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  1. Started Out Thinkin' 'Bout Foolin Around

    When we did she said a little somethin’ silly, really made me laughThen my head jus' started spinning, got me thinkin’ maybe this might last These lines to seem not to fit. Last lines would stop at settlin down With right music could work. Country has kinda moved away from its cliche or corny but ya still hear a few out there ol school Rock on
  2. heavy load

    Thanks! This been bouncing around.need to just get notes to it! But.. Life comes at you hard at times lol I think i encourage it Thanks for the read!
  3. Heir

    Ok agree with above. Also the lyric itself. Some good lines in there but the length.... I do appreciate your thoughts. & input .but would rather read gather my own thoughts and meaning of the lyric. Then hit me with what why and such after . The lyric itself seems very lengthy. Not sure tempo but it's a lot. Agree there's a lot to be said. But think this would run a bit long. For me I would try to nail down the hook.again a bit long I would like to hear whats playing in your head tho. Like i said. Theres a lot of good here just get' s lost in length At least for me Rock on !
  4. Wonder If I"ll Ever Get Home (Blues)

    step out on that highway I wonder if I’ll ever get home Two thousand miles away I wonder if I’ll ever get home Figured I'd chime in lol Some of the comments are pretty good Blues tend to be less is more. So lyrically you want to feel the pain. "Crying the blues baby" Not sure if you had a melody but if not grab some ol'blues and spin off it. wonder if I’ll ever get home Before the sun go down for good I wonder if I’ll ever get home It’ll be a dark and dangerous day This i would keep consistent with first. Not sold on the chorus. But wasnt sure how much input he wanted Rock on
  5. heavy load

    Sorry for delayed response. Going to play with that. Kinda like it for me it works "weary road" lonely road Thanks for the kind words I been away for a bit but back. And have a few idea's of new songs. Rock on
  6. Big Old Cowboy Boot

    Lol. Nice twist. adulation may be hard to sing . rock on
  7. Turning

    Sing sing and resing.then as noted go down . oooppps didn't see that coming lol
  8. Turning

    I liked the rewrite. Not sure but i don't get the potty party .not. Does it seem "not sure what it's about" Wuth music that type crits may settle. But For me it brought meaning you intended. Maybe cause it was the first thing I read? Now could a bridge of sorts maybe be put into place. Not sure would depend on music. Either jazz or pop feel the music may close any gaps others are feeling. For me it's nice to have a lyric that doesnt spell everything out. Will come back and do a re-read for something did tug at me but started reading comments. I like it. For me i hear a strong sax and a bit sultry base line( unplugged) Rock on
  9. Turning

    I'm digging this Way off path you usually take. But in a good way. Feel if music was with it another couplet would be called for. I didn't get jazzy more pop came when reading Rock on
  10. heavy load

    Summer days Thanks for the read. Will see where it goes with notes Rock on
  11. Should put old below to see the change. Not sold still on the chorus. Friends, Friends come and go. Some are distant memories Some you long to hold Friends , Friends come and go. Just rough thought.for the thought that threw the years( Lol yea I'm old) there are friends we've had you think of from time to time then others that even tho your miles away and talk rarely,when you do it's like you always have been , some friendships never end! It's the hook that's missing for me Rock on
  12. heavy load

    Finally came back to this, Did a few small edits. Have notes on paper so thinking of getting music with some help from a few friends. Edits where small and Think most will get worked out when notes get laid down. And see where the melody takes it Rock on and thanks all!!
  13. drift away

    Patty The bridge was a rough draft. Originally didn't have one I want back and forth on it, if it needed one. And thought I fixed the typo. Last two verses I'm still kinda playing with. As they sit. Dont match first two. But I suck at rewrites lol As You can see. Thanks for your input and heading to typo. Rock on !!
  14. Green Eyes Are Making Me Blue

    The chorus should have a catch, hook tho yours does work it doesn't,to me make others want to sing it. Most songs (lyricaly) you know the chorus. Because they have a hook something to remember . Being new its best to learn read and crit others . go out of the box a bit. After green eyes making me blue. Dont explain why really go with that emotion.do a play on colors or emotion .make it yours own it. For that saying has been used.think a country top ten song used same kinda line Rock on
  15. Life Ain't For Sissies

    Good start. Above crit is pretty good as for a cleaning house crit. Would make it much easier to read if posted in such away. Bridge may work if last line changed ,didn't like it much. Rock on