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  1. So do I. I have a 6 CD changer in the car, and I am constantly burning CDs to listen to! I find it the most relaxing place to listen. At home, I only have the computer and headphones. Which is great! Until somebody starts talking to you! I love listening to music in the car!
  2. I suppose those of us that grew up buying albums, will have a desire to produce an album! I see nothing wrong with that ambition! People still buy albums, even if it's just a download. AND. Compiling an album is a good exercise in itself! Gathering together a collection of your very best songs is a good motivation!
  3. This is what I got Are you a human? You are a psychopath You should not be allowed out You should refrain from socialising with decent human beings Are you sure you're human? Is Alistair a friend?
  4. Or this!
  5. Also, have a look at this!
  6. Hi Pahchisme. Have a look at this. It might help a lot for your situation.
  7. We now have people hunting down imaginary pokemon. If they are the ones buying music, what chance is there? Personally, I think there is some great music out there! If you start looking for it on mainstream radio, you'll never find it! Get out and see some bands. That's where the music is. In the pubs and clubs. The way we get music has changed. I don't see there being a return to the days when bands like the Beatles , the Stones, The Kinks etc were the norm. The industry has been by passed to a large extent! Now we see bands promoting themselves via live gigs and merch stands at those gigs! It's only TV 'Talent' shows that try to perpetuate the past! And it's only the likes of Simon Cowel that reap the rewards for this instant gratification! Real music lovers still buy the music they love, whatever that might be? (Including death metal) It will always be there. AS stated above, stop looking for it on mainstream radio and hunt it down yourself!
  8. Canny believe you gave me a penalty point...    my life is in tatters

    1. Steve


      Hahahaha! Sorry Tom. I was young and foolish! What can I say?  :) n


      How you fairing these days?


    2. musicthom


      am ok buddy suffering bits and pieces of ill health from time to time but ye canny keep a good man down.


    3. McnaughtonPark


      Good to see you, hope all is well

  9. Of course!
  10. Am I too late? Happy belated old chap!
  11. Takes me forever to upload anything!
  12. You can be so masterfull at times Tom!
  13. My sentiments exactly Tom. I don't visit like I used to, But I still have a strong connection to Songstuff, and I'm happy to help out when I can.
  14. Is there a tea room yet?
  15. "And there are people all around me, struggling to make ends meet, while those who are responsible are living down on easy street" Ray Wilson. - Easier that way