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  1. Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat

    Thanks, Tried to figure it out from memory, then looked on youtube found the metal version (no chickens were harmed)
  2. Ferrick vs. Spotify class action

    https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/spotify-hit-with-second-songwriter-lawsuit-in-the-us/ So in short Spotify is saying they are responsible for everything and nothing even though they may be responsible for everything. They are claiming that unkown spotify users had uploaded the music of the claimants.
  3. Brand Identity

    Brand Identity means something to me when I purchase musical equipment. Mostly it's about quality. That being said I've seen some amazing work by tech's to bring cheap guitars to life with simple things such as replacing various hardware and hard work. I'm still a strong believer that its the artist which brings musicality to the instrument rather then the other way round. Nonetheless there is something about a well built instrument that carries a legacy to it which can be very inspiring. Where as in let's say someone brings a taylor to a bluegrass jamboree expect all hell to break lose. I've seen the same type of behaviour break out at the early blues jams I attended where if it didn't say Gibson or fender on the headstock people would judge the performance by the brand rather than the performance. Push the performer back to the end of the show even if they sign up early, just so the cork sniffers aren't going hardcore. Non-musicians don't care. If they like what they hear then it's all that matters. How attached are you to your brand identities? Do you think that they help define who you are?
  4. Brand Identity

    Yeah. I envy those who can stick to one or two electric guitars. I've only seen one SG with a thin neck. Most I've played had thick chunky ones. It's funny when ever I see an SG demo video or an SG copy video they always use AC/DC. That's the last thing that comes to mind when I think of SG's I think Clapton during Cream years or Santana at Woodstock or Bad Finger.
  5. Brand Identity

    @Tom I've had a desire for an SG for decades but never got around to it. Mostly it has to do with the fat neck and the lack of space between the high E and the edge of the fretboard. Fred Wilkinson of Wilkinson Parts has a brand name "Vintage" which he sells recreations of classics. Including SG's I happened to play one of these Vintage VS6's in a guitar store. And as he states in the video. The neck width is wider and less chunky. While I was there I also tried out the strat copy, and the tele copy. The strat produced the most Clapton Blackie sounds I'd ever heard. I was blown away. The tele had me pissed as it out shined my Fender Telecaster by a mile. I didn't dare play the Vintage LP copy. It's funny as much as Matt Raines rags on guitar players who are consumed by brand names I'm becoming very much a Raines Guitar fan. Mostly because of the extra work he puts into it before it ships and the workmanship of the neck. Personality wise I think he's a blowhard.
  6. Brand Identity

    Yeah I had this Kramer Stagemaster Custom.. God that thing weighed a ton. Huge body long scale length. Amazing, amazing tone. The thing was impossible to play sitting or standing for me. I'd have to sit on the edge of a stool and play it with a "classical" stance The tone was stunning to me. I'll never have another acoustic. I've had more problems with acoustics than Doan's has pills. Had two Gibson Les Pauls. Used to get quite a lot of conversation about them. One stolen from my car, when I was packing it all away. It was locked up tight didn't stop them from smashing a window. I've thrown in the towel with some brands. It's funny to me. I know a lot of Ibanez fans. They buy Ibanez guitars left and right and then complain about them left and right and then get rid of them only to buy another ibanez. I'm not talking one time. I'm talking several times over the course of several years. I will say that looking forward to purchasing a guitar and then purchasing it/having it has lead me into different directions. When I was looking for telecasters I started to think about country players and playing country guitar. Something I had zero identification to prior. I'd watch video's, download practice material and try to expand my musical horizons. It didn't make me Danny Gatton or any other country shredder. It did expand my musical vocabulary. I'm sure I could have played what I learned just fine on any of the electrics I'd already owned. It' wouldn't sound or feel exactly the same. Oddly while I think of my next guitar I've finally started delving into the Artiphon Instrument One. I'm still not that comfortable with it but I won't be without practice on it. I want to play it like a guitar but that's impossible without a strap. It won't accept regular guitar straps. I've had mine on order for over a month now.
  7. Free music production software

    LMMS is terrible imho and sum up what is wrong with the freeware movement. This is what happens when developers do something as a hobby for free. They lack the commitment to follow through. I'll save you the long stories about my personal experience working as a programmer in the freeware field You are better off getting a freeware product from a company that operates on a for profit basis. Some do put out freeware as an incentive for future purchases. If you prefer not delving into the world of midi then I would suggest RiffWorks by Sonoma https://www.kvraudio.com/product/riffworks-by-sonoma-wire-works Or Magix Music Maker http://www.magix.com/us/music-maker/new-features/#c551641
  8. John Moxey

