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  1. Is that droll humor or are you just fed up with me???
  2. My name is my name, Jenn...... Sort of. Rob Ash is the name I used for decades playing out live. "Robert Ashcraft" just doesn't sound hard rock or metal. Rob Ash kind of does. I used to have "15" after my name. There are a lot of "Rob Ash" 's online. 15 is my lucky number. Adding it allows me to use my preferred screen name many places online. I know. Boring, right? Heh. That's why I try to never share this story... but since it was you asking....
  3. I'd have to say that that's an epic fail there, Timbo. This train is fully off the tracks.
  4. Since we have a standing challenge, I'll just take a second to address this little slice... Gave? is to laugh. Interesting euphemism for the drubbing you guys got. But then again, only a silly Brit would walk up to a street mutt and try to put a leash on it. But I will admit... now that you guys have been shown which side of the pond you belong on, we all generally get along pretty good. Woot!
  5. First off, the song is very good. Your voice is mesmerizing, and your piano chops are solid. The production is minimal, Emily. Not sure what you want comments on. The mix is fine. Your voice is above the piano, where it should be, but the separation is not so extreme as to hurt the song. I'd have done more with your voice, but I still would have erred on the side of allowing the natural timbre of your voice to come through. To me, the word production always makes me think of Jeff "Mutt" Lange, one of the most famous rock producers of all time. Among other great albums he worked on, he produced AC/DC's "Back In Black" album. He didn't just do hard rock stuff either. Anyways, Mutt is the quintessential musical producer, in my eyes. He can write songs, and he plays a little. He's played small parts on quite a few popular songs. But what he does best is take good songs and make them great. He's the guy who decides if a melody line on guitar, or violin, or piano, is too complex and needs to be simplified. He decides if violins need to be added to a song to give it depth and complexity. He is the one who gives the vocal that special "treatment" that makes the singer sound like a creature who could only sing for a god. Mutt takes songs, and bands, and molds them in the studio, note by note, lyric line by lyric line, instrument by instrument, and gets the best... the very best out of what is already there. I say all of this because that is what I think of when someone says "production"... as far as YOUR song is concerned... well, I did think some violins playing in the background... maybe even just one violin, would have been a nice addition. That would be a production type thing to suggest, Emily. An engineer often handles the mixing on many big time pop songs. The producer often does the "master"... or, a mastering engineer is brought in. As far as th3e engineering on this goes, I thought it was a tiny, tiny bit flat. I rarely say that a tune might benefit from more effects, but in this case, if you want a more recognizably "pop" type of sound, I would increase the effects on the vocal some. A tiny bit of delay (and the right delay, of course) and maybe a tiny, tiny bit of reverb (and the right reverb, of course) would likely give the vocal more resonance. All that said, the way you have it now adds a charm to this song that will be lost if you ever give it to anyone who mixes/masters for a living, or does it a lot. They will add what I have described here, and while it may render the tune more accessible, it will not, in my opinion, improve it much, if at all. Very nice work. I look forward to future offerings from you.
  6. pop

    Heavens to Mergatroid! Nothing to be nervous about here! This is a fine first post. Were the drums midi? Kind of sounded like it. If so, I'd humanize them a bit. If they ARE human, your drummer may have been replaced by a robot. Check left fanny cheek for power socket. It'll be a mini USB plug. The keys compete with the vocal for the position of top dog now and then... maybe backing down the keys a touch would help. Fine little tune. More please.
  7. There is no conflict between the bass and guitar. And I think the levels on the bass are fine.
  8. In The Court If The Crimson King - King Crimson
  9. Hell. I need a bowl after that response.
  10. Really? ...REALLY??? Oh, for F*ck's sake. I don't know what to say...
  11. It didn't seem, in the first post you offered in this vein, that you were speaking only of song writing. I know what kind of site this is, too, so no need to go there. What you said initially sounded more like an over-arching philosophy. I actually knew that wasn't the case, and wrote in order to have you expound and explain. What you are describing sounds like simple empathy to me, John. You try to feel what others may be feeling, and then translate that into verse and song. No?
  12. I find myself wondering, friend John, how much of this line of thought, and especially this last statement, is just you riffing on a thought experiment, and how much of it is a literal relating of how you think or how you respond to situations in reality. I say the following with much affection: If the latter is the truth, I would soon, if you and I were closer friends, say, the live in the same town and hang out together as friends variety, to rely on you for many things, possibly. But a simple relating of required facts, such as in the scenario I earlier described, of needing someone to deliver very bad news to me, would never be one of them.
  13. Well, with Mr. Google's help, I was able to discover that a reference to a "goldfish bowl" can have a different meaning to a native Brit, when used in various contexts. These (meanings) include (but may not be limited to): - A rather odd scatological association involving the act of defecating. - A place where hard core interrogations occur. - A derogatory reference to politicians, especially where negotiations, or the forming of agreements is concerned. These have enjoyed a greater or lesser relevance in terms of the popular vernacular du-jur. Of the three above, the scatological association is the one still most often in use today. Do any of these connect your post to mine? If I had to guess, I guess the scatological answer to be the correct one.
  14. Less worthy? Far be it from me. But, less honest? Perhaps. And I mean so in the "not cagey or underhanded" sort of dishonest, but more the "join me in my fantasy" type of dishonesty. Where the delusion is equally shared by all. Including the story teller. I have to use the word "story" because that's the word we use for news articles, which are not supposed to be "stories" at all. Don't you worry now and then, with all that realigning of reality, that you will lose, or misplace the original truth of whatever situation you are converting to story form? That was, in fact, a rhetorical question. I dunno... I like fiction. Lots as it so happens. But a story is not what I'd want if a cop had to tell me my wife had been hurt or killed in a car accident. Painful or no, I would not wish to be spared. If my life needs editorializing, I'll handle the job internally. Just saying.
  15. Over The Mountain - Ozzy Osbourne