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  1. Catchy tune Alan, once again! Well structured, while listening constantly looking forward to hearing the chorus which is always a good sign. Piano is a nice touch as well. You know, you could spice this up with some tremolo guitar in the chorus (just plain chords), it's got the right feel for this sort of thing me thinks.. Well done Ferry
  2. Pfew, your experiments get cooler and cooler. Yes, the bass is very cool as is the drums. Lots of subtle sounds too, like at 0.24 and a great use of cool words. The way you work, it works, keep doing those quick experiments. Ferry
  3. Alan! Sounds really catchy, great story telling, pulled me right in and great chords to sing on, very fine vocal melody as well. Just very cool, definitely the kind of thing I like. Ferry
  4. This is very good. One of those songs that keep the folks (me as well) listening while being quiet during an open mic. Like it very much. Ferry
  5. Great tune guys, enjoyed your collab much. As for skipping the intro, I concur, but I like most songs to be tighter if possible. I'd even skip the part 0.54-1.09. The song has such a strong chorus to it with the drums and guitars, Real nice. Maybe the drums could have a little more spice there, some fills maybe between the lines being sung. Lyrical suggestion: 'how did we turn it into pain' instead of 'how do we turn it into pain' Another suggestion would be to do the the coda/outro before the chorus, so you'd end with the chorus, the chorus which is the most memorable part (which it should be) of the song. Structure wise it would 'feel' better too. Thanks for sharing Ferry
  6. I think you've got a great song. Can't add much to what's been said already, but there's one thing I find distracting; when the song starts, you've got that lead guitar melody, and right after that (at 0:04) there's the first chord. That first chord, in my opinion starts too late, not much, but enough to make me think, hey that's odd. That aside, really enjoyed the song. Ferry
  7. Yeah, it's a bit 'out there', but in a cool way. I'd say go all the way... and make it more 'out there'... experiment with the drums, keep in mind the bass in the middle and add more of it to the song. Would be great to hear it together with drums. Enjoyed. Ferry
  8. Hey, I agree it's a good start. What you have so far sounds to me like it's a chorus. Would be nice if you could work towards this with verses in which you sing a bit slower, to make what you have now really stand out. My two cents. Good job. Ferry
  9. This cheers me up That piano was really great, I was surprised its melody stopped at 1:34... would have expected some extension to it. I like it very much as is, but a bridge would be nice, though no must. Real nice Ferry
  10. That would be a good idea. The song as it is now misses some spice. The chorus with the key change conveys the feel of the lyrics much better. Ferry
  11. This is nice. I think Dave offered great suggestions and I've got one too. It would be nice if the kicks between 5:01 and 5:05 would be left out, so you'd feel the release of the bridge more once it starts at 5:05. Another thing was the tone of the guitar in the bridge, which didn't work as good as, I think another tone or other instrument (synth?) would. Good stuff Ferry
  12. Pretty mad, but you got an excuse because everyone is introduced to the madhouse. Spanish chorus is a great touch, suits the song. Loco! I like it, also because it doesn't need guitars or other instruments per se and your vocal does all the work. Ferry
  13. A very memorable chorus, and beautifully sung. I don't know if it's done before but I really like it. The guitar solo comes across as showing off , though it's cool, it's not cool in the song I think, a slower one with the feel of the chorus would work better. My two cents. Ferry
  14. New listen. What I think still could improve is the rhythm section, I strongly wish to hear the kick copying the beat of the bass in the verses, it just seems to me there's a vital part of the fundament (bass and drums) missing. That aside, I like what I hear, sincere lyrics that make sense to me, cool guitar work (especially the solo) and yes, I can hear that bass! Ferry
  15. Those lyrics really came to life once I heard the music, which is just really good. Really catchy stuff, cool guitars and vox and tasty drum fills. Enjoyed. Ferry