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  1. Song about naughty stuff...

    This is a damn cool tune! Love the Prince Vibes in this one. I think the mix with the wide pan is Perfect for this kinde of tune. It leaves a lot of Space for what is going on. As others have pointed out it might be a little dragged out and repetitive in the ending. Apart from that, Good job!
  2. Revolution

    Nice little tune. It kind of reminded me of "Fast car" wich is not a bad thing..... I really like the Dynamics in both Your playing and singing. Love to hear the sound of fingers sliding along the wound strings. It makes it so real and organic. Good job!
  3. The Pills new mix based on feedbacks

    Done some work on this one now, based on the feedback from you guys. The soundcloud link in the first post is the New one. The soundclick link, also in the first post is the old one. Edits done: -Drumkit rolled back a little -Clean guitars a little bit louder -Distorted rythm guitars pulled slightly back -Bassguitar raised -Vocals raised a little bit and less delay/reverb -Synthsounds changed That`s about it........
  4. My Dear Son

    I think it is a beautifull song. Well written and well performed. I really like the reverb on Your vocals. Have you considered to bring in something else for the choruses to lift them a bit from the rest of the tune? Maybe a bassguitar or a piano could do the job.
  5. Beating Hearts

    A very pleasant song to listen to. You had me from beginning to end. Talking about the end, as others has mentioned, such a good song deserves a better ending. Hope you will do a full Production of this one one day, and post it in here.
  6. Foolish Girl - Draft

    Nice little tune. Very good and emotional singing. If I should suggest any adds to this song, it would be a real cool and jazzy upright bass.
  7. The Pills new mix based on feedbacks

    Thanks for Your input Hobo. Any suggestions regarding synth sounds? This is the first time I am using synths in any song of mine. I recently bought the M-audio Keystation 49 and the sounds that I`m using are from the Xpand 2 VSTi that came With the M-audio as a bundle.
  8. The Pills new mix based on feedbacks

    Been working on this one for a while now. Any comments are appreciated. I think the structure of the song and the lyrics are more or less carved in stone, but there is work to be done on the mix. I would be happy to have Your opinion on instumentation, Levels, pannning and eq. I will have my vocals redone later by someone who actually can sing, and maybe keep some of my own "vocals" as backingvocals. The song is a bit long, but I think it will stay this way. http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13551439 The Pills Here`s a pill for the stormy weather and here`s a pill for your pain. Here`s a pill for the traffic jam to keep you from going insane Here`s a pill for the nighttime and here`s a pill for the day Here`s a pill that might stop you In case you got something to say Here is a pill for depression and here`s a pill just for fun Here`s a pill for your troubles that might stop you from reaching your gun. Here`s a pill for the emptiness That haunts you all the time Here`s a pill that will numb you and prevent you from using your mind Chorus: You live by your medication So apart from reality Does it make you feel any better Does it make you feel more free The pills you take will change you But do they make you a better man Are you ready to live without them Are you ready to take your stand Here is a pill for the feelings you miss and all the memories you want to forget Here is a pill to make you feel alive and here`s a pill you will regret Here is a pill for the sunshine Here is a pill for the rain Here is a pill for the pills that you take Here is a pill in vain Chorus – solo- chorus x2
  9. Hello The song seems to be quite good, but, and I believe this is not what you want to hear........ The use of autotune is, in my opinion, completely overkill and makes the song a struggle to listen trough.
  10. Haunting Me/Rescue You

    Haunting me, no doubt!! I must say I really admire Your voicecontroll. Outstanding!!
  11. I need you...I want to

    Hello I liked the song. Nice little tune. The mix on the other hand has some issues. The vocals are kind of in and out of the mix. Not sure if you are singing closer to the mic in some parts, or if you have done something vith the volume in the mix. I also believe that this kind of song would do better With a clean bassguitar. Sound like it is some kind of distortion effect on the bassguitar in this recording. Other than that, as I said, a really Nice song.
  12. Why Should I Run - Song and Video

    This is a real Nice tune. Love the deep end of Your voice and the sound of Your guitar. The piano panned right at around 1.20 on the other hand........ That just didn`t do it for me. That part just had me thinking "this tune cries out for a guitar solo" Wich I got at the end. I would consider redoing the instrumental part in the middle, maybe not a full blown Electric solo. A Nice little solo on the accoustic would fit nicely.
  13. Wizard and Glass

    Good song. Well played and produced. I love the sound of the kickdrum in the first verse.
  14. Great song. Brilliant performance. I love the Dynamics in both Your singing and guitarplaying. What kind of guitar are you playing?
  15. (new song) Run with me.

    This kind of music is not my cup of tea at all, but must say I really enjoyed this one. Nice Production well arranged and a very good voice. Good work!