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  1. Rock/Metal Guitar Pickups

    I guess people didnt understand what I was shooting for in this post. I have quite a few guitars , Gibsons , Jacksons , Carvins , Ibby's , PRS , Fender , etc. They have mostly stock pick ups , so I obviously know what the Gibson T-Buckers sound like. I also have one with Bill Lawrence pick ups. My Jacksons all have Duncans but they are all the TB-4 and the SN-2 combinations so i know what they sound like . The Carvins are all stock with C or M series pick ups. I have a Fender with Lase Sensor's . My Ibanez's are some stock , some with Dimarzios that were changed or I had changed. As for the Dimarzios I have Evo's , XN-2 ,Tone Zone , Norton , PAF ,and a few others. I was looking for helpful , specific information on some of the other Dimarzio ,Seymour Duncan, or other aftermarket pick ups that you don't find in stock guitars hanging in the wall in guitar shops. As far as sound bytes ,yes , that will give you a basic idea , but who knows what its being played through or how the sound sample has been processed or how true of a reflection of the pick up you are actually getting by the time it comes through your speakers . That is why I was asking for peoples descriptions and opinions of AFTERMARKET pick ups , as I value peoples opinions , as stupid as it may seem to some . I'd imagine some of the guitarists here are playing something besides stock pick ups. Any useful info would be appreciated.
  2. Rock/Metal Guitar Pickups

    Hey everyone . I would be very interested to hear what pickups people are using for rock/metal guitar , as I have a few guitars Im thinking about possibly changing the pickups out on . A brief description of the pickup and the qualities they have that you like would be great !!! Interested in both humbucker and single coil applications and configurations . David
  3. Kemper vs Tubes

    Hey everyone Ive been trying to hold my tongue on this one but couldn't help myself . You all know how I like to "stir the pot" I kinda find exception to this post made : {No offence Rudi} Posted October 20, 2016 Glad of that mate. Its a nail in the coffin for tube amps I think. Those two fellows are not easily confounded. Lee did a follow up (part 2) the next day I think. It consolidated the findings of the one posted. My problem with this statement is that without the tube amps themselves ,the Kemper would have nothing to copy to produce the amp sims that it simulates. I use tube amps as well as transistor amps as they both have their pro's and con's. I also use effect processors and stomps that will simulate many amp styles and nuances of given amps under different settings , but that by all means doesnt mean that my amplifiers are obsolete . On the same page , with that being said , the same thing could be said for using computer software and a P A system . No real amp necessary . Just a power amp to run the monitors. Same logic with a distortion/overdrive pedal . Made to simulate the sound produced when tubes are overdriven to the point of breakup . Please dont get me wrong . In no way am i knocking the Kemper .I think it sounded great and is an ingenious idea and would love to have one {but for the money Id rather have a Fractal Axe FX2} Either way I love all my amps and gear that iI have accumulated over the last 30 some years and have no plans to part with any of it !!!!! David BTW: Look What Santa brought me
  4. video test

    They both opened right up for me Rudi. Got a little hillbilly thing goin on. Cool
  5. Les Paul STD & Less+ 2015

    In my opinion,its a shame what Gibson has become. My first guitar was a Gibson SG which wound up getting stolen. Then I got a bicentenial edition Firebird,which like an idiot I let go. Then I got a '72 Les paul Custom,which I still have,along with a '73 SG and a '73 L6-S,which are all excellent guitars. I have played many of the newer Gibsons and have been dissapointed pretty much every time. As far as Im concerned,in their day they were the instrument of choice,but now i think they are a mediocre guitar that you are paying a top notch price for. I have many other guitars that will blow them away that cost half the price. Just my opinion..
  6. Gittler Fretboardless Guitar

    Very interesting !!!! I didnt think Id have a chance in hell of playing it until the end of the vid that showed the plexiglass neck shape. Without that Im sure iI would be all over the E strings as far as unwanted muting,as I do use the sides of the neck to lightly grip and keep position when changing positions on the neck. As far as do we really need a guitar like this?Probabbly not .But do we need a car with massive horsepower and handling to get from point A to B.Probabbly not but we all want one. Last but not least,speaking for myself anyways,I thought the sound samples sounded very good,so where does that leave us with all the discussion and debate over tonewoods? I still and allways will believe that as far as on an electric,99% of your tone comes from the components from the bridge to the nut,including strings,pickups,frets,electronics,and of course the overall set up. My two cents !!! One more thing that just occurred to me.I guess it would react somewhat like a scalloped neck,where if you press to hard,you would push your notes sharp. On the other hand I guess you could do a bend by just pressing down instead of pushing across the fret. LOL !!!
  7. Who Is Your Favorite Bass Player?

