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  1. yep, this is wonderful! It's really unique sounding, it never really gets boring, i like how much you vary it
  2. It does drone a little bit, but it's not all that much of a bad thing. I think it sounds a little post-rock-esque, which I love. I can definitely see myself listening to this. The only thing is the hi-hat hits get a little grating after awhile. The quiet to loud dynamic at 3:20 sounded awesome!
  3. I don't really know what kind of electronic music this is. I just sort of spliced together ideas from electronic music I like. I'm really really new to this and I just want to get better. Am I on the right track? How can I make this more of the type of song that would work with vocals? It's just 40 seconds for now, it's going to be a whole song, I just want to know some early feedback. I appreciate it Thanks! http://soundcloud.com/joeker19lc/eureka-song-early-demo
  4. So I feel dumb for posting a less mature version of this about 5 minutes ago. I'm in the same boat I don't even ever want to make a living off of songwriting, but i do want cohesive thematic works. It's kind of like writing books or short stories to me. I just can't decide what story to write or how to write it.
  5. Hello! I've never really done forums before, but I really want to learn from people who are equally passionate about how to write songs, lyrics, everything. I look forward to posting anything I come up with and giving positive criticism to anyone I listen to. If you have the guts to post something, regardless of how it sounds, you deserve credit. I want to write songs I can be proud of. My unofficial goal is to have a 3 - 4 song solo demo by the spring time to pass around as a sort of audition for bands or to get people to join me. I have all the equipment I need I believe. Step 1 for me right now is figuring out what kind of music I should play. I'm not really skilled enough to do anything too technically innovative, and I want to sound familiar, but also stand out. I'm also sorry I'm a poor writer.
  6. So I feel like I have a whole bunch of ideas musically, but it changes daily. I can't settle on which specific genre I want to write in. It pretty much is constantly changing. I play in a band that isn't really serious, but we don't really have a set style, so our set list seems choppy. Everything I know musically is imitation and guessing, I don't know much of theory, but through learning a bunch of songs I know what chords sound nice together. I just want to know how to determine what kind of music I should really focus on? I'm slightly above average with recording and programming software and want to write songs on all the basic instruments of a rock band (guitar, bass, drums, vocals)