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  1. Oh my...I've been gone way too long.

  2. Happy birthday Kira!

  3. Muse + Metric = Epic concert = Happy me.

  4. Song Title Association Game

    ....I'm alive! Rainy Day - The Plain White T's
  5. Well you are girl. Girls usually mature faster than boys I admit. The puppy in your picture is cute btw. What's his/her name?

  6. Hahaha! But I bet I'm the most mature.

  7. Wow kira, and I use to think I was the youngest on the site. 12 dang...

  8. Song Title Association Game

    Love the White Stripes! You are my new best friend. True Friend - Hannah Montana. Sadly, that's all I had.
  9. Song Title Association Game

    Let You Love Grow Tall by Passion Pit. I'm just on a ROLL!
  10. Song Title Association Game

    Let It Be - The Beatles, yes I'm the cool 12 year old!
  11. Thank you for friending

  12. Song Title Association Game

    @krisy_louiseBleed - Hot Chelle Rae... I heard thatsong live. Best concert ever!
  13. Hey dude, it's been a while. Yeah I'm going to learn drums as soon as I get a set. Hopefully that will be sometime this summer. What have you been up to?

  14. Hey Kira. I havn't been around much, figured I'd say hi. You're learning drums? Nice choice ;)

  15. Song Title Association Game

    Hard - Rhianna