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  1. How'd you come up with your name?

    Yes, they were come upon in my Google search, and I always wondered who sang that song till I found it
  2. Hidden Nightmares (Wrong Reasons) Full Demo

    Good stuff I like, and I agree some polishing may be in order, yet I really like the melody you have, it fits well. Got a good one going, nice!
  3. Achilles Heel

    I listened to this tune by Kjell Karlsson, and this was a quick raw vocal idea that I wettened some, to get the idea across. Thoughts on changes it needs, if it works, and ideas to spice it up would be appreciated. We see the writing on the wall the coming future of us all It's not something that we want but we all know, it is what we get The present, is where we set our camp The future doesn't have a lamp In the now, keeps our fear away, fear of light we'll never see some day Sometimes we don't get what we want but always get what we deserve Mortality; the achilles heel We don't want it to be real The achilles heel Mortality; the achilles heel Mortality; the achilles heel The achilles heel
  4. A Table for Two

    Well done! I like the groove myself, it's different, and not the same ole same ole, and the change up's work well. Good tune Cap!
  5. Talking To Spiders (NEW UPDATE 26/06/2017)

    I like it (I heard the second version), the thing I thought as I listened, a tad more of a change up musically in the "and will the spider's listen" part. But that's probably a preference thing. Good tune going for sure
  6. How'd you come up with your name?

    I came up with my name when I was about 27 or so years old. I was thinking I wanted my online name to reflect I was a poetry writer (I kept my lyrics to myself for many years), but as quick as the word "reflect" came into my mind, I remembered my mam'ma (grandma for the northerners) who's now 97, always called her mirror a looking glass, and I liked it. So, being it would be used on the net, I dropped the "i" and "g" in "Looking" and LooknGlass was created.
  7. love is blind

    I like this a lot John. I like what Gary said, I would add "I'm losing you" at the end of every chorus myself. Good write!
  8. ReaTune

    I was wondering if anybody else uses ReaTune in Reaper?...As I have begun doing vocals (verses, just lyrics) within the past year or so, I have been using this feature in Reaper. I have got to where I can tune my vocals without it being noticed in the last couple months (after a lot of practice) without sounding like Cher in her song "Believe". This is the tutorial I started with to learn it, yet, I just use a single track of my vocal, unlike what he does in the vid. Anybody else use this?
  9. What Am I To You

    Thanks man, I really appreciate the listen and feedback, as well as the compliment. I got a message from Ramiro (the musician) today. I guess we got another collab coming soon. I like him a lot, he's got loads of talent.
  10. What Am I To You

    Ok, now I know I know them. I have heard both those songs, and I like them both too, but I have heard "Personal Jesus" get more airplay (at least in the past) You guys are right, it does have their kind of vibe.
  11. What Am I To You

    Thanks a mil for the listen and critique Richard. Good stuff to pass on. I had a little lack of confidence in the lyric because I never wrote one as a riddle before, but I'm glad peeps like it. I honestly can't name a song Depeche Mode sang so now I'm off to Youtube to see if I have heard them.
  12. This ought to make you bob your head

    Cool tune! It's got a Bee Gees meets Prince feel. Groovy and funky and very enjoyable. Nice work man
  13. I Know (UPDATED)

    Good tune! I get a slight U2 vibe from it. It's got a great vibe and mood. I can't think of anything to suggest, it was a great song to sit back with the headphones on and chill. Nice work
  14. What Am I To You

    Man, that's a good idea David, I like it a lot, and I'm mad (not really) that I didn't come up with that bridge idea, it's great! I gotta see if my collaborator has some free time soon, to pitch that. Thanks, great mind jog!....I just made that up.
  15. Princess - Synthpop

    Great sound and vocal, I dig it! I find myself wondering what you mean by the chorus, but that's not a bad thing, vagueness can be interesting, and with the great vocal, it is. Cool tune!