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  1. just as a btw, this is an explicit song. so if you are opposed to cursing or profanity i suggest you skip over this one.
  2. we just had to lol, let me know what you think
  3. not really my cup of tea in terms of genre but there are a few critiques i can make when it comes to production. the beat and rhythm were something i could nod my head to but it was missing some punch, mainly due to the drums. id like to hear them brought out a little bit more with a bit more edge to them. also i think if you double tracked the guitar it would add a lot more power to the sound. vocals were very nicely mixed and i think the slight distortion effect definitely added to that, but if you bring out the drums and double track the guitar they will need to be brought out more as well.
  4. Call Me Maybe Cover

    thanks for all the comments guys! ferry: i havnt been as active recently as i used to be but if you look at some of my past posts i have plenty of my original songs on here as well. you should give them a listen as well lovehurts: one of the reasons we decided to cover this was because of how much its being played. we don't really like most pop music and thought we could do a bit to it to make it listenable and gregg: yeah now listening back on it it would have helped keep the energy to have some earlier harmonizing. were thinking about possibly doing a short video to go along with it so we might revamp it with some better harmonies then
  5. Call Me Maybe Cover

    its quite a bit different from the origional but check it out and let me know what you think
  6. recording wise i know the sound is pretty crappy, but i wanted to get yalls opinion on the arrangment and on anything you would add to it. thanks for any comments or critiques!
  7. The Chameleon (Instrumental)

    wonderful production man. im a big stickler for rythm and you hit it right on the nose with this one. there were a few bass tones that were slightly off but it wasnt enough to take away from the feel. the only thing i have to say is i would have like to hear more of the feel you had going at 2:52 with the piano going solo. it added a great contrast, so i think extending it a bit would add a lot to it.
  8. So Many Love Songs (My First Post)

    great sound and great melody. i love the synth and the mix it has with the guitar, drums were done quite nicely as well. the only problems i have with it are the vocals. you have a great voice and id like to hear it brought out a bit more. on top of that i think the reverb has a bit too much length. id lower the decay just a touch so its not so overwhelming. also there are a few times where the vocals dont seem to match up when it comes to rythm and phrasing. it doesnt happen often, but if you could work on making it flow a bit better i think it would add to the song. overall great work and i look forward to hearing more from you!
  9. A Sick Little Boy

    great tune, great story, and personally i like the instrumentation. i think the only problem is that some of the high notes werent quite speaking, but if you can fix that the thin sound would go absolutely perfect. in terms of a suggestion for a chorus: ive found that when i dont want to overdue it i just find something simple and catchy. i think the title of the song would work quite nicely in this case. something along the lines of repeating "oh that sick little boy" and then possibly change it to "oh that happy little boy, with that sweet little girl" just an idea, but it could work.
  10. Face In The Clouds

    listening for the second time as i critique great voice and picking pattern. the guitar tone and your voice mix very well. good melody for a start, i would add a bit more phrasing throughout the verses, and the chorus now that im listening to it. chords need to be thicker and deeper in the second verse. i dont know if you plan on fully arranging it but this would be a good time to add depth with some bowed bass. you and me would certainly section need more phrasing. make it flow a bit better. love the transition to minor key. id liketo see you keep that feel if possible. i think "that was so long ago" would fit better as opposed to "that was a long time ago". last chorus needs a bit stronger strumming pattern. keep rhytm but make it a bit bigger. id like to hear a bit of pause before last picking proggression/verse. i like very much how the ending line was a repeat of the first. overall great writing and great voice. the song somewhat reminds me of iris by the goo goo dolls. i like the feel of it, and i think youre very close to a great finished product. keep working at it.
  11. Better

    great lyrics and great backtrack. i like the simplicity and i think the thin arrangment adds to the character. i would like to hear something resemblinga chorus tho, it would add a bit of a break between hearing the same melody and act as a pallet cleanser so to speak. even something as simple as repeating the last line like you did atthe end of the song in between the verses would work. i also recomend eqing the vocals so the highs arent quite as prevelent. doing that would take away from the soft hissing and poppingyou hear on the s sounds. also, youve got an incredible voice, and i think the reverb takes away from that. reverb is good, but i feel like your voice is getting lost in it. overall, love the song and i think youre very talented. just tweak the production a bit and youll be golden
  12. Two

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVb6XVomH88&feature=context&context=G20da054AUAAAAAAAAAA third recording to go on the EP were handing out at edgfest. let me know what you think!
  13. The Next Line

    thanks for the comments guys! this is the start of us working out an acoustic ep that we can hand out at edge fest so im gana be posting a lot of recordings in the near future. as for the drums we really have no way of recording a full drum set so we had to improvise a little bit. the hihat substitute was some loose change bunched up in an old shirt, the bass was me beating on a cardboard box with the mic in it, and the snare was me hitting the edge of a book with a pair of scissors. i tried to mix and eq it to sound as close as possible but we were going for a pretty acoustic sound so i tried not to over do it. and yeah the guitar could definitely use some more build at the end of the bridge. (and yes we are a group our bands name is Bebisee) anyways here are the lyrics stayin up till sunrise as i lay in bed im rackin my head for the next line wastin away in the night time as the music comes out i begin to doubt if times still goin by well im happy as can be as silently i think i think of my true love and its the music in my sould that i am thinkin of it happens oh so many times how the words just flow like they seem to know how to make a rhyme on and on goes my mind through the times ive had puttin pen to pad oh i cant deny that im happy as can be as silently i think i think on my true love and its the music in my soul that keeps me sane runnin through my heart and in my viens its the music that i love that lives in me music makes me happy as can be rhythm flows in my bones its all i know its in my soul (x4) well im happy as can be as silently i think i think on my true love and its the music in my sould that i am thinkin of
  14. The Next Line

    let me know what you think!
  15. Lonely Boy Acoustic Cover

    me and my bassist were messing around on the keyboard and this was the byproduct haha. i know the vocals are a bit too high but sonar crashed before we could bring them down and we werent able to load it back up, but any other critiques and advice are more than welcome.