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  1. I am a published lyricist and may be able to help....just let me know what you need at this time. Generally I write a lyric and then collaborate with a musician to complete a song. I find that is my preference. If this system works for you let me know. Have a great day, Dawn Robertson

  2. You Said Forever

    Thanks for the critique, this what I'm needing and that's why I'm here. I agree with almost all the things you said and will work on getting it fixed. As far as the drum beat, I know it needs a beat with it or it would sound like it drags on so what would you change in the beat, different type of drums, maybe percussion not drums like light bongo, congo, shaker, etc? I plan on making the transition to the chorus a little more pronounced so you know your in the chorus. And thank you for the complement on my voice. What did you think of the saxophone in the background at times, I had mixed feelings on it? You said "*wait...I don't understand...now YOU'RE leaving? huh? what the heck man? Why, did she say "forever" again, and it reminded you of the last time she did it, so this time YOU'LL do the leaving?" The meaning of the song is guy falls for girl, she cheats on him, they get back together, then she dies "disappears", then finally he has to leave, meaning he has to finally move on after her death. If I didn't get that thought through maybe I need to rethink a versus. Once again, thanks for the critique, it only makes it better.
  3. You Said Forever

    OK, first song to post on here, hope you like, please give me some suggests, etc. I'm still tweaking it alot but it's a start. Also below are the lyrics. www.mountainwolfmedia.com/ftp/music/You-Said-Forever.mp3 I woke up this morning seeing your sweet face and i couldn't help but thank the Lord for all of his grace and I don't know why or were to go from here you broke my heart the last time and that's what i fear (Chorus) But you said forever that you'd love me always You said forever I felt the tears on my face And I don't know why I'm leaving this place cause you said forever When I said it was forever I meant it from my heart And when i gave the attention I knew we never part and when i woke up the next morning you had disappeared you were always in my dream and it seemed so clear (Chorus) But you said forever that it was true You said forever you said i love you And I don't know why you had to leave this place cause you said forever (Bridge) But you said forever that you'd love me always You said forever I felt the tears on my face And I don't know why I'm leaving this place cause you said forever Now you left the world can't forget about you All the time we spent together I knew it was true (Chorus- soft music) But you said forever that it was true You said forever you said i never stop loven you And I don't know why i have to leave you cause you said forever you said forever. © Josh Thompson
  4. Photograph

    Nice song, good melody, nice voice. Couple of things: At the very end you go back up to the top and sing that part then into the Chorus one last time in a softer time, love that. Right after that you sing the Chorus, you need it to be full blow bigger than the rest, bigger better, make me feel it. I would suggest either: Make a lead up with drums/ cymbals or even change the octave one higher the last chorus. I want to feel it at the end and I just don't quite get there, i feel like the song is going great going great and just can't quite get cross the finish line. Beside that, love it, wish I came up with it. Great job.
  5. Lyricist Looking For A Composer

    You sound like just like the person I'm looking for. I'm on the other end of things, I compose, produce, sing, but have a hard time coming up with lyrics. And the main type of music I'm looking for is a country or country/rock type music. Private message me and we can talk more. Oh yea, and I like your lyrics to "Whoever Said Forever"
  6. "if I Had You Now"

    I love it, now this is why I'm on this forums to get great inspiration from people like you, great job. Your music reminds me of Jerrod Niemann type songs, or Alan Jackson when he was first coming out.
  7. West

    I would suggest on adding some instruments like a bass guitar on the main beats you hit, and percussion not drums, something light like congo or bongo drums maybe a wood block with maybe a shaker, something light sounding. Critic, the "background" vocals in the chorus sound off somehow, don't know if its the octave that person is in, it just doesn't sound right.
  8. What You Really Mean To Say

    First off, love the song, great job I can feel the meaning in the song, lots of emotions. Only thing I think needs to be added and thsi is my personal option is there are parts in the chorus you needs some bass in there, would make it even more impactful, but great job love it. Chorus is great just feel it could hit people even more at those parts. Love it.
  9. Hi All, New To The Fourms

    Hi everyone, new to the forums. Little about myself: I'm married, 30 and have three wonderful kids. For the past 10 years I’ve been doing web design and video production at a couple different studios here in Oklahoma, yes there are studios in Oklahoma. From above you can see I do a lot of things from video production to web design to composing but within the last year I am now going a different way on things. I trying to get up and running a recording studio so people that don’t have much money can get found and noticed in the music industry. Once its up and going, I’ll have the music, beats, lyrics ready just need someone to sing them and then I’ll promote them (YouTube, Facebook, there own website, etc). To show how serious I am in doing this new venture, I just spent over 2.5k in recording equipment to get this started, now I’m broke but.... Time to get it started. Sorry for long post, but that a little about me and were I'm going.
  10. I'm new to the forums so first off, hi all. I'm looking for a lyricist to team up with to make some music. I'm compose anything from Pop/Rock, Country/Rock, but I always seem to have a hard time coming up with lyrics, so instead of trying to do something I'm not good at I'm going to use my strengths in composing and singing and lead the lyrics to someone else. So if anyone could help please let me know. Also I know a lot of people have probably said this on the forums but I am starting a “home recording studio” hopefully to get in a real building and have a full studio but just got done spending a little over 2.5k on recording equipment and such (now I’m broke ). So if anyone wants to team up please let me know and we could work something out, more details about that coming soon but first need some lyrics.
  11. Welcome to the forums jthompson3d :)

    1. Legion Lobo

      Legion Lobo

      jthompson3d...... hey i sent you a message with my info ,,., hit me up and we can talk. I`m a Pop and R&B songwriter/lyricist......

    2. Legion Lobo

      Legion Lobo

      my url from soundcloud is.. https//soundcloud/legion-wolf/let-me-hold-you