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  1. As One We Rise

    Ken - Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the song. I think the odd part your talking about is the quote from the Statue of Liberty. I had just finished writing the song when I recorded this, so I was feeling a bit emotional when I got to that part of the song. The funny thing is, that was not even a thought in my head when I started writing the song. It was more like an afterthought. It really surprised me when it just slotted into the song so well. Thanks again for listening! Linda
  2. Signal Passed At Danger

    Alistair! I love this song! I love the flow and structure of your lyrics. They rhyme not just every other line as we all expect them to, but also between lines and within lines. My strong suit is lyrics, and yours knocked me over. Aside from the rhyming, there is a lot of great imagery there. I think my favorite line is " And the light at the end of our tunnel was always a train." I just felt the whole relationship crash when I heard that. Could the vocals be stronger? Probably. Could the guitar playing be more precise. Yep. But, as a song, I think you really hit the mark! Thanks for sharing this! I really enjoyed listening to it! Linda
  3. As One We Rise

    Hi all! As usual, it's been a while. This song is called As One We Rise. I wrote it and recorded it on Nov. 21st. I wanted to write a song that speaks to all of us feeling fear since the election simply because of the color of our skin, the way we pray, or who we love. If we stand as one, we can rise up against hate. I felt that we needed a rallying cry of sorts. This is my contribution. This is not a political post. It is a song. If you don't agree with the sentiment, I get that. Just please either comment on the song, or move along to the next one. That said, I'm looking for critique on the song itself, not its production value. Feel free to have at it. I promise I can handle it. Thanks in advance! Linda Oh, btw, it turns out that this might be a really good time to be a folk singer/songwriter! Hahaha! As One We Rise (copyright Linda Knutson, 2016) Are you other? So am I. Did you stand up? So did I. Did your heart break? So did mine when they threw us back into the fire. Now you fight for your race or you fight for your faith while I fight for my love but we all battle hate. We’ve already cried. Now together we rise. (chorus) Push us down and we rise Hold us back and we rise Shut us out and we rise as one we rise. Call us out and we rise Stoke the flames and we rise Raise your fist and we rise as one we rise. When I fall down to my knees as the strong sometimes do will you reach out to lift me as I will reach out to lift you? And we’ll fight for your race and we’ll fight for your faith and we’ll fight for my love as we stand against hate Our tears are long dried And now, together, we rise. (Chorus) Give me your tired, your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe free the wretched refuse of your teeming shores Send these, the homeless, tempest tossed to me I lift my lamp beside the Golden Door. We won't back down from all those words stand for. (Chorus – twice) We are strong when we are one and we rise as one we rise Oh, as one we rise.
  4. Donkey Kong (Updated Mix - opinions)

    Nope. As you predicted, I didn't get the lyrics. I also didn't care. The whole thing just seems to fall together as it should. Do I need to understand lyrics. Hell, I grew up on "I am the walrus goo goo ka choo." Yes, if lyrics are supposed to make sense then I expect them to and am hyper-critical because lyrics are my strong suit. But, in this case, I think the lyrics only have to speak to you, so that's cool. Love the tune. Love your voice. I always have. So glad you finally got yourself to put it more out front. Linda
  5. I've Got Nothing (Now something...)

    I actually kind of like the lyrics, but the way they are sung just drags along. And then there's that pounding rhythm of a soundtrack. It's like you're trying to smash soft, lyrical words into this driving, monotonous beat. Sorry. Just the way it came across to me. Linda
  6. Overthinking

    I love this song! The tune, the lyrics, the rhythm, everything! I was completely engaged from note one. Love the line " Did you ever stop to think and forget to start again? " I think we all do that without even knowing it. But, such a great line! As a songwriter whose lyrics are my strong suit, words jump out at me, and those did big time! Thanks for the listen! I smiled the whole way through! Linda
  7. We Are Orlando

    Thanks so much Dave. Writing music is so often my way of processing and coping.
  8. We Are Orlando

    Thank you guys for your comments. David, those are some really good suggestions. I had wondered if I should title it differently. Thanks again! Linda
  9. We Are Orlando

    Hi all! I know I haven't been here for a while. But, I wanted to share this song I wrote with you. This has been a really hard week in Orlando. I sing with the Orlando Gay Chorus. We've been singing at vigils around the city all week. I'll be singing this song at a Equality Florida fundraiser next weekend. I'm sorry that I'm posting this when I've been gone for so long. I always intend to come here and offer critique when I have nothing of my own to offer. I've actually managed it a few times. But, no, I'm not the ideal member of this forum. Again, I'm sorry. Please still listen if you don't mind. Like I said, it's been a hard week. Thanks in advance. Linda We Are Orlando I didn’t know you but, I am you and I cried for you today Our hearts are one within this family and we stand strong against such hate Our hands are joined our souls entwined In our pain our love still shines We’re tightly bound in one embrace And, in the arms of all this love we’ll find our way (Chorus) We are Orlando We stand as one, and the Pulse of our hearts still beats so strong Heart to heart we rise above Hand in hand we stand for love And we’ll dance on with pride to the Pulse of love I didn’t know you but, I can feel you here with us today Your hearts live on within this family shining bright to light our way We will not bow We will not bend We will not break Love always wins We all are bound in one embrace And, in the arms of all this love we’ll find our way (Repeat Chorus twice)
  10. I finally released an album!

    Wow! Thanks David! Please let me know what you think. Linda
  11. I finally released an album!

    Hi everyone! I finally did it! I decided I'd never be able to afford studio time, and that my tracks were pretty good. So, I found a site that I could use to "master" the tracks I had, and I worked back and forth between that and my music software until I had some pretty crystal clear tracks to use. Truly, these are the best that I can possibly make on my own.....and I'm pretty proud of them. It's called Just Plain Folk, and that is exactly what it is......just me and my guitar performing my original folk music. It's available to stream on Spotify at or to download on cdbaby at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/lindaknutson3 Would love to hear what you think! But, please don't bother to tell me what I need to fix or tweak.....it's already set in stone. To those of you who have been following me during my years here, I hope I have done you proud. Thanks for listening! Linda
  12. Heartbreak

    Overall, I really enjoyed this a lot! I love the tune and don't have a problem with how long a verse is, or whether something is a prechorus or a bridge. The tune is catchy, the singer is good, and I like the tempo. I do have to agree with David about the lyrics though. For the most part, I like them. But, I think there are some places that you made a convenient rhyme instead of a good one. The one David pointed out also stood out for me. I'd suggest going back and tightening up your lyrics some. You have the story. You just need to strengthen the words that get you there. Thanks for sharing this! Linda
  13. North Carolina Line

    Hi Marcus! I love the tune and your voice. But, I have to admit that I agree with some of the others here about the story, I saw what you were trying to do while I was listening. I got it, but only because I was trying really hard to get it. In my opinion, tune great, vocal great......story line interesting, but lyrics need some serious work. Just my opinion. But, as some others here might tell you, lyrics are kind of my strong suit. You seem kind of defensive about them while saying it's all good. Just take another look. Close your eyes, listen, and pretend you didn't write the song. Just a suggestion. Linda
  14. When the Moon Kisses the Sun

    guyetrep - Thank you for your straight-forward review. I appreciate the listen. Oswlek - Thank you so much for your kind words. It means so much to me that this song moved you as it was meant to do. Linda
  15. When the Moon Kisses the Sun

    Dave - Thank you so much! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! Linda