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  1. Maie Marie

    I thought I might've rolled the reverb in a little heavily in some areas. The lyrics get a bit drowned during the whispering in the quietest portion of the piece, for sure. I'll work on it a bit and get a new version to you soon, Dani.
  2. Maie Marie

    So moody!
  3. Tagarroni

    Regardless of the horseradishlessness, I still appreciate your advice!
  4. Tagarroni

    Hey, dudes. I'm Grant, as you may have guessed (or read, in the intro forum). I've been working on a project for a little over three months now: I'm in charge of creating the soundtrack for an upcoming video game. Now: the only feedback I've received for the tracks I've produced have come from friends (who I'm not sure always give/can give constructive critiques). This is one of the reasons I'm so happy I found this forum! Anyway, down to business. This is one of my favorite tracks from the project so far, but I feel like there's something about it that needs to be tweaked. I can't put my finger on it. I'd like some super harsh (like horseradish in the eyeballs) criticism, and also some suggestions on what I could add/change within the song. I just feel like I've reached a plateau with this one (I'm also afraid to overproduce... I've made that mistake several times). Hopefully, with constructive feedback on this song, I can hone in on mistakes that I might be making with other tunes I've made. Have at me.
  5. Upper Lines - Running To Midnight

    I really like the intro to this song, but I feel like there's a climax that was ignored around 1:16. The energy around the 3:40 point should, in my opinion, be the energy that immediately follows the 1:16 (or so) mark. Otherwise that transition and the guitar break that follows is a bit frustrating to listen to.
  6. Carry The Weight Of Love

    I agree with this. The chorus definitely needs some kind of contrasting flavor to bring it to the front of the piece. Otherwise, it blends in with the rest of the song. I like the midi guitar, but I think it would sound more organic with electric guitar in place of or in addition to it.
  7. Still You Lie...almost Finished?

    Hey, Melody! I think your voice is great (even with the crackling audio working against you), and you were able to keep solid rhythm for a majority of your song. Nice job on that. I think the lyrics can be tweaked a bit, though. The way you've structured it works because you're throwing in two or three words on one beat. However, if you restructured the verses a bit (creating a meter so the lyrics are rhythmic, reworking the flow or choosing different words - not changing the meaning), I think it would give you more opportunities to embellish your vocals. I went full creeper on this one and counted the syllables in your lyrics. If the number of syllables in each verse made a pattern throughout the song, it might make the end product feel more polished.
  8. Home Recording Tips

    I'm overwhelmed by all of this awesome advice! As a novice recording artist, I value all of the points made in this topic. I especially love the EQ tips! Thanks, all.
  9. How

    Hey, everybody. I'm called Grant. I've been on the hunt for a solid community of songwriters for a while now; little did I know that my search would have been much easier had I just used the Google in the first place! It's good to be here. By joining Songstuff, I feel like I'm opening myself up to all kinds of new opportunities to learn and grow as a musician. So... HI! This concludes my first post.