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  1. Just Let It Go

    New song I’ve been working on. Multiple things to do still but I thought I’d post it to get some thoughts on any of it. Things I know I need to do are: drums, guitar solo, (??) mystery item I may or may not need to do depending on people’s thoughts, guitar editing of one part that drops out, MIX. Gracias.
  2. The latest: http://www.npr.org/sections/therecord/2017/07/21/538501163/spotify-sued-yet-again-over-compositions
  3. Not sure of course if it's true or not. But it most definitely wouldn't surprise me. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/spotify-denies-allegations-uses-apos-210300588.html
  4. Format Change Today?

    I suggest you use the new and shiny THANKS button, much easier than saying it. Can you find it! Aaaaand GO!
  5. Format Change Today?

    I've noticed. I actually thought the change wasn't fully complete yet.
  6. Do i have potential to be better?

    If it was possible … If Bob Dylan himself posed the same question there would be people saying he would be better off getting another singer for his songs. They would say that right before they started cutting up his lyrics. If you're worried about your vocals, take some vocal lessons at the very least.
  7. I'll be with you - Mix ok?

    I like this but do see where the verses and chorus feel the same. IMO it's the drums. Seems like the same thing being played throughout. Maybe changing up those drums when the chorus comes would help. And I think once those drums are changed you could then revisit the vocals for the chorus. I think this has a real great feel to it but just listening without reading along it does feel very similar throughout, which makes it feel long ... and I blame the drums. Well, that and the fact that it is long at almost 6 minutes. Did I say drums yet? LOL Randy
  8. Grand Oak Tree

    On This is short and to the point. Works for me for that kind of tune.
  9. Soundcloud Cuts 40% of workforce

    Interested to know what this means??
  10. The Other Half Of Me (work in progress)

    I couldn't give it the good solid listen that I should, at work, but it definitely sounded like something worth keeping with to me. Not sure where you are to where you can't record, but enjoy.
  11. Soundcloud Cuts 40% of workforce

    One theory I just came up with is: until the day users, clicks and page views become irrelevant, the internet will always struggle to truly be profitable. Example: Two groups of people walk into Target. Group One: 10,000 people walked in, looked around, picked up and looked at some stuff, then left without buying anything. Group Two: 2 people walked in and bought stuff. Which group is more important to Target and those selling products at Target?
  12. Simplify me, Override me (Thank you Jesus)

    I like your style. Reminds me a bit of Jack White. I do see why you are happy with it. I know you weren't looking for criticism but I have to say just one thing. There are too many spots where you can't make out what you're saying. If I didn't see the lyrics, I wouldn't have a clue. Now, that in and of itself could be okay and kind of cool with the style, but even having it like that my ears and mind need a break. And the chorus is where I think that should happen. Simplify me, (Thank you Yahweh) Override me (You sent us Jesus) Sounds great but I think the words here really need to be clear so a listener could sing a long. I don't know how many songs I've listened to that I didn't know what the lyrics were but that didn't keep me from listening to it because when the chorus came, I could sing along with that. Then go back to singing what I know, humming and trying to figure to the rest during the verses and what-not. Great energy and overall I really like it.
  13. Soundcloud Cuts 40% of workforce

    That's a good question. To be "better safe than sorry", yes. Only time will tell if it's necessary though. Although, I guess in reality, they already own it as much as they need to.
  14. Highs and Lows

    Understandable, but I still think you should have left it. Sometimes I feel we could use more "less perfectly done" songs posted here if for nothing else but to make really new songwriters more comfortable posting their stuff. I'll be back.
  15. Soundcloud Cuts 40% of workforce

    The investors already have gobs of cash, I think to them it's equally about control. They want to be able to control the new shiny way of the future. I would gather that is something that has been around though long before the internet. I do think it's the fact that we have watched it evolve since birth and it is just so blatantly obvious now watching it happen real-time as opposed to being more in the dark in the old days. But at least with the old way, companies could actually hire more people and turn a real profit. You see it in almost every sector. Jobs gone, investments up. There isn't much that eventually the internet and tech won't destroy and I really am not sold on the idea that "new jobs will spring up" at least to the point it will cover all the jobs lost. Hence the growing talk of universal basic income. It's like the rolling stone is now gathering moss.
  16. YouTube & Copyright

    So I'm a bit confused. Is Too Many Hands a cover by the Eagles? Interesting because when I checked things out, there's a video of a guy cranking that song and playing the guitar along with it. Would you suppose it just hasn't been "caught" yet?
  17. Soundcloud Cuts 40% of workforce

    Over 10 years in the business and it still can't turn a profit. Who they gonna turn to? Google. Pass Go, Collect $200 … sell out. Oh what a strange plan to build something you know won't make any real, tangible profit, yet still be able to make millions from investors. I would have been all over that idea when I was in the 18-30 range.
  18. Simplify me, Override me (Thank you Jesus)

    So is the arrogant side of you not going to let us HEAR it?? LOL
  19. Arrogance

    It's a naturally occurring event here. I know it is because It's what I believe, so don't even try to say it isn't. <--- back on topic
  20. Arrogance

    Yeah, I'm a real Joker.
  21. Arrogance

    Maybe he was too busy looking at your beautiful face! LOL Just kidding of course, couldn't help myself.
  22. As I've never been in a recording studio I have a quick question about it. I find at home when I started recording I was using the metronome to keep time. It was like I was concentrating more on the clicks that what I was playing and felt my songs lost their energy. I then switched to finding the right drum beat and my energy problems went away. So my question, is it normal, or OK to use recorded drum beats in an actual recording studio or are they adamant you use a metronome? I'm a ways away from actually doing any real recording but I've been thinking about this for awhile and thought I'd ask. Thanks!
  23. Highs and Lows

    Are you planning To upload a new track? If that's the case Then I'll have to come back.
  24. What does it mean to succeed?

    That's the crux. Using me as an example I don't have the money already to do what I want with my own stuff. Although I will be getting some songs mastered in the next couple of months. But the decision would have to be made concerning time and money. Do I invest what little money I have to start a business? Or use it to do something with my own songs? Time and money. Hard to come by when music isn't the number 1 priority. And to truly do it right I feel I would have to commit to one or the other … Business building or making music. Doing both would be unrealistic with my current situation. I would have to go with the business side to help protect, promote and push my investment. Making music would fall by the wayside, but making music is the only reason I'm here. Well, that and these little conversations about music.