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  1. @RoryMagpie. Welcome to Songstuff! It's good to have someone so young as you in this songwriting community. I can't wait to hear some of your compositions and/or songs. Ken
  2. @MichaHero & @Mikael, I don't think I've said hi to you two before... Welcome to Songstuff! @MichaHero, Great introduction, man. Your english was very clear to me! Cheers, Ken
  3. It's good to meet you, @JJ2man! Your song, 'Row,' sounded really good! Welcome to Songstuff. Ken
  4. Good to have you with us, @Omar Perkins. Can't wait to hear your music! Ken
  5. @TiffanyHill FlowSentril, its great to have you here! Looking forward to hearing to some of your songs. Ken
  6. Great song @Oswlek. My eyes got watery a bit. I like everything about it, basically. I like how the emotion spills out on that first chord you used in the chorus, it was brilliant. Best.
  7. @chumpy, Having a listen of the update and I like it even more, you guys have got some serious songwriting and mixing chops! That chorus and countermelody is catchy as heck, and I absolutely dig the soft punk vibe. Sounds brilliant to me. All the best!
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome, Rich... Oh my, there's another Ken in the forums!? Ooh, I like that snare! The arrangement and mix is pretty rough atm but I get the general idea and I'm liking it a lot. I think the guys have given you some really good critiques, already. I pretty much have no idea when it comes to lyrics so I won't comment on that. But really cool song idea, man. All the best and welcome to Songstuff! Ken
  9. I really like the song @Steve Ather, but what David said about the panning - a more centered audio would sound a lot better. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Thanks for the quick feedback, Richard. I was not going to mention the soft drink thing but I just couldn't resist..Haha I am going for a mixture of old & new vibe with this piece, it's kind of like a follow up to my previous instrumental, 'Dancing With You.' Yeah. I think I'm going to be stuck in the 80's & 90's for a couple more tracks. Interesting points, I will experiment around a little and see what happens. Thanks a lot!
  11. Thanks for the feedback, Richard. I had a decent break from the track so I will resume developing it further. Cheers! Started arranging a track yesterday and it ended up sounding like a soft drink add.Haha.. The track is still in rough shape but I would like some feedback on the overall arrangement. Let me know what doesn't work for you? Little to no mixing done, yet. I am considering adding a build up section and a strong finish but I'm gonna take a break from it for a while. Thank you for your time and ears!
  12. @chumpy - The audio is no longer there but I did have a listen to it earlier and I thought it was pretty strong! Loved the counter melodies in the final choruses, I thought they sounded pretty amazing. Hard to believe you guys came with all that in less than a week! Good luck in this week's elimination process!
  13. @Taehan Excellent work! You express your emotions very well through the music. Great job! Please make sure to comment on other members' songs, as well - I'm sure everyone would like to hear your feedback.
  14. @bakerusc, I like it a lot! Such a beautiful lyric. Everything was top notch from camera work to harmonies to guitar picking. I really have nothing but praise for this creation of yours. Great stuff Ken
  15. It's slowly taking shape, @Jenn. I think you're on the right track with the 2nd chorus so I'm looking forward to the 1st completed draft! Ken