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    Lifehouse, Counting Crows, Coldplay , Train, Switchfoot, Rico Blanco, Sugarfree, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Keane, Vertical Horizon, Matchbox 20, Daughtry, Five for Fighting, Gavin deGraw. I literally grew up listening to their songs.

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  1. Very beautiful Mr. Simon. A remarkable voice to go with outstanding piano-playing. Contrary, I think the bridge is perfect. There something very haunting and dramatic the way everything turns quiet - it sounds almost vulnerable and solemn to me. I like it the way it is!
  2. Writer's block. Writer's block. Oh no. Oh no. Red alert. Red. Al. ERT!

  3. Obliviooooonnn!

  4. So it's my birthday today and I'm back! It's been two lonely years I think..

    1. tunesmithth


      Happy birthday and welcome back!

    2. Red


      Thank you tunesmithth! It's good to be back!

  5. WOAAAAHHH. Haven't been in here for ages!! Good to be back.

  6. well, the melody comes first most of the time.. Sometimes the lyrics but whenever that happens I usually end up composing just the lyrics. Sometimes it would come simultaneously but then I usually forget after 10 seconds what it sounded like. Whenever I try to record the idea after I just sing it differently, you know? Anyway, not busy at school at the moment so I'd definitely try writing a few lines... Don't want to get rusty at songwriting... totally agree with just1 about some songs out there.. nice tunes but flat lyrics. Of course we should aim for the whole package songs, right!
  7. anybody here uses tumblr?

  8. I've been struggling with my songwriting lately, maybe I'm just not at all inspired, I don't know, but I'm having trouble coming up with melodies nowadays, and I couldn't really fit them into the lyrics. Even the lyrics seem off. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Anybody out there who could give advice? For example, is it easier to create the melody first then lyrics or the other way around? Or it's up to me whether which one to compose first?
  9. Yesss merry christmas everybody!!

  10. Oct 2011! Sembreak!

  11. April 9 2011, wow I've been here for almost a year now! :)

  12. Just read all your shizzely nizzle on your home page, love it =]

    1. Red


      Thank you! I think my page is different now. Oh look your comment was four years ago haha

  13. I want an ipoooodd!! :(


  14. I'm financially challenged, and I can't buy all those pro tools and sonar and other cool gadgets.. I only have my mic, and even that I don't think the quality's great... any software you know that are cheap or are free, but is acceptable? what bout hardwares?? What brand of mic? any other suggestion?? Knowledge that you know about recording?? Any info Is appreciated... I really want to record my own music. Thanks guys!!