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  1. GamGo.co.uk: I've just liked the GamCo.co.uk facebook page, why don't you?

  2. Paul, I'd find it interesting to learn about your process, so please do this!
  3. Here's the link: The rough 'draft' version of the musical arrangement for my new song, 'Lonely Life', posted for comments and review, This does not yet have the vocals added but I have put subtitles in 'karaoke style' to show the approx. placement for the vocals. Generally, I anticipate the tempo of this whole thing will be faster in real time, therefore cutting down the length of time for the whole song by quite a bit.
  4. Hi, this is a first cut of a song I've written and composed the music for. Please don't critique the recording or production or video which I know is not professional - but please DO critique the actual music and lyric. (It's not finalised and will obviously sound better with the vocals sung over this with a slightly different melody and harmony to the instrumental backing ...) but so far ... any thoughts to improve? EDIT - I'M UPLOADING THE LATEST VERSION TO YOUTUBE AND WILL POST THE NEW LINK asap
  5. Hi, I'm Sophie Merlo, and I'm UK based. I'm a musician and am totally sax mad (I play the alto sax). I also play a bit of piano and keyboard but I'm not as accomplished at it. I've started to compose music (for various instruments) and write lyrics, and I just posted one of my latest songs in the lyrics section here. I've called it 'Lonely Life' and it's a melancholy ballad, so please take a look and critique it. I have a matching tune in my mind when the lyrics are finalised. I also have some other music without completed lyrics, and lyrics without completed music, and hey even lyrics with music that I may post on this forum if you lot are nice enough to me and are, of course, interested ...