    For me ,that would be a toss up between Stu Hamm or Dave LaRue. I know there are many,many more that are awesome,but either of those would fit into a lot of what I play.
  8. The List Of Basses You'd Love To Own Or Already Have!

    Out of all the basses Ive played,I think the Peavy Cirrus was the most comfortable ,and sounded great. Although Im mainly a guitarist,I play enough bass to do my own bass tracks when recording. Ive also played a few Alembic's that were totally awesome,but Im nowhere close to justifying having one,as much as Id like to.
  9. Joining A Jazz Band

    Thats awesome Rudi !!!!! Sounds like an awesome adventure and I sincerely wish you the best. Im sure youll do just fine. Just keep it in the groove. And most of all , ENJOY!!!!! David
  10. Sweet Child O' Mine - Wow

    Agreed. So much goin on and not missin a lick. Quite awesome.
  11. Who Are Your Favorite Electric Guitarists?

    I could fill pages on this one broken down by styles of music,but it would take forever,so Ill shoot for my favorites that I try to apply there style to my playing. Joe Satriani Paul Gilbert Andy Timmons Steve Vai Michael Schenker Etc ..... And I dont know how I forgot to mention one of my all time favorites RIP Gary Moore. He put so much emotion in his playing it was truly amazing !!!!!
  12. Computer Help Needed

    mine gave me that message yesterday trying to log onto this site.i did a clean up ,rebooted and everything was fine.
  13. Guitar Shredder Video!

    Sounds a lot like Yngwie Malmsteen stuff. I love shred but a continious blur of notes can get monotonous, But in short bursts at the appropriate time,they can indeed be awesome.
  14. Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor Review

    Hey Rudi Glad that you found a distortion that you like. I'd never heard of the "Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor" but after doing a little reading about it and listening to some demo's on youtube,it does indeed seem to be a nice,quality pedal.{bye the way for some reason the link you posted wouldn't work for me} The only complaint I read was what you said about the volume differential between the two drive settings. ​I'm sure its probably occurred to you,but in case it hadn't,a volume pedal could help you overcome that issue.I'd much rather pedal the volume to my liking than have to take my hands off the guitar to make an amp adjustment. It was amusing to me that after getting your jazz guitar you've been talking about for months,you start talking distortion,but I'm sure if your anything like me you play a wide variety of different styles of music. As for myself,I got a TC Electronics Corona chorus pedal for Christmas I planned on kinda reviewing at some point of time,but figured I'd use it for a while and really get to know it before I reviewed it,but so far I'm loving it.The TonePrint app is really cool and once again I'm amazed for the fact that something actually works the way its described. Anyways,best of luck in finding all the tones you desire !!!!!
  15. Help Replacing My Pickups On My Sg

    Hey Dog First ,you should understand that guitars like that come with "Vintage" style pickups,and arn't really considered to be a hot pickup. With pickups like that people would depend on high gain on their amps,or putting some kind of a effect pedal in front of the amp,which is what I'd do if you cant dial in enough crunch from your amps gain pushing the pre amp side into hard distortion. First off you'd come out a lot cheaper,and you could always hit the switch and be back to the original sound for playing mellower stuff if you ever decided to.Always nice to have options. I'm sure your local guitar store has your exact guitar,as its so new,and a display of effects you could try{preferably on an amp similar to yours}till you find one that suits your taste. If you are determined to purchase new pickups,be aware that your looking at roughly $200 plus roughly another $70 for the install. As far as recommending a certain pickup,their are so many out their,depending on what you want to pay,it's kinda hard to just say that's what you want. You can do research and many websites have sound bytes of pickups,but that doesn't necessarily mean that's what the'll sound like in your guitar or through your rig. You can also look up what other players you like use,but as before it might not sound the same. Personally I'd try a pedal first,You can find them all day long on C/L very cheap all day long. Best of luck and let us know how you come out. Just read what Tom said while I was typing my reply.He is !00% correct,but I still think a pedal would do the trick for you if you love everything else about the guitar.