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    Drawing, designing, Shopping, writing lyrics, writing novels, going to shows, going to dinners, dancing, anime, magic, psychic (amateur but with pro. ability tbh)

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    Abandoned Fable
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    pretty awesome.
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    LISTEN to anything, so versatile. Avril Lavigne, Hawthorne Heights, Greenday, An Cafe, that guy who does that stuff, Nightwish, THERE ARE SO MANY!


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    Not Interested

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    Any and All

About Me

Oh god, I really find these "About Me" pages so difficult - what do you fill the massive box with? It's like that question on Anger Management "Who are YOU?" or whatever it was. I probably sound mad unless you've seen the film, so ignore the latter part of that sentence.

Anyway, if I were to attmpet to get me into a small page without scaring anyone.. then it'd be a miracle, and I don't do that.

So here's the scary me:

I change my face terribly often, and this is a metaphor for many things: I change certain interests, I change my hair (its a surprise its still there), I change my accent, I change my attitudes, I change my sense of humor, I change my handwriting.

I love the magical arts, I specialise in two areas, one is supernatural ritual and spell performance (but where I live this is illegal, so hush) and the second is being a freaky nutjob (aka psychic). Even my freakin mother, who is sceptic of the century, thinks I am one, and Sam does - and he's my mother's apprentice (in that sense). I also know pretty much anything about the magical world that one might ask, btu of course, I myself am still learning. :) Always something to learn.

If you were looking for my life story then here: Born in Cornwall, grew up in Cheshire, (all UK) moved to Dubai aged 8 after something to do with the 9/11 incident (RIP everyone who died :c) and basically lived here ever since. If you don't live here, then lemme tell you; it's not glamorous, it's not cool, no i dont hang out with film stars, and yes, its exactly like LA; smoggy, dusty and the countryside is a rocky desert filled with poisonous creatures.

Me and my brother/best friend/master, Sam, are working on a band right now called Abandoned Fable, which is awesome, and completely different compared to my old band, Heya Heya (it was good, we made music, and I got a tiny bit of studio XP, but we were 10. OK? Our song was Love with a U, and I deleted it).

Abandoned Fable is a versatile rock band and our site is here: Abandoned Fable

(Old band of mine, Heya Heya)