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  1. Good Evening

    Thanks for the welcome FinnArild. I've just been listening to the sound clips of your Testament album. That is some achievement and something that I would aspire to. You've created some complex and beautiful elements there. I've been a fan of Genesis, admittedly post-Gabriel stuff, since about 1978/79. Justsoulin - China must be quite an experience and a culture shock after Lancashire.
  2. Good Evening

  3. Good Evening

    Where are you now? Or did you buy a house with no windows! Chris
  4. Good Evening

    Thanks for the welcome Mahesh. Hi Justsoulin, I'm on the best side of the Pennines in Lancashire. ;-)
  5. Good Evening

    Thank you, Tom.
  6. Good Evening

    Thanks for the welcome. Still finding my way round the place. It's quite a comprehensive forum. Chris
  7. Good Evening

    Hello The old introduction thing again. Maybe I should have a template that I just cut and paste every time I join a forum / go for a job interview... I'm based in the north of England, been writing songs for over two years now. Started off with instrumentals, but this year decided to write songs that are sung. Love the new challenges that lyrics bring. I'm here to meet new people, inspirations, advice and generally exchange thoughts and views on music and the songwriting process. I don't intend performing my own stuff, I'm strictly behind the scenes. I'll let those braver than me take the applause (or the boos!) Chris