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  1. Drowsy Ones And Sleepy Eyed

    Thanks all for commenting, Randy, David, Tom, Symphonious7 and Steve! Sure much appreciated, I have done a lot of editing based on your comments. Very helpful. Here's the update https://ferrycolyer.bandcamp.com/track/drowsy-ones-and-sleepy-eyed-7
  2. Crime to commit re-written updated rough

    Hey Steve, It's very catchy, I can tell by the strumming and the hooky 'Beautiful bitch'. I sure can imagine this being played electric too, with some energetic drums and all. To me it's details giving the song that little extra, e.g. the cadence in 'got her back up against that wall' and the afore mentioned 'Beautiful bitch'. What came to mind as possible improvements for the song: you play cool, but, and of course that's good, in a controlled manner. I hoped you'd strum with more aggression, just at times, I think the choruses would do. Like you advised me as well, you could for example sing 'Love me', at 1:36, different than you do now, just different notes (and maybe shout?). The bridge itself is a nice built up to the chorus btw, vocally you could already hint at the intensity in the chorus. Enjoyed my listen much.
  3. Revolution

    Good length, pretty vocals, memorable chorus (I'd love to hear it just before the one minute mark btw), playful backing vocals and a fine cadence in the guitar playing. The only thing to me that could be improved about this song is having an instrumental part maybe after the second chorus. It would help me like the song even more, knowing I got a break before you start singing again.
  4. The Better Man

    Great solid write, Tom. I enjoyed listening to this song very much. When I'd hear this in a pub, this would draw my attention, not only because of the vocal delivery and very strong lyrics, also the finger picking with that awesome change you bring to the table, like at 3:40.
  5. Hey Randy, 


    Thanks for your kind words on 'Drowsy..'. I get what you mean by a smoother delivery, and I'll work on it. 


    I hope you're okay, I'm glad to say I'm okay. 


    Have a good day


    1. Just1L


      Glad to hear you're doing good. I'm doing good too. I'd say about 99% of Drowsy has awesome deliver. Just mainly that one spot. I think if everything else didn't sound so damn smooth, that wouldn't have stuck out at all to me.


      Talk to you later,


  6. Drowsy Ones And Sleepy Eyed

    Thanks David! I'm going to take your advice and I've already tried your suggestions and now I'm working on making it work even more. So I'll get back here once I'm happy with the new result. Hope you're okay!
  7. Taller Than My Love

    I quite like it, especially like the chorus, it's catchy! It has a Simon and Garfunkel feel to it, yet it remains to have your own distinct style. Very cool lift to the last chorus too. As a point of critique, I'd advice you to solo certain parts, like the drums and one of the other instruments each, and see if all feels in sync for you. It did not to me all the time, somehow.
  8. Drowsy Ones And Sleepy Eyed

    Hi all, It feels good to return to this place now, ready to listen to songs from old and new Songstuff members. I've been doing fawm.org and 50/90 to keep on songwriting. I just noticed this song is at least 5 years old, and I've come to update it, for I still think stands the test of time. With new bass lines, and more tempo I've tried to make it more accessible. https://ferrycolyer.bandcamp.com/track/drowsy-ones-and-sleepy-eyed-7 Drowsy ones and sleepy eyed Make up some time, leave your beds tonight It's dark outside and it's a windy night perfect conditions to contemplate your life Here's a wake up call for you now the stars arise and the moon it draws you into its magic this time Lonely ones and teary eyed There's a band at your beds tonight they play like fire, they play like dynamite a perfect rendition to let your souls ignite Here's a wake up call for you now the stars arise and the moon it draws you into its magic this time Could you just hold me I'm willing to be a part of you Let's form a new country you'd be a part of me too Lonely ones... Here's a wake up call for you the stars are bright and the moon it draws you into its magic this time Thanks for your feedback in advance. What is there to improve according to you? As always, I'm ready to learn and improve. I like the progress in mixing and song writing I've gone through, and it's my goal to 'release' my debut album soon, I mean the coming weeks or so. Ferry
  9. Spaghetti Head - Final Mix? + Bonus 5+1 Mix

    Catchy tune Alan, once again! Well structured, while listening constantly looking forward to hearing the chorus which is always a good sign. Piano is a nice touch as well. You know, you could spice this up with some tremolo guitar in the chorus (just plain chords), it's got the right feel for this sort of thing me thinks.. Well done Ferry
  10. Rochester, You Piss Me Off (Wip)

    Pfew, your experiments get cooler and cooler. Yes, the bass is very cool as is the drums. Lots of subtle sounds too, like at 0.24 and a great use of cool words. The way you work, it works, keep doing those quick experiments. Ferry
  11. The Goodbye Wave... Studio Sketch Pad Very Rough

    Alan! Sounds really catchy, great story telling, pulled me right in and great chords to sing on, very fine vocal melody as well. Just very cool, definitely the kind of thing I like. Ferry
  12. Leave Me The Road (Demo)

    This is very good. One of those songs that keep the folks (me as well) listening while being quiet during an open mic. Like it very much. Ferry
  13. When Love Was Strong (Updated Version)

    Great tune guys, enjoyed your collab much. As for skipping the intro, I concur, but I like most songs to be tighter if possible. I'd even skip the part 0.54-1.09. The song has such a strong chorus to it with the drums and guitars, Real nice. Maybe the drums could have a little more spice there, some fills maybe between the lines being sung. Lyrical suggestion: 'how did we turn it into pain' instead of 'how do we turn it into pain' Another suggestion would be to do the the coda/outro before the chorus, so you'd end with the chorus, the chorus which is the most memorable part (which it should be) of the song. Structure wise it would 'feel' better too. Thanks for sharing Ferry
  14. Bright Side Of The Sky

    I think you've got a great song. Can't add much to what's been said already, but there's one thing I find distracting; when the song starts, you've got that lead guitar melody, and right after that (at 0:04) there's the first chord. That first chord, in my opinion starts too late, not much, but enough to make me think, hey that's odd. That aside, really enjoyed the song. Ferry
  15. I Know A Girl A Boy Calls Paul

    Yeah, it's a bit 'out there', but in a cool way. I'd say go all the way... and make it more 'out there'... experiment with the drums, keep in mind the bass in the middle and add more of it to the song. Would be great to hear it together with drums. Enjoyed. Ferry