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  1. Lisa, Thanks for all the critique, the good and the bad . I typically write shorter songs/less repetitive songs, so this was a bit of a change-up for me, so it was definitely a bit out of my ballpark. The stuff I was stating was just stuff about her.. I guess thats sort of personal and what not - "German tongue/speaks germans", "No smokers lungs/doesn't smoke". The thing is, with that whole bridge overlapping voices bit - I wanted to make the bridge unique, so I did that little diddy there - I find it a bit hard to really spice up a song as far as a bridge goes - so that's definitely something I need to work on overall - the sound of the rest of my song compared to the bridge. I'm glad you enjoyed the lyrics - I wasn't reading them and accidently switch up the end of the first chorus with the end of the second chorus.. that's the reason for the incompatibility there, sadly. I should more than likely be re-recording it for my demo a lot more refined. Thanks for everything, once again - Mykal
  2. Hey all, Not too often I write a happy tune, and I'm usually pretty dissatisfied with the happy songs I do write Would love to hear any opinion you have of the song Thanks for the time, ya'll. http://soundcloud.com/mykalallen/this-kind-of-love This Kind Of Love German tongue, no smokers lungs Find her peace in the songs I've sung 3 year since the launchpad And she's got a seabag on her bag What a catch.. What a catch.. Whats the catch? When I look into her eyes A piece of me is hard to find It's new for me to care, what's even going on in there What a catch.. What a catch.. Whats the catch? I'm leaving in the morning Close the door slow while your snoring and I'll kiss you On your forehead It's this kind of love Tear down a fortress It's this kind of love That's dogs to horses It's this kind of love That keeps you on your toes Don't worry girl, you're beautiful. Don't worry girl, you've got it all. Blonde hair, blue eyes Your beauty took me by surprise Captivated by intelligence Waiting for love, keeping celibate You're a catch.. You're a catch... Let me catch my breath It seems every time you smile I always end up in denial Cause how could it be me Making you oh so happy and you say.. stop talking keep making my day Other girls are living boring Your mind and heart they're always soaring Now I'm singing , putting you to rest
  3. It's be amazing if you could post a true recording of this song.. I enjoy it - Sounds like a mix between Nickleback, Rise Against, and Nirvana .. or something Think it's quite cute your girlfriend is singing along.
  4. It think the effect would be far better utilized by being utilized less in the song. I enjoy the song underneath.. and definitely enjoy that Modest Mouse song.
  5. There is definitely a lot of Iron And Wine influence.. One of the bands I listen to most often.. I'll definitely check out Norfolk And Western.. Never listen to em. I'll see how that sounds with more instruments and what not.. Thanks for the help
  6. Thank you . It is a bit a monotonous.. Kind of why I thought I would add a fuller sound to it all, and keep that little melody riding in the background. By a demo - I don't mean spending money at some studio. I have a mxl 990 and a few other decent mics - Just doing a little home setup type thing. Hopefully I'll be able to find someone to mix it decently.. I know nothing of that stuff. Thanks - Glad you enjoyed it. I'm not sure if I will add that "full band" sound too it.. but I was thinking of a harmony for the chorus, a bass line, and a smooth little electric guitar fill every now and then. Thanks very much for your opinion on it all.. It's great hearing this stuff. Thanks you, haha, even though Bob Dylan and Neil Young have some pretty un-musical voices. . I also enjoy calm music.. All I end up making, really, no matter what Thanks for seconding that - and I'm definitely gonna take a look at this and see what direction I want to go in.. I'm glad you liked it, and thought the melody catchy - I don't usually do the whole "catchy" thing too well.. Hey Rick, Thanks for your comments - I seem to get that same sort of perspective on a lot of my music, and I think that must be my niche, I suppose. Front porch music listening and what not I would love to hear that with this song, and maybe it could be very lightly simulated? Not too sure.. Thanks again!
  7. I'll be posting the lyrics up soon.. Kind of did it all in my head.. I'll definitely be adding a full band to this song - Will be changed up a bit by this, but I think for the better. http://soundcloud.com/mykalallen/indefinite Give it to me yall! Been a while since I've posted..
  8. Hah, the same weirdos are here in D.C too - I'm glad you like it , and I'm leaning a lot more towards this song compared to the others I have ready.
  9. Definitely going with Oranges Over Grapefruit and Jaykay Period hands down.. The others are really being put up on the chopping block.
  10. Is talking of dreams and all that jazz. I definitely gotta re-word that bit somehow..
  11. Im glad you enjoyed it.. thanks for the feedback
  12. Thanks the the input Tom
  13. That's what I was thinking.. Wish I could have embedded the whole Set in this page.. Sucks it wouldn't let me - Would've been far less complicated that way.
  14. I honestly just play a chord.. and sing the words? lol..
  15. I try to write more without structure.. cause I seem to force myself into being structured most of the time. I agree.. I changed that part like 30 times in 10 minutes.. still have no idea what to put there - I can keep that additional "looks cute" off - definitely viable. Right? I'm so gonna win every girls heart with this song..