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  1. @GuesSs, I think it works just fine. I enjoyed the sounds and melodies. Good stuff, Ken
  2. Unbury Yourself - mix feedback

    Beautiful song and mix(remix), @Oswlek. I had no problem with the "dig free" lines - musically, they sounded perfect to me. @4:17 - Is that mouth noise? I thought it was a little distracting. Great song, nonetheless! Ken
  3. I saw a couple of youtube videos on that and they didn't seem as advanced as Logic's pitch correction... Hmm...Logic...
  4. Looking For Inspiration

    Sweet music, Dek. Can't wait for it to become a whole song. I'll leave you with some thoughts, all the best with it: It's the weekend I'm feeling a little lazy Chillin' - by myself/with the family/with friend(s) Same old, same old(in a good way) Going for a walk with no destination in mind, just winging it.
  5. Something To Explain (very early work in progress)

    Sounds like a good start, Richard. I'm sure the music/arrangement will slowly unfold as you continue to write out the rest of the song. Here's a video on workflow to get you completing your songs and making many more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVQ8c19unnM All the best with it, Ken
  6. Some cool tips on the EQ from @M57. Here's a link to help you further with the EQ in general. The song sounds great but I agree with the others that the vocals are a bit loud in the mix. Logic comes with pitch correction but I don't know if GarageBand has it or not? All the best, Jenn! Ken
  7. The Curse Of Shane MacGowan

    This is a really fun song to listen to, @Jambrains. Your collaborator did a marvelous job, as well. Is she playing an Irish tin whistle and a flute(just curious), coz it sounds like there's a low part and a high part that she's playing? The mix sounds VERY close to perfect to me, I just thought the main vox was a little too sharp - I feel it needs a little warmth to make it sink into the music. Just my opinion. All the best with it, Ken PS - You sound just a little bit like Shane MacGowan. Haha.
  8. The End Of The Skyline

    I'm sure you'll come up with a sweet hook! 😎
  9. Lauren Jade (Produced by JayRams)

    Sorry for not being specific, @LaurenJadeMusic. I meant that the arrangement sounded a little repetitive because there wasn't much variation throughout the song. Repetition without variation will kill the momentum, every time. But of course, this is just my opinion. You can look up free teachings and tutorials online on ways to create momentum, there's tons of free material out there. Here's one example of a track with some good variations in it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbDBkehZi_4 Hope this helps, Ken
  10. JPB has some sick beats but I think you really made this track your own, Bryce. Love the language mash up, it makes the song sound a lot interesting and fresh. I think you're a seriously talented topline writer and singer: GOOD topline writers are like unicorns - they're quite rare. 🦄 Keep up the great work! Ken
  11. The End Of The Skyline

    Stunning song, @M57. There's no mistaking when the chorus comes in, like, WOW! The details in the piano playing is amazing, everything sounds ready for production to me. I don't know if this falls under an arrangement idea, but how about adding a simple melodic hook in the intro(to be repeated again before the 2nd verse etc.). Something that would make your song instantly recognizable within the first 5 seconds? Just a thought. All the best with it, Ken
  12. Inside - UPDATED 01/08/2017 (work in progress)

    Jenn, I'm not sure but this youtube tutorial might help you - it's exactly how I do it in Logic X.
  13. Lauren Jade (Produced by JayRams)

    You are a very talented singer, @LaurenJadeMusic. The arrangement is a little on the simple side and needs more work IMHO, but it seems like you both make a great team. It's a good starting point and I think bigger and better things will happen as you keep up the work. All the best, Ken
  14. Inside - UPDATED 01/08/2017 (work in progress)

    Cool song idea, Richard. Like @ALOPRODUCTIONZ, I also thought your voice sounded very commercial in certain parts throughout the song! Here's a few thoughts that came to mind while listening to this song: (I'm not 100% sure since my left ear is still deaf atm) - There's no bass until the 2nd verse kicks in at 1:25(though still not loud enough to be called a bass IMO), which feels strange because the 1st chorus had some energy but it just didn't sound like it had any bottom end in it. But I must say, my blocked ear really makes it hard for me to hear the bass/sub bass frequencies. - The drums sound quiet in the mix(especially the kick), it feels very light and seems to get drowned out by the high energy synth arrangement. Some individual samples like the clap sounds very cheap or "plastic." There's some really good royalty free samples at Cymatics so you should defo check it out. - The 2nd and final chorus is quite busy like the others have mentioned. I think if you lower the volume or get rid of the other melody that's playing simultaneously with the lead vox, most of that busy kind of feeling would go away? All the best with it, Ken
  15. Don't Make Me Say I Love You

    Beautiful song, Emily! Strong and clear vocal performance, your piano playing is such a pleasure to listen to! Here's an opinion I have on the piano sound and I may be well off on this, but I thought it lacked a little brightness to it. I watched a few piano covers on youtube and they seemed to use at least two mics on the piano. Here's a few recording-tips videos I came across: Produce Like A Pro & Full Sail University & Audio Technical USA. Looking forward to hearing more live recordings from you, 👍 Ken