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  1. Sorry for your loss, @A3D. This song took my mind on a journey. The arrangement sounded great and you sing with lots of feeling. The song was dark but it felt like home. Great song, Ken
  2. Another cool song, @Alex . I like the feel of it, there's a lot of sweetness and vulnerability in it's overall sound/performance. Great vocal melodies(harmonies as well) and guitar picking, it sounds really strong. I really don't think you need to change anything about the song, but for the sake of experimenting here are some little tricks to start you off: Currents pulling me in - The timing in which this line starts is exactly the same as the previous lines, so try singing it right on the 1st beat to create forward motion and also to give more impact to the words: Beat: 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 Lines emerald Eyes... tempest Rise... Waves crash Down... Currents pulling me in.... So will you - hold me - tightly - so I (Da da da) - know that - I’ll be - alright ---> Fitting in some lyrics there might keep the momentum up? Chorus chord progression - I noticed how you ended it on a D major, the contrast in that chord was big. Why not try out a new chord progression for the chorus starting with D major? Again, the song is great as it is. All the best Ken
  3. Wow! I like the way this thread keeps building up with more and more information on production/mixing/mastering, advice! Thanks to everyone, of course @john, that was a lot to take in but I enjoyed it. I'm still training my ears to pick up general muddiness in a track right now but what you said about visualizing the different types of sound has got me curious. I'm also looking up the difference between pink and white noise right now, you've exposed me to a whole different world of sounds and I'm loving' it! Im gonna look up the waves, sine, square, triangle and saw, next. I don't have the monitors for mastering atm, I'll focus on mixing sounds for a while. Thanks a ton Ken @starise, Yes, I will definitely consider all the options for quality plugins later on - I need to get my basic knowledge up a whole lot more so I can understand what I'm doing! Haha Mcompare sounds really interesting, though! I'll probably need it for mastering my own stuff in the near future. Thanks man, Ken
  4. I cracked up laughing a few times on first play lol The musicianship is pretty awesome and your vocals are so sweet it really matches the female character in the lyrics. Cool song, crystalsuzy! Ken
  5. Thanks for the feedback @Chalter and @MonoStone. I'll take this track down and start making some adjustments to it. Cheers. Hi guys, This is an old track that I updated and I could really use some feedback on the mix. Thank you, Ken
  6. @Anonymous9, quite an interesting song. Listening to it was like trying to solve a puzzle. I found a steady rhythm in the vocal performance so I focussed on that a lot more than anything else: don't know if you did that on purpose coz it's a little brilliant. But for that reason, I think you should post the lyrics up for critique in the lyric section to make sure the lyrics are top notch. All the best with it, Ken
  7. @Chalter, this is a cool instrumental idea and that intro was really slick! Looking forward to hearing more compositions from you, Chalter. Ken
  8. Hi @JH Michaels, I like this song idea. You go a little off tune in some areas...........but I actually thought it added more character to the song and made it sound even better! I liked the sound of the guitar, it was like someone was playing it in the background while you were singing in the front - it's very laid back and just chilling', I like that about it. I think you just have to get the overall sound quality at it's best. I wish I could offer you some tips on that but I'm still learning about mixing/mastering, myself. Great song! All the best with it. Ken
  9. @jenellegarrett, thanks for the help. I'm not really looking to become a DJ but I will take a look at your site. Cheers! @starise, Thank you for that piece of info, I took a quick glance at one of the videos and it looks very good! Your DAW is now a chameleon!? Haha. I'm going with a hands on approach to learning new skills. For example, if I want to create a cool a hip hop drum beat then I go online and search for free tutorials on making a hip hop beat, I watch what they do and if I like the sound of it I apply it to my own beat. This way, I'm productive and learning new skills at the same time I have found a few LogicProX tutorials on youtube so I'm regularly following those videos in my free time. Thanks again for your help, Starise. Ken
  10. Both versions are really good, Emily. But if I could only listen to one of those versions, I would choose 'Rescue Me' since the vocal melodies had more going on. Plus the arrangement and harmonies sounded really good, as well. Beautiful vocals as always! All the best, Ken
  11. Mind, blown! What a cool piece of music. I can easily imagine the different sections(I hear at least 4 sections) in this piece being used in separate scenes for a sic-fi, "Alien" type of film, or, TV shows about the supernatural(there are lots of those, I believe), or, something game related. Not only bgm, it could easily work as an experimental type song as well! Loads of potential, yeah. All the best with the mixing/mastering, I know it'll be great! Ken
  12. I think you adjusted it quite nicely, Dek. In my opinion, it sounds more defined and controlled and part of the ambience now. Love the slide in the bridge, it's very under-water sounding and reminds me of the time I swam with whales. It kind of takes me away from where you recorded this to a completely different environment. And for the record, I don't find any issue with the ending. I think it plays off well with, "it won't be long..." Just my taste I guess. It's a very strong song, Dek. I like it a lot. Ken
  13. Good to have you with us, Dustin! Wow, those are some really good compositions you made. I hope to hear more of your latest work, here on Songstuff. Ken
  14. Hi Junito, its good to have you here. Welcome to Songstuff. Ken
  15. Great music video, New Men. I hope you guys become regulars here on Songstuff. Ken