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    Obviously Songwriting - I want to know what makes a melody catchy - and why some musical forms suit an idea better than others - It's a hard question though. I like writing for the female voice - so I have confused people in the past as to my gender!


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  1. Writing Melodies

    Good tip! It is amazing how many melodies follow natural speech inflections -when there is a strong accent the note often goes up accordingly -there are of course exceptions -often when the melody goes down on a strong accent -it happens on a strong beat -similarly with a repeated note -well worth studying this.
  2. Paint By Numbers Type Songwriting Tutorial?

    Well, why not take songs you like and use them as a template. You could use exactly the same chords but change the melody or keep the melodic rhythm but change the pitches -You could become a little more creative and change the chord durations, but keep the progressions -and make up a new melody =OR you could write out the chords of the song in each section and vary their order and durations - At least this way you will pick up how to write in various forms and keys. Good luck.
  3. Immortality

    Very dreamy and haunting. It would work great in a film actually -you should try pitching it to some producers!
  4. It's Gonna Take - North Easton Song #20

    I think this is wonderful -it kind of reminds me of something like most songs do these days -so many been written -but your delivery was great -you made the chorus come alive in a chorusy sort of way -it didn't really stand out melodically from the verses -but you nailed it anyhow - I liked your little instrumental break as well -good stuff.
  5. Help A Song-Writing Newbie!

    Listening to this song made me smile -if this is an early effort -I think you will do absolutely fine -you have all the right instincts.
  6. Song Feedback "boxes Full Of Years"

    I agree that Box full of years is more intriguing than memories -the only problem is years and ears sound the same -so you might get around to thinking -what kind of ears then? Rabbits ears? -cats ears? God forbid peoples ears! -Most people will know what kind of years is meant though I guess.
  7. Towards The Edge

    Not really my genre the Blues -but it is a powerful heartfelt song. Line 4/Verse 2 -these words came to my mind - He's sold those goods before - It just seemed to fit. You may hate it -but I thought I would share.
  8. Song Feedback "boxes Full Of Years"

    Great singing. You have such a beautiful way of hanging on to a note - The only thing which slightly bothered me, was that the chorus is more of a refrain -and there isn't enough contrast with the verses -Also' boxes full of memories' makes more sense to me than years -something more people will relate to.
  9. Guitar Virtuoso

    This is good I think. Sort of thing Satriani might do if he riffed around the Persian scale. It will probably only appeal to guitar buffs. Also the intro is a bit too long and seems to have nothing much to do with the rest of the song -being overlong you will already have lost loads of people. Sadly listeners are becoming more and more impatient with limited attention spans. Maybe you could improve it by finding a beautiful melodic hook -and then soloing around it -keep returning to it -
  10. This song could be a turn off for most women -I may be wrong because like most blokes, we spend half of our lives trying to figure them out and the other half sleeping = The title -says She Don't Know Any Better is kind of patronising -If you said she pretends =that she don't -then that fixes it -becuase it ties in with her generosity of spirit -we really like this girl -but maybe she is too perfect also ya know.
  11. I Wanna.... Revisited!

    This is really good. Everyone wants this perfect love -such a universal theme - An enjoyable song to listen to -a great album track this!
  12. Look At The Wings (Revised)

    I like the riff -kind of working class hero vibe - I think you accent and hold on to unimportant words sometimes -shorten the a's and the 'the's' . Think about the most important words from each line and make them stand out -do that with contrast. I am sure this song could be improved by this very simple process - I didn't really get the lyrics either -nothing really leaps out or connects with me -but the tune and the production is pretty good.
  13. Controversial Pop Song About Beauty Ideals

    This is very good indeeeeed. The first line of the chorus is out of place though -try cutting it -you could add Time to turn the trends at the end of the pre-chorus -and make trends a really long expressive note -so that it creates a sense of expectation -and the chorus becomes more powerful- I would also be ruthless and cut -'nothing more than flesh and skin -because then you have a very tight and memorable chorus -which could become anthemic -Producers of Glee would love it! Anyway good luck with this -like your style!
  14. I am tired of writing lyrics -but I still get a huge buzz out of writing tunes - If anyone wants to work with me, then please get in touch. I like anything which is on the edge, but also anything which has a commercial hook. I like Pink, Lady Gaga, Jessie J, Inna -Rhianna - Also I like Metallica, Kings of Leon, Kasabian - Kaiser Chiefs -Snow Patrol etc Lots of Indie and Metal stuff -I also like Dash Berlin type Trance - I don't like Jazz or Rap. Because I am a carer these days I don't have unlimited time -but I have a few hours free most days - I'll send you some piano doodles privately if you would like evidence of my musical genius -lol
  15. Newbie Looking For Practice And Help

    What kind of genre do you like best? There are loads of tutorials on YouTube to start you off -just type in -Pop/Rock melody -Tutorials -and lo and behold a multitude appears. I would be happy to give you some tips also -just PM me if you are interested.