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  1. me and my wife live in a house with a few trees around it there are three houses on the farm if any body asks her where do we live she says we live in the trees lol
  2. hello Marcus welcome to the forum Az09
  3. welcome to the site
  4. hi i havent looked at any other songwriter sites but find this site keeps me busy enough with out needing another site
  5. good to hear scotsman89 Az09
  6. sony dynamic stereo headphones mdr v150 i like them
  7. i have been writing songs 35 years and this last couple of years that i have been getting my songs sung by singers i am having the same trouble getting the melodies sung or played with a musical instrument so that the singer has a good enough rendition to copy Az09
  8. i am scottish i would have thought that scotland and ireland were more responsible for celtic music but i could be wrong
  9. this is of a high standard great lyric writing Az09
  10. a song that would work with guitar base and drums would be white stripes seven nations army i would say you do good singing and keyboard well done Az09
  11. if you want soul searching music im a bluesman
  12. hi john i wasnt sure should i have put a lone as one word or two i think one word is better for got ton i think i should have put it as one i didnt spell it the proper way ie as forgotten i like to write my lyrics spelt the way i want them to sound rather than follow proper english because i think lyrics carry more information i didnt put the word the because i was doing a complicated thing with the listener i was having two conversations at once i was talking about blues music and being blue which fead my blues guitar playing which would be the guitar solo as the music hook the lyric hook of the song i tried to keep ambiguous i did hint at it in the title ie last taste of summer and did play around with it ie your love was my last taste of summer summer was my last taste of loving you when i talk about ie bring me back the summer what i am saying is im not interested in getting summer back at all its just saying i want the women back it just happened to be a summer romance a bit like 10cc song im not in love thanks for criticing the song
  13. last taste of summer your love was my last taste of summer and the good times to when darkness falls im a lone winter calls for those for got on only blues can carry me on bring me back the summer i still think of you though the spring is gone for me theres only you only blues can carry me on just like winter im alone with out you the cold it drains me to restless days and sleepless nights all a lone i think of you bring me back the summer and the good times to come back to me precious one your love was my last taste of summer summer was my last taste of loving you though the days feel like autumn in the summer im still with you bring me back the summer summer was my last taste of loving you loving you loving you