  9. Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat

    If you watch a lot of pron does that make you better at sex? Actually female pron stars are quite open about the fact not only do they not enjoy the experience but it can be quite painful. But hey get an expensive guitar that needs work see how closely you can fix everything then go in to a guitar store and get an appraisal. You wouldn't believe the amount of times alleged cooks didn't work out after going through the interview process. One guy broke his arm in seven places checking the dough incorrectly on an industrial mixer. He saw someone do it on a video so he tried to do it with the machine on. [img[img I can't begin to tell you how many issues I've had with alleged cooks in the past as a cook and a manager. They see an opportunity to make a little money than they do currently and try to weasel their way into the system. Sorry getting too serious.
  10. Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat

    The other day I was sparked by the idea of flipping (selling) guitars. Buying cheap cleaning them up and then doing minor work before reselling them. Which lead me to rethink my skill level with guitar tech work. Some I know but don't do often. Somethings I've never had experience in. Then I came across this link which is a school for guitar repair, building and design http://www.galloupguitars.com/school.htm Just some whims running through my head right now.
  11. Poem in Radar Poetry

    Quite interesting material you have there Steve. Engaging and perplexing to a theb such as myself.
  12. What does it mean to succeed?

    I somewhat disagree with this assertion. Producers still require equipment and software. No label nor self respecting producer would work on a project for free. Nor would they allow freeware to be used in production. Time is money. It takes time to produce a single. If you want it to be a hit then you'll want to go the extra mile and invest in the costs required. Mic's aren't free, soundcards aren't free. Labor isn't free Marketing isn't free. Even distribution isn't free.
  13. Songs To Recommend To 15 Year Olds

    Yeah don't suggest it. Just hide it somewhere in an open place so they can discover it for themselves. It doesn't hurt to mark it with "Mature Content, may not be suitable for those under 18 years of age."
  14. Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat

    BIAB is available in both Mac and PC formats. If it were not for my desire to turn everything into a chord melody arrangement BIAB would be all I ever needed. For years it sustained me doing jazz but not much else. I'm more than happy to write in BIAB and perform using biab as a backing track. You have tonnes of styles even in the least expensive version and you don't have to run off and buy more. With midi files you can choose to use your soundcards midi or third party plugins to play in the background. BIAB also has SFZ format for swapping out your standard midi player sounds for those in SFZ (soundfont) plugins (yes it works on macs) So if you ever want to use ...Garritan orchestral sounds or DSF (Emu) Rompler sounds https://www.digitalsoundfactory.com/soundfont_products or the hundreds of other plugins offered in SFZ format you can use it directly in BIAB. I use the IKM sample tank patches for my instrument sounds. With any song in any style you can have melody embellishing. With Super Styles you get style embellishing it's like Artificial Intelligence. Rather than some dorky sounding auto arranger keyboard the instruments vary the arrangement as it progresses. Real Styles I've used two of the ones supplied in my version of BIAB for actual recording (rather than simply playing along) As cool as they sound and as many times that I've thought to purchase more real styles or buy the upgrade. I've always stopped short. I don't want to be overwhelmed by them and find myself always reaching for real styles. Real Styles are great but they are frozen by nature. You can't embellish with them or change the voicing/ rhythmic feel on the fly like you can super midi and standard styles. Standard Midi Styles Standard midi styles refers to the older styles that date back to the earliest days of BIAB. I love them and still use them. I have about 4,000 of them in various musical genre's. This is because back in the old days people would make their own styles and share them freely online. The MegaPak version (which I have) comes with 2300 standard styles. Super Midi Styles Real Styles use a midi track that doubles what is performed with the Real audio track. The only major differences are that Real Tracks use real audio that is heard with Super Midi running in the background for transcription. Super midi has a higher ppq than standard midi style tracks. Both super and standard style tracks can be embelished or not. They can also be simplified or expanded. If it were not for my desire to turn everything into a chord melody arrangement BIAB would be all I ever needed. For years it sustained me doing jazz but not much else. I still use it as a learning tool to help me develop different approaches to Chord Melody. About Harmonizing Melody (and solo) While I joke about some of the chord solo functionality for the fret board view. It's really an amazing tool. You can pick an artist (say Joe Pass or Ed Bickert or Johnny Smith (or others) apply it to a melody and it will try to represent a performance that they (or that individual) would have used in arranging the piece. What's more is that it's not limited to Guitar Harmony. The harmony function can harmonize in a multitude of styles. Four and Five piece brass sections, Various different approaches based on artists preferences There are 227 harmony arrangement methods with various instruments. Melodist and Soloist In the Melody section there is this thing called Melodist. It will try to compose a melody based on a given artists approach. They same is true for Soloist. You can have it generate the chord progression or use the existing one. It can load the preferred style for the melodist/soloist or you can work with the existing one (though it will caution you if one is in straight time and the other in swing (and vice versa) Again if you have ever wanted the "secret forumla" for writing a melody or solo based on the characteristics of a particular artists. This is a goldmine.
  15. Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat

