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  1. Getting To Know You

    1. Do you sing, play an instrument or instruments? What instruments? Yes. Guitar, violin and drums When did you start playing? Many years ago. Did you teach yourself? With guitars and drums yes but a had violin lessons. 2. Are you in a band or bands? I'm in a Church band and i'm also a choir conductress. What is the name of the band? Paracletos What do you play? vocals/bgv What other instruments are in the band? drums, bass, piano, guitar Do you have a band website? No 3. Do you write songs? Yes. Do you write lyrics, music or both? just the lyrics. Do you have a writing partner? Yes. 4. Do you record your music? Not at the moment Do you use a home studio? If so what gear do you use? no, i don't Do you use a recording studio? Digital Performer, Apogee convertors, Big Ben master clock, outboard pres, UAD-1, Panasonic DA7 console, some good instruments and mics, midi gear, virtual instruments, synths - not at the moment. Do you have music available on the web? if so where? No. 5. What other roles do you perform in the music business? I teach Management? Label owner? Publishing? Promotion? Other? No. 6. Are you a tech head? Not really but I try to do as much as I can myself. 7. What country do you live in? Philippines 8. What are your ambitions? for my band to become established 9. Do you draw/paint/write stories/computer art/dance or other creative pursuit? I dance, I have a keen sense for arts. What are your pastimes? Music, church related activities and hanging out and traveling with with my church band (families). 10. What would you like to get out of Songstuff? I would like to learn from other song writers Cool Hiphop Songs