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  1. Very nice sound and lyrics! Good job!
  2. Mini Album / Ep, Assemblage

    I like your sound. Very nicely done.
  3. Clarity

    Wow, I really loved this one. Mix wise, I agree that the bass is over powering at parts. I love the multilayered vocals, but sometimes they're a bit out of tune. Maybe you could tweak the harmonies a bit. Also, maybe adding some reverb to the back up vocals would be nice, it would give it a nice Pixies-ish vibe. I love the melody in the chorus, but maybe you should add an extra guitar to give it an extra kick. Nothing heavy or too dramatic, but something to clearly separate it from the verses and make it shine a little more. When the lead guitar breaks out at the end, you could maybe add a distorted second guitar. Right now I think the solo clashes with the mellow background. And those are my two cents. Over all I think this is a diamond in the rough. Excellent job.
  4. Catching Fire

    Thanks a lot for the feedback, musicbybruce. And that's an excellent suggestion. The other night I had the same idea while listening to a newer mix of the song. I think that a new layer of repeating vocals would probably add an interesting new dimension. The tricky part is that I'm currently in California and the rest of the band in Puerto Rico. So we won't get to do these types of experiments until I get back to the Island. But I'll definitely suggest the idea to them next time we get together and see how it works out. Thanks.
  5. Catching Fire

    Thanks a lot, Kymlee. I'm really glad that we're on the same wavelength. I can pretty much same the same about your music
  6. Catching Fire

    Thanks for the feedback, Rod. We're in the process of mastering the song, so hopefully that will improve the overall quality.
  7. Sudden Storm

    Very nice. I haven't listened to the previous mix, but this one is very well done. Pretty much everything works for me. Only two observations. First, the choruses feel a little empty to me. Maybe you could try experimenting with the same string pads that you're using right now, but in lower octave chords to fill out the background a bit. My second observation is about the percussion. I love the way it starts out, but then the snare kicks in and it feels a little out of place to me. My suggestion is, try to listen to Tori Amos for ideas. She uses different percussion sounds for different songs, according to the feeling she is trying to go for. Those are my two cents, over all it's a very nice mix. And you have a lovely voice, by the way, which is one to the strengths of the song. Very well done.
  8. Lithium

    You have a great voice. I also checked out you original stuff and it's very nice. How is your current project going?
  9. Catching Fire

    Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it.
  10. Catching Fire

  11. Block And Tackle

    I like it. I find it dark and emotional. That's why the "breaking wind" line kind of feels like a slap in the face. Because the song is so brooding, the "breaking wind" line came off as unintentionally funny to me. But, hey, I know I'm beating on a dead horse with this subject. At the end, follow your gut and do what you feel is best for the song. Over all, it's a nice and affecting song. Good job.
  12. That's What They Say

    Really like the lyrics and performance. The overall execution is simple, to the point, and very effective. Very nicely done.
  13. If Home Is Where The Heart Is

    Linda, you are such a talented lyricist/performer that it's hard for me to believe that you haven't performed in front of an audience. You play guitar very well, sing very well, and your writing skills are way above average. Your writing skills are actually pretty damn great. Why you haven't done this professionally is a mystery to me Great work and keep on sharing these beautiful works.
  14. Catching Fire

    Thank you, Linda! I agree about the sound mix. This is only a rough version. We're in the process of mastering the song, so hopefully, those little kinks are going to be ironed out. Thanks again for listening. And I'd love to hear more of your stuff. Please feel free to share.
  15. Catching Fire

    The name of the band is Virgen Bionica. For now I'm posting all new videos on my personal youtube acc.: http://www.youtube.com/user/rljsoe You can also go to: http://www.myspace.com/virgenbionica/music There you'll find some of our older stuff in Spanish. If the links are no good, just google Virgen Bionica and we should pop right up. Thanks for listening, amiga. Do you have your lyrics posted online? I'd love to read some of them.