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  1. Absolutely fascinating! Thanks for that. Very useful information indeed! Any ideas on how to stop the dog barking?
  2. Yeah. But we also need the offshore account details!
  3. Sadly not mate! I was struggling with the language!
  4. It was lovely to finally meet John on a recent trip to Glasgow! (St Patricks day) It was a miserable day, Raining and gloomy, but we had a very pleasant couple of hours together, along with some other friends, drinking wine and consuming some rather good food in a splendid venue in Glasgow! I hope we can do this again one day mate! It was truly a lovely evening. And an incredible coincidence that we happened to be sporting the same hat! Cheers buddy!
  5. You fool! Don't get dragged in! It's a scam to get your bank details and pin number! Just remind me what they are! I'll keep them safe!
  6. Two handsome fellows, what?
  7. We're going into the hat making business! It's quite lucrative, this time next year, we'll be milliners!
  8. I didn't recognise him at fist! He's grown a disguise! Photos to follow when I get home!
  9. I was forced into it by my next door neighbour!
  10. So do I. I have a 6 CD changer in the car, and I am constantly burning CDs to listen to! I find it the most relaxing place to listen. At home, I only have the computer and headphones. Which is great! Until somebody starts talking to you! I love listening to music in the car!
  11. I suppose those of us that grew up buying albums, will have a desire to produce an album! I see nothing wrong with that ambition! People still buy albums, even if it's just a download. AND. Compiling an album is a good exercise in itself! Gathering together a collection of your very best songs is a good motivation!
  12. This is what I got Are you a human? You are a psychopath You should not be allowed out You should refrain from socialising with decent human beings Are you sure you're human? Is Alistair a friend?
  13. Or this!
  14. Also, have a look at this!
  15. Hi Pahchisme. Have a look at this. It might help a lot for your situation.