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    Played the guitar when i was younger, now getting back into it!
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    Dubstep, Adele, Bloc Party, Feeder and Linkin Park. I am really just open to all kinds of music.


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  1. Bonjour Manousche, Bienvenue à Songstuff! Il serait bon d'entendre la musique traduite (using online translator) lol
  2. Hey Foxy welcome to the site!
  3. Hi, welcome to SongStuff! Liked the youtube clip
  4. Hey Pascal Welcome to SongStuff!
  5. From what I can tell, your voice sounds good, though the audio keeps breaking up-as mentioned before. So nobody will be able to comment on your voice, when referring to this video. It looks to me like you were using a camera to film someone on your computer screen who was using a web camera (not the recommended way to record someones voice) Although I would agree with going to the X- factor in order to learn about yourself, personally I would probably talk to friends and family first. If they approved, and more importantly, if I knew I had a good voice from what they said, then I would try out for an audition. I hope all goes well for you! Will look out for you on the show Good luck!
  6. Hello and welcome Vladislav!
  7. Visually I can only see one effect, it is very dark and difficult to make out anything but your hands and your guitar. The image also appears quite blurred. I think perhaps if it were lighter, it might look better? not sure if that's what you were intending the video to look like though. I'm not sure if you were asking about the guitar playing as well- I think it is excellent!
  8. Thanks for the answer! I took far too long to answer this- didn't notice the Comment. Only just noticed how long ago you had answered too . I have been using Nylon strings with my guitar. Although my dad- gave me the guitar- used steel strings before, so I am now thinking of changing back. I have a guitar tuner now, which is great, it is supposed to be used for an electric guitar ( since the width of the neck is too large on my acoustic guitar). Thankyou quadrant5 for helping If anyone else has any questions or advice related to this topic, leave a post! and
  9. Hey Bilal, Welcome! Great to have you on SongStuff
  10. Hey Dennis, welcome!
  11. Hey, welcome to SongStuff Zon! Great to have you onboard
  12. Hey Eve, Welcome to Songstuff! It's a great site . Trust me, I'm new, and it's already helped me out alot!
  13. Hi Iain, thanks for the add!

  14. From the album Me

  15. From the album Me