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  1. challenge

    I saw this and thought.. Hey that sounds like an interesting thing to do. Thought about making it 60 bpm ... and then naaa and then ... yeah 60 seconds long and I'll call it "just a minute" ... and maybe it'll be about when... you know someone says just a minute ... but then I realized that usually "just a minute" ends up being 5 or more.. and thats a full song.. ugh .. Might do it anyway lol ...
  2. My computer had crashed and burned after recording this song and before making the video. It took a couple weeks before I was able to get a capable computer. Kind of appropriate for the theme of the song. Anyway ... I'm happy enough with it .. so here it is.
  3. Sorry if this has been discussed before but I searched all of the SongStuff site and surprisingly did not come up with any discussion about "Patreon"... You know that website http://www.patreon.com that is a platform for creative folks to get $ustainable $upport for being creative. Me... I'm and writing, recording, songs and videos now mostly with just the intention of self expression. And IMHO ...the stuff is OK, but far from great. Really I'm just recording my ideas so they don't just disappear. I've got a few friends and family that think the stuff amazing and that I'm a musical genius (which although I sometimes feel like I am I know I"m not) It's been recommended that I set up a Patreon page but I'm skeptical. While it could be beneficial, it may also be counter productive. Patreon seems like a great concept but I can also see the potential of demoralization... maybe because the artist really isn't as great as they thought they were... or even worse.. they are brilliant but just didn't get found, thusly, the attention and $upport they were hoping for. Or maybe they're just OK and need to quit wasting time on stuff like this and go find a "real" job. Your thoughts?
  4. Thanks for the encouragement... Hey I quit smoking :-) ... it's been 50 days so far ... wrote a song about it check it out.
  5. I've written and forgotten so many songs over the years. I've partially recorded some, but abandoned them... because they sounded different than I'd imagined, I just couldn't find the time, realized I didn't write enough, to far from perfect, etc. etc. etc. Now I'm 50 and not getting any younger... so I decided this year I'm going to try and write, record, and make a video for 50 songs this year. (or whatever it adds up to ;-)) It's an exercise for me in accepting the art as it comes out. I know they're not perfect but I'm so happy to just be getting things done and moving on the the next. I'm not trying to make millions or be famous... I'm just expressing myself. So far I'm on track with 4 completed so far. Cheers, Vincent
  6. Stepped completely away from it for a few weeks. Some times I get burnt out trying so hard to satisfy myself musically. Picked up the guitar today for a couple of hours... sounded so good
  7. Got in a short round of practice on a handful of songs on my old guitar. Tweaked one of the better techno/house songs I've been working on... as well a few others of other styles. Getting way more familiar with my DAW, my workflow, and getting better at making things sound better. YouTube has proven helpful.. it's pretty darn amazing actually... the wealth of info people share. Looking forward to having plenty of good music to show for it soon. Here's one of my first techno releases... a pretty basic but nice sounding jam. Not a finished piece... but I'm finished with it ha ha... a fun little demo. Enjoy... https://soundcloud.c...roit-ride-check
  8. Been spending a bit of time on the IDM forums (Electronic music.. techno,house,etc.) and working on that genre.... but not neglecting the others styles .. workin' on my chops.
  9. Had a tremendous DJ set last night! Rocked the house!
  10. Nice .. different angles help to keep things in perspective... I mic'd and recorded some live raggedy drum sounds in a big open reverby space... and a few other industrial steel sounds. Captured some video of it too. For a special project I've had in mind for a while now....
  11. Went to a techno DJ show... Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May. Learned a bit more about "rockin' the crowd"
  12. I practiced mastering down a "song in progress" to find a balance between being as loud as other recorded music and still having dynamics. About 15 mixes and I think I'm getting closer add: Also tried writing some lyrics to the music. Not my normal process.. I usually write lyrics and music in tandem.
  13. We may not always have a finished song to post or specific topic to discuss.. so this is a good thread (very popular on other forums) to just comment on what you did with or for your music today. I think it's helpful for others to get a better understanding of what makes musicians/artists tick.
  14. Welcome to the site... I'm kind of new here as well. You will be expected to provide feedback to others here before you get some... and even then, be patient But since my curser is here in the "reply box" anyway... I'll say... Song sounds good. Performance sounds good. I could pick a few things out to improve upon... For starters... maybe you could back up from the mic a bit. Cheers