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  1. Songwriting Collaboration For Lyricists

    That's a good and valid point.
  2. My story with Songstuff and John

    He's a fine fellow that John Moxey! And I believe, Mahesh, that you too are also a fine fellow! Nice post.
  3. I am currently listening to an Israeli band by the name of 'Hayehudim' with a song called Ella. Quite rocky and raunchy.
  4. Loomer Sequent Review on Songstuff

    Well that was an interesting review, Steve! I enjoyed the 'Doomsday Clock' after ploughing through your review! I'm not sure it's something I would ever make use of? but I enjoyed the read! Thank you.
  5. Test Topic

    I got an A+ How about you?
  6. Test Topic

    Have we passed?
  7. Can we have your story?

    I first picked up a guitar at the age of 14. It was a beat up classical guitar that had a split around the body creating a bellows effect. The action was so high, it was impossible to play anything above the 5th fret! and the tuning peg on one of the strings was missing. So all the other strings were tuned to that string. Over a period of time, the tuning got lower and lower. I loved it! It belonged to the guy who had recently moved into the house next door. He was training to be a teacher. Not the best start to a life long friendship! I hated school, and I hated most of my teachers! Believing them to arrive each morning from an alien place to beat some education into us mere humans. But Les Andrew was a persistant individual, and he was determined to foist this guitar onto me. He insisted I borrow it whilst he attended university. A cunning ploy! Armed with this beast, and clutching reams of music manuscript written by such dignitaries as Lennon and McCartney, and The Birds, and a book of basic chords! I was informed by Les to master the chord of Eb on the 3rd fret. 'This will enable you to play anything!' I was told. Weeks and weeks went by when I struggled to get my pudgy little fingers around an Eb chord. Changing to Eb from other chords, changing from Eb to other chords. It was torture. Bearing in mind the extraordinary height of the strings from the fretboard on this guitar, At last, I finally felt I could play this chord comfortably. I awaited the return of the bloke next door! When he did turn up, and we started to play a few songs together, I noticed that any song that was either in the key of Eb, or actually contained an Eb chord somewhere in the song, he would transpose the song into a different key! When I tackled him about this! He blithely imparted that you didn't play in Eb if you could get away with it...??? Despite this misleading start, I managed to keep playing and eventually bought my own guitar. It was a beautifull classical guitar. I left school at the age of 15, and saved up enough money to enable a visit to the local musical emporium! This was mainly dedicated to accoustic instruments. I entered the premises with the princely sum of £13 in my pocket. The sales person was an elderly (to me) gentleman who enquired if I needed assistance? 'I've come to buy a guitar.' I mumble feeling slightly embarrased. 'A wise investment young sir!' He exclaims in a very understated and gentle voice. I immediately feel at ease! 'Do you have a preference as to the style of instrument you require?' He asks. 'Err, I've been playing a nylon string one' 'Excellent choice!' This man is the epitome of calm. The sort of bloke you really want to be your Grandad! 'Does sir have a budget to adhere to?' 'Um. I've got £13' I mumble. This represents almost three weeks wages to me! 'Let's have a look shall we?' The place is full of guitars! Along all walls three high, starting with, on the left, the biggest array of classical guitars I've yet to encounter since that day! He selects a guitar and walks to the other side of the shop and sits down on a stool. 'I think this may be a suitable candidate!' He says. He then tunes it up in what appears to be less than a second, and hands it to me. ' I shall leave you alone whilst I attent to a few things. Please!' He says indicating the stool. I sit down and start impressing everybody with my mastery of the Eb chord. Then I strike up a snappy little number in Am by America called Ventura Highway. Feeling pretty pleased with myself, the salesman returns. 'What do you think? 'It feels lovely' I say. Which it did. 'How much is it?' I enquire. He finds a small ticket attached to a tuning peg. '£16 sir.' 'Oh. I've only got £13. I can't afford any more than that!' He takes the guitar from me and asks how long I've been playing. 'Not long.' I say. 'Will this be your first instrument Sir?' He asks. 'Yes.' I say. He is now sitting on the stool and begins to play. I have no idea what he is playing, but it's not Lennon and McCartney or the Birds. I am absolutely stunned that such beautifull music can come from a piece of wood with pieces of wire and plastic attached. After a few minutes, he stops and I am left speachless! He walks to the counter with the guitar, searches there for a few seconds and finds a carrying case. Puts the guitar inside, puts a set of pitch pipes in the pocket of the case and looks at me over the rim of his spectacles. 'That will be £13 exactly young Sir. Keep practising and above all! Enjoy playing.' I rush over to the counter scrabbling in my pocket for the money I have carefully folded away! I am still stunned and can't believe my luck! I have just obtained about 20 quids worth of gear for 13! Two things happened to me that day. First, I became the owner of my first guitar. Second, I realised there was more to music than the Beatles and Top of the Pops.. Steve.
  8. How Do You Listen To Music?

    I think ears and your brain adapt to what you subject them to! I have a pair of high end Sennheiser heaphones that I use at home. But when I travel, I use a cheap pair of headphones. When I first put them on, the sound is pretty average to say the least! But after a few tracks, my brain has adapted to the sound and everything sounds great!
  9. How Do You Listen To Music?

    I drink Tea. And wine. Lots of wine.
  10. Crowd-funding?? Any thoughts??

    I have supported artists with crowd funding in the past and I would offer this piece of advice. Have something that funders will want to hear! Just being a 'Trans Band' isn't enough for me to support you. (Even though I do have a lovely couple of friends who are tranny) You need to convince me that what you are offering is genuine talent. A product that I would be willing to buy whether you are Gay, Straight, Bi, Trans, or whatever. If you want to sell your product, (in this case, Music) Produce good music! That will get you some backing! (With a lot of hard work on your part promoting what you have to offer!) Good luck!
  11. How Do You Listen To Music?

    Bar stewards! Robash. If 10,000 out of 10,000 people hear different things. Does it really matter what a musician produces? Obviously, you can't please all of the people all of the time!
  12. Me&John

    I'm reluctant to post the pics of us prancing around Glasgow in the rain! Naked!
  13. I listen to music that pleases me. If a piece pleases me within the first few bars, It's a keeper. I have no set illusions or constraints on what might please me. Most of what I listen to is found online by random surfing. Sometimes, it's from reccommendations from friends. Music should be a pleasure, not a task or a challenge! It shouldn't be a chore to find something, it's there to appeal. If it does that, then you've cracked it! If it doesn't appeal, don't try finding something in it that you might imagine is there!
  14. Finaly got around to listening to this! I think you played a bit of this at my house! Glad you got it finished! Excellent piece mate!
  15. How Do You Listen To Music?

    My main listening takes place in the car. I have a 6 CD changer and regularly change a few for variety! I prefer to be alone when listening and I enjoy that as my main source of consumption. At home, I listen through a good pair of over ear Sennheiser headphones through the PC. When I trravel by train (quite a lot) I listen either through a small laptop, but more usually through a very small MP3 player with a pair of cheap over ear headphones. Although the sound is quite good! I don't have a Hi Fi any longer! (I do but it doesn't work)