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  1. GamGo.co.uk: I've just liked the GamCo.co.uk facebook page, why don't you?

  2. To Keep This Section Going...

    Paul, I'd find it interesting to learn about your process, so please do this!
  3. Lonely Life Song

    Here's the link: The rough 'draft' version of the musical arrangement for my new song, 'Lonely Life', posted for comments and review, This does not yet have the vocals added but I have put subtitles in 'karaoke style' to show the approx. placement for the vocals. Generally, I anticipate the tempo of this whole thing will be faster in real time, therefore cutting down the length of time for the whole song by quite a bit.
  4. Lonely Life Song

    Hi, this is a first cut of a song I've written and composed the music for. Please don't critique the recording or production or video which I know is not professional - but please DO critique the actual music and lyric. (It's not finalised and will obviously sound better with the vocals sung over this with a slightly different melody and harmony to the instrumental backing ...) but so far ... any thoughts to improve? EDIT - I'M UPLOADING THE LATEST VERSION TO YOUTUBE AND WILL POST THE NEW LINK asap
  5. Hello From Me!

    Hi, I'm Sophie Merlo, and I'm UK based. I'm a musician and am totally sax mad (I play the alto sax). I also play a bit of piano and keyboard but I'm not as accomplished at it. I've started to compose music (for various instruments) and write lyrics, and I just posted one of my latest songs in the lyrics section here. I've called it 'Lonely Life' and it's a melancholy ballad, so please take a look and critique it. I have a matching tune in my mind when the lyrics are finalised. I also have some other music without completed lyrics, and lyrics without completed music, and hey even lyrics with music that I may post on this forum if you lot are nice enough to me and are, of course, interested ...