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  1. A Musical Misconception

    Hmmmm? He must have thought Bobby McFerrin was a fraud. I was multi-track recording on my Dad's reel-to-reel at the age of 13.
  2. working on it still, thanks for the comments

  3. Great job on the lyrics for Nikita. "And I'm Gone" How did that turn out, anyway? I'll keep you in mind for lyrics on my songs, if you are interested. Brian

  4. Hello Helen. Great job on the lyrics for Dominik's song. I have some songs that I tried writing to someone else's lyrics but missed the mark on what they expected. So now I have songs that I like without lyrics. I'll keep you in mind if you are interested. Brian

  5. My Artwork

    Stuff I created using my custom application that I developed for the sole purpose of generating this type of art. My inspiration came from loom art.