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  1. The Unknown

    Thank you everyone, means alot to have all these positive reviews to my poem... Just some things that happened that caused me to explode and its good that it did haha
  2. The Unknown

    A very emotional song that i wrote.... just after i had some... stuff... happen to me.... just basically wrote my heart out on this one... plese tell me what you think Here I am trapped in my inner walls, No one around to even hear my calls, Wishing someone could save me, As I drift away so silently, Tired of all this pain, Wish I could melt, acid rain, Take me from this nightmare, Take me away from all this despair, Breathing only goes so far, Maybe if I could wish on a wishing star, The world would be right, And I could sleep tonight, But I can’t help with others have done, As I watch my mood be the setting sun, Tears flow down my face, As I look on with such disgrace, A child abused again, And people in a church final words of amen, The death of one is so untimely, Taking one by one it’s so unkindly, Why would a God do this to his own creation? Is this really the leading to the damnation? The f*cked up world we live in, Makes us lost so we give in, And we trust those we love, But really it’s lost above, These feelings we hold, Can make us so dormant and cold, But sooner or later we learn, That is world is none of our concern
  3. I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkk :)


  5. lol your right it is a good idea.... a really good idea.... but sorry i been extremely busy cuzz of school and hanging out with my "bro" and stuff

  6. I'm not sure if you ever added anything to what I sent you, but I think for now we should stick to your ideas. They are easier to work with and I think we will both feel more comfortable with that :)

  7. Alright man glad i could help you there.... and be my guest with the switching since i didn't really like my part of the verse.... :D

  8. Yo Damion... alright so I finally I took the time to read all the way through what you've written for square one... I like it :) I think for the style that it is the swearing could work.. like you already know it's not really my style to do that but I think the way u used it emphasized some important parts :) I may change it around a little, but this gives me ideas for the rest of the s...

  9. DamionC777@yahoo.com :D

  10. Haha no I like rap... i'm just more picky about rap... I like flipsyde, fort minor and eminem mainly.

  11. alright that works man.... i surprised you wanna do a rap i thought you didn't like rap :P am i starting to rub off on you hahahah

  12. Well there's only one song i'm working on that's intended to have rap in it. I have 3 varied chorus's for it, but all of them are going to be used... so you're only wanting to do one verse and i'll do the other 2? this song will have 3 verse and 3 chorus's going verse, chorus, verse, chorus etc. I'll email u what i've got for it tomorrow when I get ur opinion...

  13. i meant i wanted to do one of your style songs... you know the... interesting ideas you come up with... but it would have one verse featuring Me... that way i can see how wide my area of freestyling can go.... and it can be done whenever you want it to be done

  14. By one verse do u mean you only want to write one verse or the whole song is just one verse?

  15. It's kinda funny you mention eminem style.... I recently made an eminem style lyric that was super long... u want to a make a song about me though? I don't exacly what you mean by that... how well do u know me, lol? unfortunaley i'm gonna be busy again these next few days... all my nephews are over and then i'm gonna be spending the night at my friends house.