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  1. Haunting me, no doubt!! I must say I really admire Your voicecontroll. Outstanding!!
  2. Hello I liked the song. Nice little tune. The mix on the other hand has some issues. The vocals are kind of in and out of the mix. Not sure if you are singing closer to the mic in some parts, or if you have done something vith the volume in the mix. I also believe that this kind of song would do better With a clean bassguitar. Sound like it is some kind of distortion effect on the bassguitar in this recording. Other than that, as I said, a really Nice song.
  3. This is a real Nice tune. Love the deep end of Your voice and the sound of Your guitar. The piano panned right at around 1.20 on the other hand........ That just didn`t do it for me. That part just had me thinking "this tune cries out for a guitar solo" Wich I got at the end. I would consider redoing the instrumental part in the middle, maybe not a full blown Electric solo. A Nice little solo on the accoustic would fit nicely.
  4. Good song. Well played and produced. I love the sound of the kickdrum in the first verse.
  5. Great song. Brilliant performance. I love the Dynamics in both Your singing and guitarplaying. What kind of guitar are you playing?
  6. This kind of music is not my cup of tea at all, but must say I really enjoyed this one. Nice Production well arranged and a very good voice. Good work!
  7. Good one. Love the vocal harmonies wich seem very well arranged and worked on. I agree With Oswlek that the snare seems quite annoying.
  8. Due to some of the feedback I have done quite a lot of work on this one. -New bassline recorded Tried to get some more punch. I have used the SHB-1 Ignite Amps plugin. I have also tried to make the bassline more interesting in some parts. I Wonder about the walking basslines during the guitarsolo.... Is it to much? -New guitars recorded Guitars re-recorded With the Poulin amp-sims and cabinet impulses. Tried to get some more mids in, and tightened them up in the drumbreak sections. Added a simple harmonized riff left/right to the second verse to make Things more interesting. -Lead recorded No ampsim fx here. This is my Boss GT8 into my soundcard. -Some EQ adjusted -Some Depth and warmth added to Master mix. This is my first attempt at recording With ampsim plugins, and I must say I found them pretty Heavy on the CPU use. I had six guitartracks running separate ampsims and cabinet impulses here, then Things started to slow Down so I had to render the guitars into one single file. Annoying that I didn`t Catch the glitch in the left channel right at the end before rendering. I don`t think there`s anything to do about that now......... Here`s the New track: (the old one is in the first post of this tread) https://soundcloud.com/tambarskjelve/heavy-metal-day-new
  9. This i definitely a keeper. Nice melody. Have you considered adding a bassguitar to get som low end in? I also found the vocals a little bit loud. Overall, good work!
  10. Beautifull song, well written, performed and recorded. If I should point at something, the Electric guitar might be just a tiny bit to loud in the mix.
  11. Thank you Oswlek. I think both you and ImKen are onto something about the structure of the song. Unfortunately I don`t think i have the skills to cut it in pieces and glue it back togheter in a decent way, so that will Call for a Complete re-recording of the Whole song. I might actually do that when I find the inspiration.
  12. Some tweaks done now. More bassguitar and punch in the low end. Some tubewarmth added to the master mix. EQed the vocals a bit and turned Down the delay on the vocals. Added some leadguitar. I think it`s more punchy now. What do you guys think? Link to the original is in the first post in this tread. Here`s the New Version: https://soundcloud.com/tambarskjelve/tick-tock-tick-1
  13. Nice tune. I think the bass is ok. As for the drums I think they are quite well balanced as well, except for the snare, wich seems a bit loud.
  14. As the writer of this one I must say I find it a bit amusing to follow the debate it created. My intention With these lyrics were nothing, but some, hopefully cool phrases to shout along With Your friends while wawing your pint of beer. ;-) No deeper meaning. I was just out to find something which fitted the rhytmic idea of the song. I must admit that this was my first attempt to enter a more bluesy approach to songwriting, and I have always considered that a landscape where cliches are commonly used without sounding like...... Cliches....... As for the Music. My first intend was to keep it in a kind of ZZ-top style. I think the verse riff is well into that style. When it comes to the chorus, I was just playing around With some chords, and suddenly, there it was. Even if it made the song a bit heavier than what I was actually aiming for, I found it to good and fitting to throw it away.
  15. Not my intent at all, but the more I think about it the more genious it is. As ImKen says, this would be a brilliant video.