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  1. Glue

    Thank you all for the detailed critique - I genuinely appreciate it more than you know. I am thinking I might extend the bridge a few lines, and I will work on polishing the verses. I have a sort of chanting rhythm for the verses, so I think this will help. I've never thought about telling vs showing the listener the story - definitely lots to think about here!
  2. Glue

    David - thank you for your detailed critique! It is much appreciated and I am not offended at all. I totally agree with your suggestions, especially with the line in the second verse. That line has bugged me for awhile, and I need fresh eyes to look at it. I will be keeping this in mind for a rewrite. Thanks again and welcome to the forum!
  3. Glue

    It's been awhile since I've posted anything here, but it feels good. I have a fairly solid melody in place for this and stylistically I was leaning towards country. Looking forward to some opinions! Glue 2016 (C) Hannah Prosch [Verse 1] Knock on her door at 3 in the morning It's daddy saying come on girl, you gotta hurry and help me calm your momma down The red marks and bruises on his neck Tell her that mom's been at him again No, no, not again, not again [Chorus] But somebody's gotta be the glue when the ones you love are abused It's not fair, but life's not fair Somebody's gotta tell the truth keep it together 'til we get through It's not a job any child should have to do But somebody, somebody, somebody's Gotta be the Glue [Verse 2] When she was younger she used to wonder what it'd be like to have a mother that she could talk to Just because mom was physically present don't mean that she wasn't distant Childhood didn't last, it doesn't last [Repeat Chorus] [Bridge] Tossing the knives from the kitchen In a plastic bag to be hidden Just in case, when [Repeat Chorus]
  4. She (Maybe)

    When everything around falls apart And I believe my words when I say - maybe your perception about her falls or clicks into place? That she doesn't hail from this earth - I tweaked this line - the way you had it worded sounded like you didn't think she should be alive yet and I didn't understand? If you did mean it that way, maybe add some more about it so we can understand that idea better. The odds and me have never been friends - my favorite line! This late night texting becomes the place where she tells me about this girl - who is the she that tells you about this girl? Why is she talking to you about her? who fights a war inside between her quiet and wild side chorus She's not scared to go, to go on her way She don't want to be caught by the wind when the play hide and seek She rides her horse too far away from here where the air is so thin you can't breath, when the nights come she talks to the stars I took out a few "filler" words So it reads a little easier. I like the chorus, but depending on the music you have in mind, you may be able to drop the last line off to create a stronger hook. The rest of your chorus doesn't talk about stars, so maybe air or breathing? Or even running away? You have a good start here!
  5. My lyrics are always weird

    I think it really boils down to practice. Even the greats were not good at the beginning! Staying active on sites like this and reading books on the subject can help. When I feel discouraged, I pick up my ukulele or go to the piano - just playing for the sake of playing seems to renew my motivation as a writer. It reminds me why I want to be able to create lyrics.
  6. Staying Motivated

    I love writing songs, but have had a really hard time staying focused and motivated lately. My recent stuff is scrawled half finished in my notebook, and I honestly don't know where I was going with it in the first place. Writing is something I love doing and I don't want to give it up...I just can't seem to do it lately. Any advice on how to get through this evil phase?
  7. How Do You Write Your Lyrics?

    I usually start by writing the lyrics--I just set them to a beat and go with it (I nearly always begin with the chorus). The melody eventually comes to me once all of the lyrics are completed. The way I see it, many well written lyrics can sound good in several music styles, so I don't like forcing a song to any one genre until I am convinced as to where it belongs musically.
  8. Hello I just discovered this forum and I am excited to meet a community of crazy songwriters, like myself! I started writing songs one day when I was bored (in 2006, I believe), and I haven't looked back. I still consider myself a novice at this craft, and I would love to learn more about how to create well-flowing stories in my songs...more often than I'd like, I come up with bits and pieces that I don't know what to do with. I am currently a college student in the animal medical field, but it's not going quite as well as I had hoped. Since I love songwriting, could this possibly become a career for me? Is it possible to make a living off of songwriting? Are there degrees that you can earn? What are the odds on making it into this tough industry? I thank everyone in advance and look forward to your replies. See you in the forum