    True. I've done a little of that so far using guitar pro. It's still work a lot of work. Everything is turning into work or distraction or both. As an example. I've been trying to walk away from Band In a Box. Band in a Box is great fun. The yahoo users group has the largest collection of jazz standards on the planet. I know I have them all. When one studies using BIAB or any other software the focus is on reading... Not performing. If you aren't going to be performing with the software then it's important to practice without the software. I'll get so addicted to just playing along I'll lose sight of the indended goal. BIAB does allow for midi conversion. This is nice if you need to do arrangement. As I do. However trying to port the melody into a guitar track on something like Guitar Pro is a pain at best as it does a poor job of laying out where to position the notes. You also need to go back and lay in the basic chord names per beat because this is will be a chord melody arrangement. Then try to add the harmony to the melody in a meaningful way. Often I'll find myself guitar in lap trying various approaches while having to manually punch it in on the computer keyboard. It takes forever to get an arrangement that isn't too crowded yet... "Hip" Band in a Box does have a feature when one pulls up the fretboard called "CH SOL" Chord Solo. Where by it will analyze the key, chord movement and try to recreate a chord/melody based on playing styles of famous chord melody players such as Joe Pass, Johnny Smith(my favorite) and a few others. While it does serve as a good "Foot in the Door" I've tried it with various standards that the artist played and compared the output of biab. It's a joke. But it's also a good foot in the door to understanding various approaches. By the time I've nearly got the arrangement down to something I can perform.... I have this overwhelming desire to earn my name. I'm a tapper. Sure, I started out like all the young guns on EVH style tapping like a cat chasing it's own tail. But my style since then has completely evolved into something quite different. Combining finger picking and tapping. Usually this means I'll try to get the arrangement down twice. Once with conventional technique and then again with tapping. The entire process is too time consuming. Which leads me back to looking for decent transcriptions of standards where someone else has already done the hard work of arranging the piece so I can concentrate on playing.
  16. Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat

    I'm seriously thinking of hosting a jazz tabs site. It drives me nuts the routines I have to go through for decent transcriptions. I'm not a good transcriber. I'm often most angry when I have to actually write scores out because I've traveled the long way round. First I'll surf for transcriptions endlessly. Then if the transcription is for crap sometimes I'll through the baby out with the bath water and finally I'll get down to brass tacks to arrange a score for chord melody playing. On those few occasions where I do find a decent arrangement I cherish it. It's getting harder and harder to find them though.
  17. What does it mean to succeed?

    Though Radionomy is taking many of my favorite commercial radio stations away from me. https://www.radionomy.com
  18. What does it mean to succeed?

    I just have to chime in with Radio Stations. When I was at SZ we had a project in permanent beta testing called SWiSH Radio. It could run as an embedded flash page or as a widget for mac computers or a gadget on windows machines or run on a browser (without flash) Our beta testers loved it. The powers that be never figured out how to market the concept to make money. The Beta testers loved it even if they didn't have many listeners. We had to mask stations identities to protect ourselves from someone using our server for broadcasting unlicensed material. It was much like shoutcast https://www.shoutcast.com/ Though easier for users to program. Shoutcast is the only radio streaming service I use for personal listening. https://www.shoutcast.com/ Though winamp makes for one lousy shoutcast player on my android. I prefer Simple Shoutcast https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kunihiro.ando.shoutcast
  19. Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat

