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  1. Thanks for all your feedback, I think I'll take into account your suggestions about chord progression/ strumming, I can work on the vocals during recording (properly). Don't hold back if you have any other suggestions!! It is much appreciated! Oh and I know my guitar's never in tune, I kinda like it that way.. maybe not the best idea though; love you all!!
  2. Yes! This is my newlyest written song, should be recording it properly in a couple of weeks so any advice would be most welcomed before then! You can be as mean as you like about the SONG- I can take it! And I'm probably going to change the title if anyone has any suggestions... The only thing I will say is I'm not interested in making dance music, so anything like the usual "too slow/depressing" that I get isn't particularly helpful to me!!! ENJOY! (Hopefully...) Numb Lyrics: Time drifts by, a wave of golden light, Floods into my brain, spills into my veins, No hunger, no pain, Please, Don't make it real again. Drag me into day, you will only live if you pray, The souls that I once knew, they beg me not to go, Don't make me feel afraid, Please, Don't make me fear again, Drag me into day, you will only live if you pray, Escape into the fire, you'll only burn if you lie, Don't make me feel ashamed, Please, Don't make it real again, I swear I'll never breathe again, No hunger no pain, Please, Don't make me feel again.
  3. To A Blind Friend

    Yes, this is my kind of music; so original you can't really compare it to anything else! This is like when I first starting writing songs I called it "acoustic poetry". Perhaps the only criticism is the simplicity of the lyrics? But even that doesn't seem to do it any real harm... it's real and I love it!
  4. Go On

    Not really my kind of genre but I'll do my best! It has an unusual rhythm to it... especially at he beginning, not bad unusual but interesting. It's got a kinda 90's vibe to it too I think, I like the key change towards the end... Perhaps the only criticism I could give it is the lyrics are a bit simple, but you did mention that the simplicity was on purpose so... yeah well done!
  5. Hey People

    Hey, my name's Marie, I'm 23 from London, singer/songwriter/guitarist doing a few gigs here and there around Camden/ Shoreditch and all that jazz... I would LOVE to get some constructive feedback on my songs n stuff, find some new venues, and meet some other musicians and songwriters, aaaaaaand... that brought me here!! So yeah! Any advice on how to use the site/forum in an appropriate manner would be most welcomed, also greetings, greetings are cool... please greet me!!! Love n stuff! from Me
  6. Welcome to the forums Tantric :)