trying to say hello to you. But I've decided that guitar is not for me and that I like banging on things more (i.e drums)

  5. Haha! I thought you had to be 13 to sign up so I signed up as 14 but then traded it out to my real age. And I've decided that

  6. Hey, there, Miss "kiralouise"...

    You're getting younger! Last time I looked, you posted your age in your profile as fourteen years-old. You must'a found the Fountain of Youth!!! Now, don't be greedy with the information. Where's the fountain at!

    Hey...why are you switching from strumming, to drumming?


  7. bluage! I've reposted my work already...

  8. thanks. :) I'd be waiting for more of your suggestions!

  9. By the way, thank you for adding me to your friends list.


  10. Hi, Miss Red...

    Regarding my comments about your song, "You're Not Worth It", you're welcome! Actually, I had more I wanted to contribute, but I got busy this weekend. I'll get back to it tomorrow...


  11. I am a sceptical "consumer" (Ooo, but I hate the way our corporate culture-makers have branded us!), too, especially since in the past I have foolishly and naively purchased so much music-making equipment that ultimately didn't serve me very well. However, at first glance, this "Orange" thing appears to be simply a big, room-filling speaker and computer built into a single enclosure. Not a bad idea, if you're looking to cut down on the amount of peripheral hardware you need to carry around. I believe that at the level of skill I currently possess concering music production, that I have everything I truly need. This product might be an option worth considering for someone who is just setting out to build their "studio"... bluage
  12. hi bluage, thanks for commenting on my song! :)

  13. Folks... Thank you! Thanks a lot for posting this news about Notion's add-on product. It's an exciting development. I've been using Miroslav Philharmonik for about three years, and although practice makes perfect, I dread deeply expending all that effort to make my articulations sound right. Sometimes, it's enough to put me off working with it! But it's a fine, fine library, in my humble opinion, and it does sound quite dramatic and realistic when you really work at it. If I purchase it, I'll be glad to share my impressions with all who would be interested. Gratefully, bluage
  14. Dear John... You know, you seem to have such an exhaustive knowledge of all things musical that I have come to the conclusion that you are NOT a living person, but actually an...AI, a prototype "artificial intelligence" R & D'd especially for the music community on the web. Obviously, your avatar is a picture of some poor soul whose name is actually John Moxey and who has no idea that his identity has been hijacked by a discorporate entity that roves the cyberspace-ways looking for interesting musical subjects to share with the planet! bluage
  15. Ha, thanks! Not sure if the song's a keeper yet or not, but it's another one written, and I learned a lot.