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  1. I'm Leaving The City

    Thank you to all, maybe I can record more English songs you encourage me... need to improve my mixing and mastering skills, Janice It's big help for me with the pronunciations, Janice lyrics are also suitable to make music it's a nice tool too Thank you to all, and let's make more nice music Cheers DC
  2. I'm Leaving The City

    I'm very happy with the critics at this song... I'm a little limited with my English vocabulary, i will let Jan reply to the comments. Thank you guys Good work to everyone ♫♫♫
  3. I'm Leaving The City

    To everyone, a big thank you!!!, I'm trying to improve my songs and my mixing technics nice work to everyone ♫♫♫
  4. I'm Leaving The City

    I think i have to improve my english pronunce nice work with this lyrics Jan, as always keep your good work.
  5. Pirouette

    Another nice song really like it another song to my playlist [[]]
  6. Another Recent Song "honey You're No Good For Me"

    I had listen your other songs on youtube and they all have excellent quality i like the style too
  7. Another Recent Song "honey You're No Good For Me"

    Nice work! i like it very much... which equipment did you use to record? looks like you record it in studio
  8. Once again, thanks to all you guys for your comments and critics, i will take your advices in mind in future productions... this was my 4th song in English and with the help of my friend Jan i have been improving my skills, i hope doing best in the future, you are a great community! All the best and don't forget "music makes life easy" [[]] DC
  9. Thanks you all for comments and critics This is a new project, i have been improving my English pronounce with the big help of Jan i wish i could have the participation of other musics but unfortunately i only can play me and my brother. I also like this project because i like very much everything related with music productions, DAW's, vst plugins, mastering, etc... in reality i would like to be a producer Thanks you all again and all the best \m/ DC
  10. Thanks my friend, we can try it on next song
  11. It's easy to work with Jan, because her lyrics fits well on my music style I hope you like too DC
  12. Music Is My Life - Duart Band (Another New Song)

    Hi all my Song Stuff friends, I'm thankful for all of your comments, they make me to improve my future productions, in reality I'm a curious in all musical aspects i have to play all the instruments and learn about some music productions alone, i spent much time with that but i like it At this point i only have the help of my friend Janice on lyrics and my brother on drums and it's a big help, in the future I'm thinking in have some help from other musician on the internet gives-me much work record all the instruments and video production. Once again, thanks fro your comments my friends [[]] (my English sucks...) Duarte Cancela
  13. Music Is My Life - Duart Band (Another New Song)

    psyve Thank's for your opinion, after my mixings i always have the perception that I have to change something... I like to sing in English but in reality i'm not already comfortable with some words, but this is a process of improvement, those are my first songs and it's very important to listening some criticise for other musicians Before i record my songs, sometimes i sing it to Janice that lives in England by skype and it's an hard process :| and she tries to correct my pronounce All the best my friend, DC
  14. Hi guys here is another new song produced by me with Janice Hutchinson lyrics and my brother on drums, hope you like it DC
  15. When I Dream - Duart Band (New Song)

    iamwhoiam1970 and psyve Thank you for your words, that give me strength to continue with my little musical project. Cheers DC