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  1. Lmao ,thanks for the read ! If I could put all those together and make it sound good,short of genius. I'm mostly a kinda folk rock type but don't stay in the box. Thinking play with a few tweaks mentioned and see about putting the music down. And that changes as it grows so hard to say where it will end up. Hopefully not on a bookshelf Thanks Rock on !!!
  2. Thanks Gary Had internal rhymes in all verses at one point.opted out cause it seemed to much.kinda like a Dylan throw back. To much of one thing is to much . but I'd thought about doing it ,wasn't sure. Not folowing you on chorus Rock on
  3. Wow,whole thread was a waste of 10 minutes of my morning. Let him go ! To negative. Know of lyrics post by him . never commented for fact rap isn't my cup of tea. If don't like the changes leave . simple but the name calling and bitching is for the birds. As I see it everything's been done to make as many happy as possible. Not good enough? Move on mate!
  4. Thanks Steve But mostly melody or a chord progression is in mind when writting. Very few times is it just words without music . But many do it that way and I also admire it!! Rock on
  5. Took some advise,made some small edits. Thinking music now. Been dragging my ass with music lately personal reasons .but time get back on the ol bike & ride Rock on
  6. Ricky thanks for the read !!! Like to get some music to it .... Will see Rock on
  7. Kind of a folk rock. But think it could fit almost anything because of its simplicity. Most times I have a melody in my head when I write. Tho it don't always end up with that melody. Think everyone's melodies change a bit once notes are put to it Rock on
  8. Welcome to the site. ! Let me say first glad you posted . thanks for sharing! Next step is to surf around the site there is so much info and talent here ! Also know its hard for some ,but reading and listening to other members posts is a huge. For many reasons. Mainly tho it helps you . so critque as often as you can and read others work. Give them input and in time you'll notice a huge change in your own skill level Ok lol on to your story I'm not a huge country fan but do write a few from time tho time. On this I would Like to see the story progress a but more. Don't know who does the song but"farmers daughter" came to mind when reading this. But your story kinda stopped dead . Also one of the biggest things for me was the hook . or more so lack of a hook. Tho I do like the chorus till last line .for that is where you could of had a great hook Think you have the skills as a storyteller and feel this could be rewrote to a very nice lyric. You being new not sure how much critque you want . Think you have most of the nuts and bolts just need to tighten them up a bit. And again the site is full of wrenches to help ya with that ! Thanks for sharing Rock on
  9. Lmao naw
  10. Yea that was it . could of been the buds but... Thinking vocals could of been more forward.
  11. My first read I had a bit of trouble With"I know that I was wrong" because the line above it started with "I" If she could hear I know that I was wrong Came to mind . but on a second read it did fit a bit better but still wonder if it's to many "I" in such a small space. Makes it sound more about the singer then about her hearing . Dropping that verse isn't a bad thing . going right into 4th then bridge didn't sound bad . But that 3rd could be rewrote to explain a bit better would your bad Was . I'd go for dropping it but either could work. Like this, simple and to the point lol God I love simple !! Rock on !!!
  12. LG What's up bro ? Took a listen to your little blues ditty over on the other place. Not bad at all my friend. Was on a cheap set of buds but thought vocals could been more up front. But you sounded good bro !! Kudos! I really do Love this site as you get to see others grow in amazing ways ! Was going to comment but forgot my password. Any who Thanks for the read and comments. This is such a simple lyric and thought it needed a bridge .but leaning towards maybe on the fence . Like the "could " adds a bit more depth to the sinplicity. Lord knows I love simple! Keep singing and rock on !!!
  13. Hey T Thanks for the read . never thought of grey till mentioned here. Had a difernt rhyme structure but it seemed to much With the repeat of the first word and a rhyme on that it basically is AABAC Had it another way ABAB. seemed cliche Haven't looked at this since I posted it . and thinking it really don't need a bridge.either Thanks so much for the read Rock on
  14. See this when you posted it , didn't have time. Like it.! "The real solders are at home at night" didn't sing well as did the supermarket line. Very solid write . cool topic. Rock on
  15. Thanks peggy!!! Rock on . Lol see ya survived Saturday night