    So I finally got a raise at work. Nothing earth shattering but at least I can pay most of my bills. (still really need to fix the minivan) What do I do with that first paycheck with a little extra cash? Invest in work clothing. They supplied me with one work shirt t-shirt and I bought another from them. Both cheap and black. Both have seen better days and are bleach stained, along with other things that aren't coming out in the wash. I bought a chef skull cap (sushi), a chef cap. Four Chef coats and four pairs of chef pants along with a pair of chef clogs. I hate wearing nicer clothes that get trashed at work. Chef's wear is specifically made to be stain resistant, breathable and durable. While I can cook in anything and the product will be the same as the pride comes from the man not the clothes. Wearing proper attire can make all the difference in perception.
  20. My first G1Xon came with a faulty LCD screen which made it impossible for me to read or edit the effects. I returned and used the money for another purchased via Sweetwater. After many years of promising myself I'd go back to Busking I finally have. I needed a good multi-effects unit that was battery powered for situations which I wouldn't have an outlet for. The G1Xon is a mixed bag of nuts that... for all of it's faults still fulfills the requirements I had for such a unit. The unit can be powered by 9 volt adapter (not included) 4 AA batteries or USB. At home I use the USB power supply as it saves on batteries. I haven't gone through my infinite supply of wall warts to find a suitable 9V match. Along the back is also the guitar line in and a stereo 1/4 jack that can be used as headphones or mono out to an amp. And pin plug mini stereo in. The top of the unit has Up/Down pedals primarily used for scrolling through patches but also can be used to access the tunor or looper and rhythm play/stop controls. Along with an expression pedal (what separates a G1on from a G1Xon) Above the pedals are the controls. A small square LCD screen Home Button / Value knob Menu, Rhythm/Looper button a 4 way series of buttons for editing Effects chains. It has 100 effects and amp sims. The unit allows for up to 5 effects simultaneously in any order which can come in quite handy. Before going on it's important to remember that this is a budget effects processor selling for roughly $70.00 USD (53.00 £). And while it does fulfill my requirement of being a battery powered pedal board with lots of effects which are fairly faithful to the original sounds still the unit has much to be desired. The tuner is accessed by pushing both up and down buttons at once. It's easy to read and very accurate. The patches are laid out in 10 banks (A~J) of 10 presets (0~9) The bank/patch is highly visible from a standing position. However It is nearly impossible to see the preset name from the board sitting on the floor. If you want to use this unit live you may wish to consider adding the patch value to your setlist so you can call it up by A7 or G5). I had a chance to quickly go through all the presets. None have song or artist name attached to them. Generally I found myself trying out a few chords or a lick and asking myself what does this tone sound like. In any current multi-effect processor song names or artists names become patch names for easy identification. The names were so generic it was hard to get a good feel of what was being used and it required deep editing simply to find the amp model. That being said the tone is overall. Punchy loud and clear If you have the unit on the floor and are using humbuckers. However if you work with editing the sounds on your desk so you can see what you are editing the feedback from poor shielding becomes very apparent. I know it's marketed as an inexpensive unit and production costs must be set at a minimum but still it's annoying. Another annoying thing is the accuracy of levels. Going from either a clean small amp setting to a high gain one has huge volume spikes. No Output Level knob Dammit if only the single knob could be used as a level control. I was constantly reaching over to my amp to either bring up or bring down the listening level. No Software Editor - All editing must be done from the top of the unit. The usb is only for power and updating the firmware. The firmware tool supplied by zoom didn't recognize the unit and so didn't work. This means there is little in the way of a patch sharing community which would be really handy in recreating famous sounds. Instead you have to manually via various screens, buttons and one knob make all of your adjustments. There is no separate allocation for User and Preset. Once you have changed a preset it is changed for good. While there is a Swap for shifting one preset to another it's buried in the global settings and hard to use. If you want the preset of B5 in a different location because you have something else that needs to go there you have to dig pretty deep into the editing. For the hobbyist who wants to spend hours of fun trying to dial in the right tone it may be a treat. For the professional or simply the person who wants to call up a familiar tone without work forget it. No Soundcard Functionality. The USB does not send or receive audio. It's useless for re-amping from your daw. It's no Line 6 product or AxeFX or Kemper that's for sure. Editing manually is actually quite easy using the controls on the top. Just read the manual and then use the combination of knob, 4-way buttons and enter button. Escaping from editing is as easy as pressing the Home button. While you can't simply download a patch and install it in there are many famous sounds at Guitar Patches which you can follow along and manually edit into your device. http://guitarpatches.com/patches.php?unit=G1on&sort=&page=1 They do also have more than a few which are default settings. Which means if you want to go back to the factory settings you can manually dial them back in. The amp sims, effects and cab sims are to be praised overall. They are wonderful recreations that aren't always that faithful to the original which isn't a bad thing. Many guitar amps don't have a presence control in real life. Presence while not a mix level control brings back the tonal character of the instrument and adds a little bit of "sweetness" or airy flavor to the tone at the end of the signal chain. This is especially important when playing in many situations from dark rooms to using smaller amps and trying to fill the air. In summary it's a very nice sounding unit that may not be for everyone. The fact that it's battery powered so it can be used in busking situations or where you simply don't need another cable on the floor make it a win. Sure I still think about a Line 6 Firehawk FX for the home/studio/stage. But a Firehawk would not be suitable for a busking situation. I've resolved an issue with the usb settings which allows me to update the firmware. As well some crafty software engineer not associated with zoom has created an app. While the app doesn't allow for visual patch editing it does allow for a simple patch exchange and a patch exchange forum for zoom product users. This is great. As all you need do is drag the patch from a post and place it into the app window where the banks/patches are stored. It automatically loads into the hardware. Saving much time having to program everything on screen.
  21. What does it mean to succeed?

