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  1. Crossfire

    Hi well i've recorded this now in the home studio and took some of the sugestions on board. any further feedback much appreciated. thanks andy
  2. Demo Critique.

    hi matt i really enjoyed. I loved the understated parts. great vocals kinda reminded me of richard ashcroft in those sections. With regards to how to build up to the chorus from the verse. Maybe think about writing a bridge. Although to be honest i like it as it is. the title's great too. overall i really enjoyed it. good work
  3. Seven Hills

    i like it too. great country feel. If you record it again or you going to leave it just acoustic guitar or will you be adding drums, bass etc. Could sound good with some nice pedal steel on it this as well. I love the chorus - i'd say thats my favourite section of the song. Really well written lyrics on this one. andy
  4. My Heart Is Breaking - New Demo

    thanks john. any ideas how else to create some tension and variety without losing the mood of the song. I'm gonna get a mate to play some tasteful bass. cheers andy
  5. My Heart Is Breaking - New Demo

    hi i've rereorded the song with my new mic. kept the arrangement quite sparse at the moment. for now i've kept the lyrics as they were but may change them later. any further feedback is really appreciated. the link to the song is below http://blindcommissioner.net/newsongs.cfm cheers andy
  6. Crossfire

    thanks jon lots for me to ponder there. I particularly like the idea of doubling up the last chorus and i also agree on changing it to 3 times with the suggested chord pattern on the last one. I'll try and think of 2 different lines for the 2nd verse so as not to over do the key to my heart line as well. I'll repost when I've recorded it again. cheers andy
  7. Crossfire

    would love some feedback on this one please. This is a song I wrote for my wife. this is a basic demo with just guitar and vocals - i'm hoping to record a fuller arrangement shortly. Any advice is welcome. the song can be found here: http://www.andrewhossack.com/newsongs.cfm Crossfire (A R Hossack) I first met you girl one morning The sun it was shining down Your eyes shone like diamonds Your lips they were smiling With a warmth to melt the coldest heart Chorus Caught in the crossfire Caught in the crossfire Caught in the crossfire Caught in the crossfire of your love I gave you the key to my heart I know that you’ll keep it safe You are my keeper My lover, my saviour I pray that we’ll never part You bring the light to my dark You provide me with a spark You are my life My lover, my wife You hold the key to my heart Chorus Caught in the crossfire Caught in the crossfire Caught in the crossfire Caught in the crossfire of your love thanks in advance
  8. Feedback On Song Arrangement Please

    i like it. i especially like how the drums kick in and there's a lift after the first verse. it still sounds countryish and i really like the arrangement. its listening to other peoples work that shows me how poor the production skills are on my songs and i'm not doing them justice at the moment. i look forward to hearing the final version andy
  9. Songs For Review Please

    hi thanks for taking the time to listen and review. you're sort of half right with the recording!!! the main part of the song was recorded live on a dictaphone believe it or not. I then added overdubs and stuff after. I take your point about the drums and the guitar too. I like the intro - the backwards guitar and organ and the build up. I think i need to record it again to get it to realise its potential. thanks andy
  10. What Makes A Song "good" For You?

    i'll add my twopenneth to this!! for me its emotional feel. that can be from the lyrics, their poetry and how i interpret them. it could be the rythm or melody of a track. the energy the song has but its all down to the feel for me. I like songs from many different genres but thats the common theme for me. andy
  11. Cowboy Angel Blues - Review & Quiz

    thanks for taking the time to listen and the detailed review. thanks also for the compliment on the lyrics. i know i'm not johnny cash!!! but i was sort of thinking of him as i was writing it!! i'll look into adding a middle 8. This is one i'll probably re-record. I need to purchase a better mic and then sort out the drums and create a better rythm track i feel on this and yes record the vocals again. andy
  12. Can You Describe Your Songwriting?

    i'll have a go!!! the answer is it depends - i tend to write on inner feelings. Now even songs which in the end don't have a natural connection to me - for example, i wrote a song which turned into a story about a man who killed his wife and then hung himself!!! feelings i obviously don't have!!! but the things that drove him to it, that made him feel that way I do, there must be something betterthan this, searching for more in life etc. so i suppose there's always my feelings expressed in the songs even though sometimes they are expressed through characters and sometimes it may be feelings i had at a certain point in my life. I like to think i write in different styles. Sometimes words come first, sometimes the music and sometimes i've written both together - cowboy angel blues was done together. I try not to force it!!! I've read a great book on neil young - shakey!! which i got a lot of inspiration from. if you're struggling leave it - then come back to it. I write down everything i like, phrases people say, lines in books i like etc. even if i write a song i think is terrible i save the lyrics and then sometimes re-use parts of them. Dylan says that songs are there and songwriters are the vehicle that they come through!! I wrote another line, " the brave are wide open" you have to be open to your feelings and how others may feel and let it come through you. this is difficult but i hope i've answered how i work. thats not to say my songs are any good!!! but i like them which is a start i guess. andy
  13. Cowboy Angel Blues - Review & Quiz

    would be grateful for a review of this song and i'll give 10 points if anyone knows where the title came from!!! this is my attempt at a johnny cash type song!! the song can be found here and its track 7 http://andrewhossack.com/home.cfm Verse 1 Once the dime of life is tossed and all hope of salvation is lost nobody wants to be nothing no more and everyone knows the score Chorus Cowboy angel blues cracked sacred voice no rules cowboy angel blues Verse 2 Watching riots from a lonely cell ignorance give me strength is it worth it its hard to tell A sentence never to end Chorus Verse 3 The chestnut tree is almost empty the forest fruit had all fallen when hope is lost salvation gone men wait to be broken Chorus Verse 4 One day our actions will be explored all our sins examined a higher being will be jury and judge will redemption be forthcoming Chorus i know the production like a lot of mine needs some more work. all opinons welcome cheers andy
  14. As Daylight Turns To Night

    thanks lee i've had a few comments on the reverb on the vocal. i'll definitely be looking into this. strings again i think are worth looking at. maybe coming in for the latter part of the song. cheers andy
  15. My Heart Is Breaking - New Demo

    cheers tom a very good review that you've obviously took tike to write and listen to the track. I need to upload the track again as the mp3 version on the site hasn't come out as well as the wav file i tested!!! the volume is better on the wav - i'll sort that later today so hopefully you'll have a listen again. i'll have a look again at the lyrics and see what i can come with. cheers again i appreciate it andy