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  1. Confluence

    Thank you, Gary for listening to this unusual song and taking the time to comment. Am pleased you enjoyed it. Psyve
  2. Confluence

    Greyscales, Gotta admit, I'm a a bit of a fan of ambient music that appears not to be going anywhere, too: I'm particularly partial towards several of those long intros by Pink Floyd. Not that that has any relationship with this song, tho: I simply had a concern in this case that the tempo of the first verse might put off some listeners from listening to the rest of the song. Glad it didn't bother you. Jan, Thank you for your kind words. Am pleased you enjoyed the listen. "...I found, beyond the influence Of slabs of Hershey bars, The meaning of this confluence Of Mercury, Uranus and Mars..." refers to the sudden awareness that one didn't really need material things: presents, etc.... (hence the use of "Hershey Bars") to make this precious time spent together with family such a wonderfully rewarding experience. .... and.... "Slabs of Hershey Bars" rhymes ever so nicely with "Mercury, Uranus and Mars" Thank you again for listening and commenting, Jan. I do appreciate it. Psyve
  3. Confluence

    Greyscale, Thank you for taking the time to listen andd comment. I am pleased you liked this one, rough as the recording sounds. One of my own concerns with this particular recording was the "slowness" of the tempo as this starts off... and whether that might be enough to put people off from hearing the song through. Still not sure I got it right: I think it could do with a little faster tempo in the opening... A few bpm more. Anyway, thank you again for your kind words Psyve
  4. Confluence

    Hey Ferry, Thanks for giving this a listen. Interestingly enough, I pronounce "Jupiter" in a more traditional way when I speak.... for some reason, when I SING it, It comes out more as a "-TOR" rather than "-TER". No idea why!! LOL. Pleased you enjoyed the listen. Psyve
  5. Confluence

    David (HoboSage), Glad you enjoyed the song despite its lack of any intended double entendre. LOL Dave (GocartMoz) Thank you for that very kind comments. Am pleased you enjoyed this at several levels. Appreciate very much your taking the time to listen and comment. I think the singer you were referring to is James Blunt? -Psyve
  6. Confluence

    David, Glad you enjoyed this one. I gather, though, that you may be reading somewhat more into the lyric than was intended. LOL! Thanks for giving this one a listen. Appreciate your taking the time. Psyve
  7. 21St Century Girl

    I cannot hear the song or see the video. When I click on the video it says "Video is currently unavailable". Hope to come back to this later.... Psyve
  8. Immigrant Like Me

    Listened to both versions. Definitely like the second version better because of its subdued drums. Lyrically and musically this reminded me of something one might have heard in a southern plantation cotton field song. Something in the beat that's very "Hurry Sundown" to my ear, somehow. Very nice work, Rick. Psyve
  9. Unfair - Idea Track

    Pskains, This one grows on me... I think the added new section sounds great. LOVE the Jazz chord work that seems to flow so effortlessly from your fingers. Place holder lyrics or not, this song has a wonderful feel to it irrespective. Psyve
  10. Ooh La La / Mona / Mmmmmmmmmm

    Catchy instrumentation. Definitely hear the Jazz influence in the last verse. Enjoyed the listen. Psyve
  11. My Constant Companion

    Very nice, Dave. Others before me have pretty much said it all, in terms of its strong points. I will only add that I enjoyed the listen very much . If I had any nit at all it would be the ending. It felt just a little abrupt to my ear. Otherwise, VERY well done indeed. Psyve
  12. Confluence

    This song refers to a March (hence the reference to the Equinox...) many years ago, when my two siblings and I, along with our then young families, managed to beat the odds of our individual hectic schedules, to have a wonderful holiday together at our parents' place. The reference to the confluence of three planets, a celestial rarity, seemed natural. This is a recording from a couple of years ago... Psyve http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=10557322 CONFLUENCE So we’re told, by those who hold The view, that earthly strings Will overpower the pull of love On all celestial things- But, by some paradox, around the equinox, No power in the stars Could prevent the confluence Of Mercury, Uranus and Mars. For Mercury, of fire born- Quicksilver, much maligned- Uranus, so distant, Was the last to be aligned- Now, in Mars, this triad of stars Has found its human face: The pull of love, that once seemed faint, Has drawn them to this place… As Jupiter and Venus watched The tiny stars at play, And Pluto drew on love So far away… I found, beyond the influence Of slabs of Hershey bars, The meaning of this confluence Of Mercury, Uranus and Mars... I found, beyond the influence Of slabs of Hershey bars, The meaning of this confluence Of Mercury, Uranus and Mars...
  13. Unfair - Idea Track

    pskains, I enjoyed the whole jazz feel of this VERY cool song. Like Rick, I thought this was pretty great as is. Didn't notice any out of tune guitar, or tapped drums. I think this has great promise. Psyve
  14. The Westboro Baptist Church Says I Can!

    Linda, I've been away for a while too and just dropped in today after several months. Enjoyed that listen. I agree with David about the "But I've never felt this way" line. It does change the direction of the lyric for me, albeit only briefly, as the rest of the lyric clears your intent. There's something about your music that harkens back to a gentler time... something about this song that reminded me of Lobo's "Universal Soldier" Psyve
  15. The Song Of The Horns

    Rick, very nice. Lyrically this reminds me of "Ian Anderson's "Aqualung" ...the hobo in the park... although that particular gent had a few less endearing traits. I like how you have worked your lyric here, with everyday non musical instruments becoming just that to this man's ears. Good guitar work too ... and I like the feel of the olden days megaphone sound of the vocals. Psyve