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    Music in general, music production(EDM, trap, singer-songwriter/folk), playing the acoustic guitar, spending quality time out in nature, exercising(running, swimming, gym etc.), meeting and networking with like-minded songwriters and musicians all over the world.

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    Ken Fukuda
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    Vocal Melody Writing, Production Music(Logic Pro X, Maschine Studio), Acoustic Guitar Picking.
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    A little bit of everything.


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  1. If you are going to make this into a real song, I don't think the simplicity/repetitiveness would be much of a problem - however, the length might have to be shortened. But still, I think it's a strong instrumental piece. Good quality production, btw. I hope you keep getting better at working with Ableton Live. Good stuff!
  2. Awesome update, Will. It sounds 🔥 Keep going
  3. You have some really strange music. "Gui" sounded really weird...but in a GOOD way! Thanks for sharing and all the best with it.
  4. Wow, you guys make some pretty amazing songs. The quality is on point. Keep up the great work!
  5. I enjoyed listening to this composition, it has a strong vintage vibe to it. It's not too short and not too long, just about the right length. Overall, it sounded quite professional to me. Thanks for sharing and all the best with it!
  6. @Jenn, I also think you should keep that verse one vocal melody. I really like the counter melody, "can't hurt their feelings but they'll hurt ours." It really grabs your attention and makes you wanna stick around for the chorus. The chorus didn't do it for me, tho. The contrast was good and all but it sounded more like a bridge than a chorus, tbh. The verse one melody is really HOT, though. And I think you should try to use that counter melody in the 2nd verse as well! Good luck with it 🍀 Ken
  7. Hey Irwin, I heard this track a couple of times but I can't make sense out of it. The drum and bass seem to go together but the rest of the instruments don't seem to be following the same chord progression or rhythm. I think you should choose a chord progression and make sure all the instruments are playing those same chords or in key with those chords. All the best with it!
  8. I like it. It sounds good and it sounds fresh. I think @Jenn and @HoboSage made some good suggestions already. All the best with it, Ken
  9. Thanks for listening, Richard! I believe the song she wrote with the Songstuff member is going to be a 1+1(vox+guitar), so I'm looking forward to that!
  10. This is good quality stuff, Dek. At first I thought you got someone else to sing this song! The drums sound really cool, sounds like hip hop drums. My only issue is that I can't make out most of the words that you're singing in the chorus. That is all from me. Really enjoyed listening to this! Good luck with it, Ken
  11. Very cool, @Will Sketches 😎 I think you've done a really good job so far, it sounds very "in-the-now." Here are some of my thoughts: - The impact at 0:18 was a little weak so try taking out more sounds from the intro - I think more contrast will add to the impact. - The drums were a little weak for a dance beat so maybe find a song you could use as a reference? Good luck with it! Ken
  12. Check this out, Sumi: https://ehomerecordingstudio.com/best-daw-software/ If you do choose to go with GarageBand or Logic Pro X(which I am using), you can ask for my help any time(plus, there are hundreds of free tutorials on youtube as well). ✌️🤓
  13. Great work, @Dallon426! I like the fact that you didn't go for the fade out option, it ends real nicely. Best.
  14. @tunesmithth & @Sreyashi Mukherjee, thanks for the listen guys. I've introduced another lyricist(a long time Songstuff member) to the artist, as well. And they have written one song together already which should be released soon. I'll make sure to post that song up as soon as it comes out.