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  1. Edson, Do you happen to have a Soundcloud account? That is the way most people post their songs here. Upload to soundcloud and then copy and paste the url for that song here on songstuff. People use other ways as well, i.e. reverberation links, bandcamp links, etc… In this day and age, most people are leery of downloading a file from people they do not know. Although some people still do that.
  2. I remember reading this when you posted it. I looked a little but figured I'd come back when necessary. So now's the time. For me, it's not the $35 that has kept me from doing it, it's the reading of all the instructions. LOL I do intend to copyright about 5 songs as a volume of multiple works. I downloaded a powerpoint with the how-to's. My first question is about the Type of Work. Did you use "sound recordings" or "work of the performing arts"? I know I'll be uploading an actual sound recording but I noticed the "work of the performing arts" states it includes music, lyrics, etc… Hmmm, now that I've went back and compared the powerpoint to the actual website, it appears the performing arts is the only option. So that is great. Do I assume that once I start the process I'll add the info for a song, upload an .mp3, and get the "add more" type of option once each song is complete?
  3. Sooooooooooo glad you didn't go the thong route! Thank you again John and all the other admins/helpers for all you do. I can't say it enough.
  4. Double Dog LOL
  5. Thank you Rob and Jenn. It sounded much better at 11 p.m. and after working 3 hours on it. LOL I am going to fix this up for sure. I was just so pleased to be able to listen to it after recording all the parts, without doing anything, I was excited to post it as it is. Bummer I can't keep the breathing in though. haha
  6. Thanks a lot Rob. Your input is very much appreciated and thanks for the kind comment.
  7. Straight. To work on a song i'd been thinking about. For fun.
  8. Are you on a mac or pc? If mac I would recommend Garageband for these reasons. Very inexpensive. Very easy to use. More than enough tools to get you up and running. There are many, many better DAWS without a doubt, but for just getting started it's hard to beat the price. And the ease of use will allow you to concentrate more on the song itself. Eventually you will probably want to upgrade, although I said that myself and still haven't. Any questions about it feel free to post here and I'll try to help. Sorry, I just read back through all the posts and see you're not on a Mac.
  9. You the man Tom! Thank you for the song choices and the suggestions. I will definitely be taking a look at whatever songs I do end up doing and these are good suggestions. I was always iffy on the Trolls song with the verse vocals. But I do like how it appears as screaming to go with the theme. Maybe I should write the lyrics in ALL CAPS!! LOL Thanks again, good luck with the lawn. It'll be cooler out around 5:30 you know. haha
  10. Hello all! After a recent discussion I had here yesterday, I've decided I want to kind of baby-step my way to a larger goal. One of these steps is to have 5 of my songs mastered so they sound good for downloading from iTunes and Streaming. Here's where I need your help. I'm not asking people not familiar with my songs to go and listen to them, although it'd be cool if you did. I'm trying to pick 5 songs and I'm not sure which songs are "universal" enough to try. I do know I plan to master my cover of Pick a Pocket, but I am unsure of others. I'm going small due to budget. If I could, I would do about 15 and that would make it an easy choice for me. Since I'm only doing a few, I'd like to have my "what people view as my" best. So, if you are familiar with my songs and really like a particular one or two, please let me know what they are. I do know sometimes what I think is a really good song, in reality isn't, so I'm asking for a public opinion. Thanks in advance to anyone that helps. Here's a link: https://soundcloud.com/just-1l There's also this one, Down We Go, not on Soundcloud: https://youtu.be/DtclDRGuFNo For anyone familiar with others that aren't on Soundcloud or Youtube … damn, that's awesome you remember them so thank you tons. Randy
  11. To some degree that is correct but if I'm spilling the beans, it's the thought of not being around my family that ends it for me. In 10 years I won't be able to play with my kids, but I could still do music then. I think the only problem I have where I need help, and haven't asked, is which songs people think I should master. Say I do 5 out of the 20+ I have to start, I can never decide which 5 aside from 2 or 3. Guess I will ask though at some point. Thanks for the advice offer. I may take you up on it one day.
  12. I'd say my plans sit somewhere between nothing and anything. I never intend to pitch them to bands to play. If anybody heard one and wanted it, I'd be fine with it. Mainly: - I figured out I could record songs on my computer so I started doing it. - I wanted to just do a CD of songs for fun. - Then I wanted to get the CD made and use it to pitch to the local Indie Radio Station to see if they would play any of my tunes. - I kinda suck at mixing and have never really been happy enough with my mixes to make my own CD. - I don't have the cash to get my songs mastered, CD printed, etc... - It seems one may or may not need a CD at all anymore these days. - So I just do nothing really and write a new song when I have time to do it. - The latest plan is to put some of my songs on iTunes and keep saving money to do an actual Vinyl Album, just cuz it'd be cool and there is at least an audience that may be looking for ANYTHING new on vinyl. Still with the thought of sending something to the local indie radio station. The dream goal would be to keep putting out songs and just make enough money to live my life how I do now. I thought of putting together a band but I enjoy spending time with my kids, 10 and 14, and don't really have plans to go out touring and whatnot. Oh, I forgot I had a plan I thought was good that fell by the wayside. Here In St. Louis there are quite a few School Of Rock places where kids learn how to play rock music. I thought that could be a good avenue to pitch my songs to a new upcoming band. But, since I never really intended to go that route, I never looked further. So to recap - I find any excuse I can not to move forward.
  13. XEMHBO must use the company slogan "Sex and Drums"
  14. I did a little experiment with this. I went to the link Dave posted with my tunes. The download button downloaded a more than likely spam hacking version of Adobe Flash. Threw that away. The other link allowed it to stream on the site. It counted as plays on my Soundcloud page. I went and made all of my tunes private and the next day when I went to play them, they didn't play. So what does this tell me? I just wasted my time doing nothing important. lol
  15. Of course it doesn't! OR does it?!?!? Hey, wait a minute … I thought you said puzzles weren't your thing.