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  1. None of the links appear to be working. It could be on my end. is it??
  2. Really nice Dek! It reminds me a bit of the Polyphonic Spree with a touch of the Vasolines' "Jesus don't want me for a sunbeam" (or more like the slower Nirvana version." To me something could take more of a lead in that instrumental section. I like it but feel there could be something added. Other than that I dig it.
  3. mix feedabck

    Only suggestion I could offer is the vocals after 2:33 could be a bit louder. Not the "I've got a bug" part, but the other ones. I haven't listened on headphones though but on my computer, those could be a tad louder. I always new you had bugs in various places. This sounds great Dave.
  4. Nice and soothing Tim. This song has a much better affect on me than internet news does. Much appreciated.
  5. The Beatles - Paperback Writer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmVwo2DxkGg
  6. The The - The Sinking Feeling
  7. critique

    I guess I should add that doing it blindly may be harder but not impossible. Like you're suggesting adding something to it could help. If I think in terms of a backing track where things are moving along and then something exciting happens, obviously the music would change to support that. So even doing something along those lines would allow for the song to be cut/pasted/arranged in ways where the music is in synch with what's happening on the screen.
  8. critique

    Yeah, it's hard to do a backing track when you really don't know what you're actually backing. I remember long ago before I started playing guitar again I did this 48 Hour Film project. It was really fun watching them add the music to the video as it went along. I thought about it as I knew I was a semi-musician and could probably do it. But I also thought I would surely have to see the video playing to really give it the feel it needs.
  9. critique

    I can see this working well for a backing track in a movie. I think if there was something visually going on with this playing it would be fully complete. For a song where you would just be listening say in the car, it feels like it could use something. But, as I said, without that something it could work as-is when providing a soundscape for something visually. I think both recordings sound good. The second mastered one maybe seemed to have just a bit more clarity, if that makes sense?
  10. Thanks Dek. I'm wondering if it's because it was right around that time I stopped playing guitar. When I started playing again I probably just picked up where I left off. Now I just need something, some element, that takes that and turns it into something newerishy sounding. 12-string kazoo maybe??
  11. Just a condition Of my parole. Sentenced to a life Or rock and roll.
  12. mix

    To me the vocals still felt a tad too loud when they come in. Again, it does start working better after the first few lines. Maybe if you upped the volume a little on the intro, as opposed to turning the volume of the vocals down, it wouldn't feel that way. As far as the ending goes, I don't mind how it stops but I have a question. I have heard before ending a song on a note that makes a person want to keep going with it, and listen again, rather than having more of a "punctuation mark" type ending. Is that what you're going for? If so, it works as the song doesn't quite feel like it has that "ending" that some do. When I listened to it a few times my thought was the way you sing that first "It won't be long" should be swapped with the way you sing it the very last time. Ending on the higher note. Regardless, it's a great tune.
  13. Thank you sir. I'm getting ready to pull this one but have to ask what you mean by present with the guitars. Too loud??
  14. I think the most important thing for me was I don't think I had ever heard one of your songs before. I agree with the others on the vocals. For me they are very relaxed and smooth and fit the tune like a glove. It's weird about the woodblock. Because at times it does work perfectly and then somehow it seems they go astray. Is that a midi instrument that you could go in and just move or get rid of a few of the notes? I do believe it's the cross rhythm thing you mentioned. It's like parts need to change only in a few areas. The other thing, and it could be my speakers, is that the woodblock sounded kind of "tin-e" as opposed to actual wood being hit. But I will say the speakers I listened to this on are crap-o-la.
  15. mix

    This song made me feel sad! In a good way though. I really like it. It could end at about the 3 minute mark if you would need to do that to make it shorter for some reason, but I like it basically just how you have it. At first I thought the vocals came in a bit too loud but it was unnoticeable shortly thereafter. Quite the different tune from you. Now I need to go watch the Simpsons to cheer me up. LOL