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    I just write Songs and collab with like minded others

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    VERSEWITHFRIENDS https://soundcloud.com/versewithfriends
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    Elton John
    John Lennon
    Don Mclean


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    Interested With Written Agreement

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    Any and All
  1. Indie Singer Looking For A Songwriter.

    Hi Check out https://soundcloud.com/versewithfriends the contact info is in the Bio Mike
  2. Lyirc Help - Cowriter

    Hi Parkermob Hope you don't mind me re organizing your lyrics and adding a few more on My downfall was the whiskey and women I only have myself to blame l This love I shall always remember Some day we will meet once again Like the cool mist blown from the sea She was there every night in my dreams She blew me away when she smiled That girl’s got the way of the breeze Looking back at where I’ve been Just going to and coming from Like a stone I keep on rolling That Never gathers moss Drifting in drifting out I miss her Cooled me down for a while it seemed I know she is out there just waiting That girl’s got the way of the breeze Mike
  3. Looking For Songwriter

    Hi Mikkel Give us a link to some of your Music Could be of interest to know what you produce Power to the Song Miktel
  4. Female Singer Songwriter Looking For Collaboration

    Hi Shavon Might have a few lyrics with melody ideas check me out at https://soundcloud.com/versewithfriends Mike
  5. Looking For A Lyricist

    Sent you a PM Hope you get it Miktell