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  1. Do i have potential to be better?

    LOL Yes, before Mike even posted, that was what I was trying to get at with my post below. Based on Robs post though, it came across as callous so I will re-word it. @Simpan27 You can sing okay and if you really want to get better take some vocal lessons. Because everyone has an opinion and in the end they don't really matter at all. What matters is you and believing in yourself enough to become more confident. Confidence in yourself will take you far. Now what I really want to say. What's up Simpan? Nice drive-by post you got here. If people listening to your song is all you really wanted, I hope you're enjoying it. Next time, leave out the questions at least so you don't waste other people's time.
  2. Hey Y'all!

    Welcome PoeticFreeFall, kegs in the back.
  3. Highs and Lows

    Yes, I do think it would be worth trying a little something in that second verse. As far as my other comment, and basing it on your comment to my song, it could be mainly a personal choice type of thing. I tend to lean towards the faster songs. It still may be worth it to try but considering you haven't had other comments on that, it could be a 100% personal comment and not really reflect on whether it truly makes the song better or not. Just thought I'd throw that out there since I had been thinking about it.
  4. Just Let It Go

    I do like to solo but honestly I'm not all that great at it. Just good enough to scrape by. You hinted at my ? in the intro. Wondering if there are just too many "Let it Go's" at the end. Currently I have it that way for the sake of the listener if they happened to be singing along. When the verses end, if your singing along, you can't really go right into the "Let it Go"s because of holding the words "drum", "breath" and "astray." So for the singers sake I gave an extra round at the end. When I play this on acoustic I do have a pause between the end of the verse and the chorus. Which works pretty good for an acoustic version but I really wanted this thing to be a driving force of rockishness. Randy
  5. Just Let It Go

    You nailed it. That's my plan. The "more lead-like guitar" at the start of the bridge will be the end notes of the solo using the same guitar. So technically, I have some of the solo finished. Woohoo! No clue whatsoever what I'll do for the rest but my main goal will be to give it a nice flow into the end bit around the bridge area. Thanks again man, I appreciate it. Randy
  6. Just Let It Go

    I can see how that would work there but it's where Dave mentioned it, below your original post. It's actually exactly how Dave described it with the lead guitar that comes in before the bridge vocals being the end of the solo. I'll use the same guitar and sound and make sure the solo ends in a way to achieve that "almost" slow down during the bridge. Doing it how you suggest I do believe would also work to an extent. I wasn't sure the guitar playing after the second chorus was strong enough to stand on it's own. Thanks for the panning advice. I will def give that a try as you suggest. Although, I currently do not have any actual guitars in the middle. Granted, they aren't very far off (I think around +/- 13 in each direction. For some reason I tend to not pan far enough. Funny about the mandolin comment. That's my acoustic/electric. It always sounds kind of "tin and mandolin-like." Sometimes I like it. LOL Thanks again for your comments and kind words. They're much appreciated. Randy
  7. Format Change Today?

    Where can you change the theme?
  8. Alone In This

    After listening I was really wondering what the comments would be. And after reading I have to say I'm pleased with what I read. I agree with the others. I like the tone of your voice quite a bit. It does sound unsure of itself but that can easily be overcome. If you need some self assurance, this thread should help you out. Keep doing what you're doing and do it as often as you can. Everything will get better and I can envision you being really good with a little more time and practice and self confidence. Let it out!!! Randy
  9. Mr. Fox FULL DEMO

    Good song Jen. I'm with Fernando on how it makes me feel. Kind of circusy, kind of burlesque. I could hear an additional instrument in there but can't settle on which one. I see you did have tuba or a trumpet in an earlier version but from what I've read, it wasn't working. Hmmm. If I can think of it, I'll be back. I also like the lyrics for this. It reads well. The real thing I noticed was the singing of "love makes you make mistakes." I think the melody in that line could be a touch more melodic. Interesting and cool tune. Randy
  10. Just Let It Go

    Thanks Dek. Yep, working on the mix will hopefully bring this up to where it needs to be. You've pointed out something that I really should be doing, which is using the same instruments to give everything a cohesive sound from song to song. As I've been searching for my sound I tend to use different effects each time trying to find that perfect one. I do gather I could look at a few of my more recent tunes and go from there. If I could do what you suggest by using a sort of template, that would be awesome but something tells me it won't be that easy, it never is. LOL Thanks again - Randy
  11. Just Let It Go

    Manic Rock … I like it. Thank you for the comments. I definitely need to work on the mix to give the vocals some space (among other things.) You know, I hear what you're saying about the constant drive but that is actually my intention, so if nothing else, that's working. Since it's about the 24/7 non-stop information we're consuming, I wanted it to feel that way. The solo will only add to the drive and manic-ness of it all but that is what I'm going for in a little bit of a punk rock kind of way. It's planned to start right after the second chorus carrying in to the bridge. Thank you again for the comments. They are much appreciated. Randy
  12. Highs and Lows

    I had to LOL when I saw all the players up there. I'm not sure if I heard the right version or not to be honest. I clicked the link that took me to SoundCloud. But, going with the one I listened to ... I thought the vocals could come up a bit in the mix during the verses. Not much, the piano slightly overpowers. The drums get a little drowned out during the chorus'. The kick and snare. One thing I thought was it would be nice to add something new instrumentally during the second verse. Nothing major, just something to make it a bit different than the first verse and add a little excitement. Something is making this feel long. It's only 4 minutes but I feel like at the 3 minute mark the song was, or should be wrapping up. One part I really like, but maybe could be cut during the first chorus is the "Not gonna drown…." end section of the chorus. It is very strong vocally and almost has this "finale" feel to it. Maybe skipping the first one would be a good idea? Not sure, just my thoughts on it. Overall the song is really beautiful and I enjoyed it quite a bit.
  13. What Instrument do you Record First?

    Yeah, just make sure you got the bpm you want before you get too far along with it. That is the only thing that has given me a headache in the past. But really, I have the exact bpm I want with the guitar part. I just adjust the beat to match. I do sometimes record guitar first without any beat so I get that exact speed I want. Then I play it in iTunes while fiddling with the drums to get it right.
  14. Just Let It Go

    Thanks Nelson. I appreciate the rhythm guitar comments, that's the stuff I'm looking for. Perfect. Yep, drums are next. Although, if your comment was something along the lines of "the kick is too loud" or "the snare could come up" I would like to know that as the current levels will probably be what I use. Thanks again, Randy
  15. Just Let It Go

    Thanks Dave. This is the exact kind of info I was looking for. Interestingly I currently don't have any guitars sitting in the middle but I didn't go too far out with them. For some reason I don't go wide enough. But I will. I'll say the new GB with virtual drummer has been a real treat for me. I actually look forward to going in and working on them now. I have a space before the bridge I plan to solo in. The part during the bridge will be the end of the solo keeping the same notes. I appreciate the comments as usual. Randy