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  1. It's About Me - Pop Song

    Hey AnotherOne, thanks! I really appreciate your feedback. I'm glad you liked the song. Take care Robert
  2. It's About Me - Pop Song

    Hi guys, thanks for the positive feedback. Wow! I wasn't expecting everybody to think the song/production was that good. In some of the other music related forums, especially the European ones they are tearing the song apart. Several people think the drums have too much hall, others think the vocalist has enunciation problems and a lot of people say the song is just plain boring and the production lacks dynamics. I kind of agree with most of you here. Of course in almost every song there is room for improvement but I'm very satisfied with what I achieved so far. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks again. All the best Robert
  3. It's About Me - Pop Song

    Hi, the lyrics of this song were written by Ray Bertram. I found them over at songwriter101.com and about two years ago I started to write and record a tune to go with them. I was never really satisfied with the sound of what I had, especially the vocals. Just recently Kayla Williams, an extremely talented young singer/songwriter from Canada, offered to help me finish the song. In my opinion she did an awesome job. Listen for yourself. The first feedback from a big German radio station was very motivating. I’d like to thank both Kayla and Ray for helping me create this piece of music. I always appreciate feedback. All the best Robert http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=10987430 IT’S ABOUT ME (Bertram/Williams/Baitinger) Verse 1: I watch the sun go down And I watch it rise I’m watching my life pass Right before my eyes I feel myself slowly Slipping away But that ends right now It ends right here today Chorus: Starting right now It’s all about me So much I wanna do So much I wanna see I wanna do it all While I’m young and I’m free So starting right now It’s about me Verse 2: I’m gonna put down What I got to do And I’m gonna pick up Just what I want to There’s too many sweet dreams That I want to chase So I’m busting out Of this mad rat race Chorus Bridge: It’s my time to live It’s my time to shine Now it’s time for me To take what is mine Chorus Music & lyrics: Ray Bertram, Kayla Williams, Robert Baitinger Vocals / vocal production: Kayla Williams Instruments / music production: Robert Baitinger
  4. Wire Is On Fire

    I like it. Cool song. You should get it produced in a studio.