    You have your work cut out for you on that one Tim It's good to have goals. They keep one focused when all else fails. I'll tell you a funny story. Recently I decided to shut down famous sounds. It's something I'd always come back to and rebuild from the ground up. A portal just for the sake of having something current to keep on my resume. I had every good intention of following through and cataloging rigs as used on the recordings of famous performers. I'd done it before with "classic keyboards" and a little with famous guitars. I'm still doing it for myself with my zoom G1Xon programming in famous sounds and sharing them. But there is only so much time in a day and I lack the attention/motivation I've had in previous years. Then comes what I think is a godsend. An industry insider with a lot of clout wants to start up a midi magazine similar to http://www.keyboardmag.com/ but devoted to the wider spectrum of all midi based controllers, instruments and daw/hosts. So I poured myself into the project but big shot was dragging along without clear goals for himself or deadlines. In short I wasted a lot of time before I pulled out. Then a company approaches me about being an outside evangelist for their product. Which is how I got my last great paying job. First as an evangelist then working for the company. The company in question has plenty of outside evangelists. They don't need me. And to be honest they don't need me in marketing or support. My point is this. It's easy to get side tracked. Right now I'm building up my confidence by busking and... Trying to learn old songs to increase my current repertoire. With the goal of someday playing coffee shops. Every night I check the latest posts (which I shouldn't) around my favorite haunts. Then I seek out songs and try to get the sound right. It takes more effort not to get sucked into finding a favorite tone for a song that I'll never play live. I'm getting ADD as I age. I hope you stay on target with your album and wish you the best of success with it. The greatest success may be simply finishing it.
  22. How'd you come up with your name?

    So Kind of like Kwai Chang Caine? Master of ancient wisdom traveling with only the clothes on his back part minstrel, part Kung Fu master? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kwai_Chang_Caine
  23. Recently I got an email regarding end of year closeout deals from Line 6. I followed the link and saw some really good deals especially for Firehawk FX. Firehawk FX is basically POD HD 500 Pro with a streamlined on-board interface. Instead deep control access has to be done via iOS, Android or PC (via bluetooth) technology. It makes sense that you could reduce the price by putting deep editing on an app....and beable to easily edit via. While the unit does have quite a number of classic rock and metal presets, as well as a vast effects and amp models it's still not on par with what is available to pod or helix users. What's more the line6 custom tone library doesn't even list Firehawk ...http://line6.com/customtone/ It maybe that because Yamaha may be pushing for more Helix as it was a cooperative development between Yamaha's techs and Line6 techs instead of Firehawk which was of pure Line6 design. Yamaha has focused on ground up circuit by circuit modeling which is more labor intense then standard HD modeling of L6. This means that while Helix and THR modeling may be more accurate there are less amp/effect models to choose from. While the amp modeling is very very close in the above demo. It's not near as accurate as say.... Helix or Kemper. Then again ...further on I don't think they matched Mic for virtual mic which does affect the final output. While not anytime in the near future I am debating on which multi-effect processor to buy. With Line6 focusing mostly on helix as the go-to pedal board and pod as being number 2 they may be letting firehawk go. I may pick one up. It may be the perfect compliment to my Variax Standard as it has a vdi in for editing / storing variax settings in the effects unit.
  24. Line 6 Firehawk FX: Line 6 Redhead Stepchild?

    Tim, found out something interesting today thought you would like to know about. There is a zoom community that have created their own independent app for zoom guitar products. http://www.zoompatches.com/forum/ Once you install the app you can instantly drag patches from the forum directly into the app which then sends it to your unit. As well you can cross model download patches. The only exception is when your model may not have the effect / amp sim as did the source model. I just found it and I'm having a blast.
  25. What does it mean to succeed?

    A song doesn't stick into a listeners head to make that determination until it's been played for them a few times. That being said it's the emotive value in performance where the audience feels the musicians believe in the song that makes all the difference. If the artist doesn't evoke that they are feeling neither will the audience. This type of energy gets harder and harder to evoke after multiple takes or multiple performances where one isn't reaching the audience and the audience doesn't reach back. As far as deeper meanings and connecting through your lyrics. I love this comic for pointing out what the lyrics are actually telling the audience. There are a vast number of songs that have come through the pipes which if one sat down and read the lyrics they'd have a completely different understanding of the message.