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  1. 2 of 4 cameras set for the eclipse tomorrow. Who do I see? 1987 skater ankle injury. Hobbling around and drinking beer setting up camera. Wham! Outdated phone can't connect to gopro.


    Hell, hell, LOL as my ankle starts to swell.  


    Happy late Sunday.

  2. My Name Is David

    We all gotta do a few. He's gonna shit, then he's gonna kill us!
  3. My Name Is David

    HEE, HEE, HEE, FUNNY IS ME. So NOW go look at Dave's profile. I've brought him back to life. Just go and unlike all the stuff you liked and he'll be back … just like what happened to E.T. and Jon Snow.
  4. Soundcloud Cuts 40% of workforce

    Yes, exactly like that. But just imagine if you got that email, came here time and time again, and a saw that those giving you the hits here were porn promoting robots. I think over time that would wear on anyone for any site. But SS is an entirely different type of site. COMMENT DELETED
  5. My Name Is David

    OK I made that little thing a while back in anticipation for one of your replies but you didn't say what I thought you'd say. But now …. now I know what it's all about. "2,000 like" shelf-life.
  6. My Name Is David

    ???? WHAT ????? I do love me some Carol Brunet but what?
  7. How candid are you in your lyrics?

    No matter what I do almost all my songs end up being about the internet in one way or the other. I remember with my "Don't Feed the Trolls Song." I had the music first and when I found the melody that sounded good for the first verse, it was a perfect fit for "Open up a window." I started from there thinking it would maybe be about the new dawn of Spring, or a fresh morning. It got real cheesy, really quick though. A computer screen window was the next choice for me and 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon later it was about the internet.
  8. Just Let It Go

  9. Just Let It Go

    Thanks Dave. Yes, you are correct. I realized that myself but wanted to make sure I was going to head in that direction before fixing. Thank you for pointing it out. My main concern is it kind of takes a little away from the energy of the first version with the slower lead melody, but that doesn't seem to matter so that is great. Peace.
  10. Soundcloud Cuts 40% of workforce

    When someone follows you, or likes your content, you get excited. If you have it set up to get an email when this happens, what do you do? If I was guessing, you go to Soundcloud and check it out. BOOM more visits and clicks for Soundcloud. Whether you like it or not, it did actually do something positive for SC itself. So, even if they have no responsibility in it whatsoever, which I tend to think they don't actually, completely stopping it would only hurt their "bottom line" of numbers. They do a good job of removing those users though. Which if you're evil is the perfect plan. "Hey, we know it's happening and we don't like it, that's why we removed that user. (behind closed doors) bwaaahaaahaaahaahaa." It could be anything from spamming robots looking to create more users to spam to spamming robots created by SC to help keep people coming back to their site, regardless of the legitimacy of it. We may never know.
  11. Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat

    Sorry, I realized this one is on my channel.
  12. Interesting Revelation

    They've pretty much been dishonest since day one. And by they I mean "those that give us the data." Although I wouldn't necessarily go so far as to say it was 100% on purpose, considering they themselves can't control or understand exactly what's going on, and what is important. Exhibit A: Newspapers vs. Newspapers Online (although it pertains to more than newspapers, since I work at one I'll go from that angle) In 1997 or thereabouts our website was created. A little early as far as newspapers are concerned. So, all was fine until one day "Stats" became important. And to prove how important they were there was article after article, opinion after opinion, example after example of how awesome and HUGE the internet is. How many people were coming to their sites. The numbers were astronomical for the time. Wow! This site got 2 million hits in one month. 2 million's a lot of people!! Wow! So newspaper after newspaper got online as fast as they could to reap the benefits. The problem was, at the time, hits truly meant nothing, still don't. They are a mirage of importance. They weren't tracking people, they were tracking "elements" on the page. So, for example, each piece of one page (photo, link, ad, etc …), each piece was counted as a hit. So, the more crap you loaded up on your website, the more hits you got. If you were good enough, you could have 1 visitor to your home page, but 300 or more hits were counted. And those inflated numbers were passed along to just about everyone and their brother. Advertisers, other newspapers, the public in general. The fascination of the internet and it's powers fascinated, even though it was really based on an untruth. Everyone's doing it, we can't be left behind, although everyone wasn't actually doing it. The birth of online FOMO for newspapers. Exhibit B: Views And Clicks Are The Bomb Baby, The Bomb The most surefire way for tech companies to make big cash is through investors. Whether the site actually produces a tangible profit is irrelevant as long as they have large numbers of viewers and clicks. So, bring in the new ideas of getting more clicks to show to investors. There are countless sites that when you go to them, lead you through alternate pages so you don't get the whole story. Ever seen those 20 greatest video games of the past or Top 20 Things Maids Don't want you to know about their hotel guests, or similar. Each item is it's own page. Sure, they could have put it all on one page but that only gets them one stat their looking for. So why not give em the runaround and get our site more clicks and views while we're at it. Yahoo also uses a similar strategy. You could click on their homepage story and go directly to the actual article. But wouldn't it be smarter to have an extra page in there so we get more views? Yep. So when you look at "numbers" and "data" always realize there's a bit of bullshit behind them. Exhibit C: Native Advertising Let's trick the public into thinking this ad is actually part of our website. Enough said on that. There isn't enough letters in the alphabet to cover all the tricks of the internet so if your skeptical of them being dishonest, there's good reason.
  13. Just Let It Go

    Thanks Cap. Glad I had the fill in then. I was either leaning with that, or with no drum intro at all with everything exploding at once.