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  1. Ive read your lyrics n watched your videos on youtube and its an absolute crime you dont get more comments and praise because this is all absoloutly excellant stuff, so hopefully this restores a bit of justice Out of curiosity what you gonna do from here, cos i think youve reached a level now and if it wer me with all that talent id perhaps look into the possibilty of changing from a solo artist to getting session muscians in if not a band and really go 4 it as i think different muscians and maybie collaboraters/ backing singers could add an edge that could really push u forward. However i know many singer songwriters do go it alone n u would b more than capable from what ive heard.
  2. Well as im English i'll let you call me Thomas,in order for you to differenciate me from the hoard of Tom's. But theres one condition you have to say it in your head in your "most proper" English impressioned voice when typing it (although im actually from Yorkshire and sound nothing like any English accent you have ever heard- presuming your not English) Thanks for the welcome guys
  3. hi everyone, im a fairly new member (ive only posted 2 songs and 8 critiques- so only just in the remitt of active member) and didn't realize about this part of the board until now, otherwise i would have posted here sooner. What to say about me, im 23 years old university student from England and i play guitar and have been in various bands in the past (although for a while) Im very much looking forward to getting to exchange ideas on here, i have used boards like this before so i believe i have experience to offer in the way of critiquing and hopefully can contribute to other peoples work as much as they contribute to my own. Would be very interested in getting feedback for two songs already up, as only have one reply so far and would like to hear views of others... Theres life inside the lifeless yet (raw, poetic/poem like and deep) Goths on holiday (slightly humourous, toungue in cheak, less raw) Thankyou, Tom/(RisingSun)
  4. two words-DIFFERENT CLASS, excellant i really enjoyed reading, loved the twist at the end and "dont ask if you want to stay on her good side" which really makes sence in the context of the song