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  1. The Word Is Out

    Thanks for the read. I try to keep current or ahead of the curve.I consider myself a Conservative Lyrical Journalist. LOL
  2. The Heavens Beckon

    The yearning is to be interned.....I think! Only comment is on the last line, the rhyme seems out of place slightly but can easily be corrected by adding....and see?
  3. The Word Is Out

    The Word is Out! The word is out, the fix is in, "Give us our raises then we'll begin to fix the fiscal problem we're in. Give us our nice little raises Don't worry about not getting praises." "We'll come to agreement so all can see it's a simple as voting 1,2,3. We'll kick the can further down the road Give the future a much heavier load. "Put the burden on the people's backs. Get more revenue in, that's what we lack. Cut spending?You gota' be kidding! All the entitlements will keep on skidding!" "We'll just print more money when we run out. That's what BIG GOVERNMENT is all about. After all, we're the ones with clout. Never give that idea a doubt!" The Pres says not to worry. The middle class won't be touched. If you believe that, you trust too much. Just hide and watch your taxes go up! That 16 trillion will turn to 20/ You can bet spending won't be cut. It will cost you an extra $300.00 a month. Unless the AMT is adjusted as such! So, any way you cut it, you've been screwed. Ever feel like you've been used? Some economists predict unemployment at 10% A lot of people will be living in tents. What we have weakly gained will be lost So get ready friends to pay the costs. The word is out, the fix is in! We're all gona' take it on the chin! © 12-2012 JAH Last rant of the year!
  4. By Executive Order

    By Executive Order By Executive Order he gave them a raise The sorriest Congress voters ever made. Don't you wish you could get paid For NOT doing your job every day? As we face the fiscal cliff, and nothings been done to keep from going over it. By Executive Order they all get a raise When everyone knows they're all over paid. The cost for this is only a cool billion While the unemployed among us Number in the millions, and we will loose our unemployment checks While the politicians chuckle, What the heck! If we did our jobs like they do theirs We'd be fired or forced to retire And never again would we be hired. When was the last time you got a raise? Most of us feel lucky to just get paid. So the long and the short of it is pretty plain Politics is a sleazy game. And the people they serve are the ones who pay, and pay, and pay. Things have really been turned around. We work for them, they call the shots. As a whole,they're all a sorry lot. But we put them there, that's what we got! Pretty stupid, I suppose But I don't like getting hosed! © 12-2012 JAH
  5. Jakob

    Oh, Susie , You have a wonderful soul. This one could be a Christmas hymn, Reading it twice brought tears to my eyes, from the truth of Christmas no one should hide! Well done, I hope you get some real traction with this one. Beautiful!
  6. Settle Down

    Hey, Tex, Don't waste your money on the Nashville demo gigs, most of them are a rip off and you would be better served to find some one in your neighborhood to collaborate with for the music. Or on here , just protect your self with copyrights and an agreement. Might want to listen to a few of my tunes at www.soundcloud.com/papa-cat Pm me later.
  7. The Sands Of Time

    The Sands of Time The sands of time are running out The glass is now half full The grains of the past are stacking up Their lessons taught, not learned. The grains of the future still lying there Awaiting their one at a time turn to pass through the portal of time History to be unfurled. So the sands of time are running out The lessons that they teach Still far out side our reach. We watch as they slowly slip away Till only a few are left. The only question that remains.. IS Who or what will turn the glass over so we can start again?
  8. The Unicorns Spell

    Good poem...Wish that would work in Washington!
  9. Levitate

    Nice theme........just not enough of it for a 3 to 4 minute song unless you have got a hell of a lot of good music to support it! Nice place to put it in Poets corner where it belongs. Nice one. Could better be called "Levitate"
  10. The Ashes Of Christmas Past

    Hey it's Christmas again
  11. Election Day

    Keep up the throng we'll get along....
  12. Requiem For A Biker

    Never been on a Hog. In my day it was the Cushman Eagle. All those guys were Duck tail renegades who wanted to run my underware up the school flag pole! I relate to the Honda three wheel croud! I'm a 10 handicap golfer... go figure!
  13. Old, White, And Angry

    Boy, I wish more people did relate. This may seal our nations fate. I try to keep my anger in check, but then say what the heck! No one , it seems, cares what I believe.
  14. Requiem For A Biker

    Hey! A very interesting write...from some experience I presume! A complete story...Very well done!
  15. Poor Little Girl

    Hey thanks for the correction, sometimes I fail to make the connection, most don't like my politics, but I can't help being a "Bitch !" or pointing out one! LOL