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  1. Now that we're over

    I really enjoyed this. The synth seems a bit 80ies and the singing a bit 90ties and in a way it works wery well together. I was having it in the background now working and it was a very cool good piece to listen to only half focusing on it. Gitar fill ins, synth and beat works great together. Once starting to focus on the indiviual parts there are things you could improve a little, like train a bit more on the lyrics/singing, and get a slighlty more polished mix. But I wouldnt change the sound, flow of words or instrument sounds much.
  2. Mix # 3 Autumn Leaves

    Based on your comments I have a new mix with the strings removed from the verses, and some change to make it more easy on the ears overall. Any input on the new mix compared to the old? Any sections that should be arranged differently in the mix # 2? I am thinking the vocals may be a bit loud on the first verse now and maybe we need to get some more elements / strings in before the first chorus as they enter a bit abruptly.
  3. Touchdown Into Grey (May 2017 Update)

    Very impressive M. There is a lot of variation and details in you singing which I think are great. Musically I particularly like the little piece before the last chorus at 03:33. If there is anything to improve the first words "Something’s wrong I feel the tension, The conversation paused at the" could be sung with a slight bit more emotion. Then you sing the word "mention" beautifully. And the electric fill in guitar (used at 01:11 etc) is a little late 80ies sounding). Anyway there are so many good things here with the singing, song structure, arrangement, piano, chorus build up, lyrics etc. Great job!
  4. Ancestr - Into The Sun

    As someone pointed out there is something very "early" Leonard Cohen in your voice. Also I feel like that with some of the phrasing. The lyrics are interesting with some good imagery and they feel quite well balanced. My impression is that this is more of a protest song than if you were actually part of the international forces in Afgansistan but I may be wrong. Would be interesting to know. Your guitar playing and singing are both fine. You could play around with more emotion in some parts to see if that adds variation. If you want to work on the guitar playing or singing there is plenty of good lessons on youtube.
  5. Mix # 3 Autumn Leaves

    Thanks for the feedback so far. Appreciate the honesty:) There seems to be some agreement that the strings are too dominant. I am thinking that I could bring down all the strings a little overall and remove most of the strings from the verses to solve this (0:00-01:06, 01:46-02:19 and 03:40-04:03) Or at least the viola and violins. I will also see what can be done in opening up the sound a bit.
  6. Mix # 3 Autumn Leaves

    #3 Update (adjusted vocals level and brought the strings slightly back in the verses: New mix: Old Mix / Full strings: Still have some minor mixing to be done. Let me know what you think and if there are obvious improvements I can do. Autumn Leaves Solemn leaves in autumn hue entangle yellow and red through autumn nights lay soft brown at my feet on the streets I am walking until the first winter snow shields them away Under birch on quiet roads in October rain I have been walking alone I´ve been thinking of life and love and to see if I belong here somehow While autumn lays on heavy branches in quiet evening rain I won't let trouble reach me here oh no, not anymore In this place the coldest winter wind it chills me to the bone and through the black winter trees a lone bird ascending through the clear of the dark winter sky And I walk by through winter woods through quiet winter snow And I won't let trouble reach me here oh no, not anymore At times my conscience is a burden and its hard to know right from wrong but ever since I first saw her it just may be I`ve found were I belong Spring is ripe with April buds in bloom life returns in shades of yellow green and to fall in love with life and all things new again once more
  7. Stop

    Hi Dallon Nice buildup and like the combination of sounds and instruments, including the harmonica. Around 1:50 it kind of changes to something that feels like another song for a while (this could be used as a start for some other song). maybe it is a little bit long for this kind of instrumental and could need some vocals or variations. As a standalone instrumental it is still very nice, but then maybe half the running length would be enough. Could be a nice start for a record or an EP.
  8. Stable Minus Sport

    First of all, nice glasses and nice image to accomodate the song. I am quite fond of the various sounds and the soundscape you have created. The mix is best during the intro and then floats a bit together throughout the song. The piece works well as it is, but if you want to continue working on it you could polish the vocal a bit an make them slightly more dynamic, and also work a little bit on the mix to bring out the various instruments more after the intro. Just turning up the various lead instruments at any given time 5-10% percent throughout for instance.
  9. Breaking Blue (demo)

    I like the song structure as it becomes more chorus like and varied throughout in a very balanced way. Very good job. Maybe one verse before the "breaking moon.." part would be sufficient is my one comment. Other than that, the drums could be given a lot more edge and energy to liven up the song. I think that is the easiest thing you could do to really improve the recoding.
  10. Ocean Liners

    Thank you all for your feedback. Greatly appreciated. I have changed the link to a new mix with a fuller sound (or actually it is the same mix but uploaded to SoundCloud as an aif file which somehow ends up sounding a bit fuller). This mix also slightly masks the vocal performance which could be a good thing as the native speakers seems slightly underwhelmed with my English... Lyrics are meant to suggest different narratives. Cities of the plain / Proust/ hinting at the book of Genesis for instance.
  11. Ocean Liners

    Thanks for the feedback. I will work on my dictation but I dont think I will ever will get my French right:) A few of the instruments got a bit lost in the SoundCloud upload. Particularly the keys and some depth in the guitar. I guess there is a quality loss but it did sharpen the vocals a bit and makes this a bit vocal heavy as well. I will see if I can fix this in a few days.
  12. Going Away

    Sound quality is not great (on purpose?), but there is good musicality and harmonies. Actually a bit nice to hear something recoded this "low-fi" that still works great when most music now tend to be very polished. Sound like you are using a pencil in a glass for dums :-D
  13. Ocean Liners

    Ocean Liners D C G A7sus4 Head down the ocean road past the ocean liners on the road from New Port to Amsterdam or sending their cargo on to Spain through the early morning mist at the bay a ship sails in every day Those were dark days of free men I was lost down Rochechouart through the neon lit rain, the cities of the plain, in every place, a man would fall from grace I spent every darkest midnight, through the haze there she was, she was so beautiful beneath northern skies silhouetted by the late evening sun to feel in awe, still walk up to her tip ones heart, imagine if she could not refuse head down, hold on St.Petersburg Toy spends her evenings in french society trying to get ahead, its a long way from home beneath the tricolor but just to many nights down at the mount of martyrs to ever move on to ever move on when the days turn long and summer is coming on, she travels by train 134 miles west northwest to port le Havre a seaport toy and a seaport refuge Those were dark days of free men I was lost down Rochechouart through the neon lit rain, the cities of the plain, in every place, a man would fall from grace I spent every darkest midnight, through the haze And there she was, she was so beautiful beneath northern skies silhouetted by the late evening sun to feel in awe, still to walk up to her and tip ones heart and imagine, if she could not refuse head down, hold on and some say love is paid for we all know love is paid for down by the ocean side by the ports of call on the verge of a voyage to Amsterdam or sending their cargo of to Spain to leave first class, transatlantic from Le Havre to New York city on the Île de France or to choosen to stay, in that ocean town to lose ones mind at last
  14. Crossroads - vocal update

    Approach 1 was my second try and I guess it is a better performance as you both say. Ideally it should be a slightly sharper, more dynamic and emotional version of this (with a bit more energy). I will try again in a while but I need more practice I think. Modulating the chorus or at least giving it some more power is worth checking also. Nice guitar on that Kerr song you linked in. Thanks
  15. Wilted Rose

    Excellent. Great singing and I particularly like all the guitar fillings. You don’t really need to change anything, but I can give a suggestion. You could try with some more rhythm/dynamic in the singing during the chorus and a bit sharper. Anyway, great work:)