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  1. I'm So Superficial! NEW MIX!

    So I listened a couple more times, once thru my laptop & once using buds on an I-phone. (Originally I listened using monitors) it sounds different everytime I listen to it. I would assume the reason why it's more difficult to understand utilizing monitors is they tend to pick up a broader range of frequencies than do the handhelds. Regardless, now I've listened to it 5 or 6 times and still find it enjoyably goofy. kudos!
  2. I'm So Superficial! NEW MIX!

    LOL! Fun stuff! There's a few places where I had a tough time understanding the robotish vocals, but it drew me in enough to listen 2 more times. Very refreshing to hear a song that doesn't take itself too serious. 2 California Thumbs Up! Rick
  3. Time And Tide

    Very nice! A neat blend of Al Stewart (Year of the cat) and Seals & Croft........only better! You always live up to being Guitarboy17, although I've always wondered who the other 16 are! " Time and tide will wait for no man" very powerful statement. The only thing I'd like to see added to this is about a 4-1/2 hour guitar solo, or even just a little one to hold me over. stellar work as usual! Rick
  4. American

    Hey Michael! Memorizing! Very cool lineal arrangement... I too hear a little of the Boss (your voice) & the Cowboy Junkies (One of my favs) I was going to mention the pause between V1 & V2, but have decided that the space it provides is one of my favorite aspects of the song. "My addictions all seem so brilliant" ...... Wow! I'm listening on a laptop this fine evening, so I have no idea how the mix is ......and this is the stuff you have just lying around? Geesh! Nice work dude! Rick
  5. Some Drum Fun!

    From the album Life's Experiences

    Rick having some fun on the drums!

    © All Rights Reserved

  6. Aerodynamics & Music Perfected

    ...Or for that matter, left turns
  7. Amy goes crazy on the drums!

    From the album Life's Experiences

    Amy goes crazy on drums!
  8. “I Couldn’T Sleep (Down The River)”

    Yo Tom! Beautiful stuff..... Man I dig the sound of your guitar! Lyrics are stellar as usual. Vocals are beautiful too. The only minor adjustment I'd make is to push the lyrics back behind the guitar a tad. You have a super clear voice so no matter where you place it, it will shine. Well worth the listen! Rick
  9. Music in the Rocks

    From the album Life's Experiences

    Jamming with friends in the mountains above So Cal.

    © All Rights Reserved - Rick Glynn 2014

  10. Amy's Listening 2

    From the album Life's Experiences

    Model - Amy Glynn Location - Mountains above southern California, October 2014

    © All Rights Reserved - 2014

  11. Amy's Listening

    From the album Life's Experiences

    Taken in the mountains overlooking Southern California, October 2014 Model - Amy Glynn

    © All Rights Reserved - 2014

  12. dragon wings

    From the album Life's Experiences

    Dragon Wings is a Martin BC Classic with bronze wings

    © All Rights Reserved - 2014

  13. Weeds

    Yeah, me too I'm doing a redo into Protools to deal with some of those issues...... I always dig Simon's remarks... brutally honest, but good natured! Keep your ears peeled for the redo & let me know what you think..... thanks a bunch Space! - Rick
  14. Weeds

    Thanks mi amigo! Sometimes I have to slap myself around a bit to remind myself just how good I have it, the grass isn't really greener on the otherside... of course up here it's all dirt I highly recommend Huggies over Luvs