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  1. Excellent. Pristine vocal. I really love when the music lightens and your lead vocal is more up front with the lovely sounds of the backing vocals. I really think the piano and your vocals and the tremendous songwriting are the stars here and they are, at times, unfortunately overpowered by the rest of the production. This would be even more amazing stripped to just the piano and your vocals. It already is pretty amazing as is. Great stuff, Dave
  2. Hey Mark, Thx for the listen. When I was fooling around with the progression, as is always the beginning of my songwriting process, while singing extraneous ramblings, it started as a love song. Problem is I am a horrible love song writer. I guess I have been married so long, with more songs than I can count about my wife, that the love song arena just isn't in the cards for me. As a result, there was this. I get that maj 7th chords and politics don't necessarily make a good match. Nothing like trying something new on for size! Anyway, per previous posters, I have taken the bv's back a little and have also tried to work on the drums a bit, though I do not believe successfully. They are still a WIP and the bane of my existence. Thx, as always, for the comments. Much appreciated. Dave
  3. Hey Mark, Well obviously I have been away a long time. This is nothing like the song as I remember in the much earlier version. I remember thinking the earlier version was tremendous. I think this is, as well. No need to hire a "pro." This sounds as "pro" as anything I have heard on this site. It sounds very pro to me. Exquisite playing in my view. Congrats. One of my faves ever posted on Songstuff. Dave
  4. Hey David, When I opened your post I thought this might be the production, with vocals, of that funky instrumental you last posted. I hope that is still in the cooker. I really enjoyed this as well. Always dig your vocal. My only nit is the bridge in this... big dealso whatbig fishso safe in your . . .little puddle Love the lyric ... especially "little puddle." That being said, I am not sure musically it works as a "break down" with only drums. It sounded a bit thin to me and I wanted to hear more instrumentation during that section. I get the dynamic change moving into the chorus, but still wanted to hear more instruments. It just didn't strike me that a drum only breakdown seemed right. Loved the solo thereafter ... though honestly I couldn't tell if it was guitar or synth. Doesn't matter ... it sounded awesome. Great stuff, as always. Dave
  5. Hey Dek, Love it. What a great tune and far different from anything else I have heard of yours. Love the lyric the melody and the singing. Not much else to criticize. All good to my ears. Very sorry for your loss. It certainly sounds like you were left with a bunch of very good memories. I am glad you could share them with us. Dave
  6. Bobby Fuller Four/I Fought The Law
  7. @Suzy ... Thx for the listen Suzy and the encouraging comments, it is always appreciated. @Will ... thx as well. I do agree that the B/V's are a bit up front, on repeated listens. I will have to bring them down a tad. Will also experiment with the note changes on the verse and see what I think. Appreciate the listen and comments greatly. @Matthew ... thx much for the listen and comments as always. Glad you enjoyed it! @Sreyashi ... thx much for commenting and having a listen. Totally agree with the comments on the b/V's. Also like the harmony idea on the "what have we done line." Now only if I can accomplish that successfully! @David ... thx as always ... I knew the drums were an issue. I can never seem to produce what I hear in my head on the skins. Always a weak link for me and honestly the thing Inspend the least amount of time on (and I think it shows)! On the to do list for sure. Lyric wise, I honestly don't see me changing much. When I was playing around with the progression and coming up with the melody I just started sing extraneous words, like I always do when I write, and this is what came out. He has taken over my mind like a friggin' virus and I can't get out of my head, try as I might, @Randy .., How is it going my friend. Yes it has been a long time. Been so swamped between the day job and gigging with the band at night I just haven't had much time to write. Always appreciate the comments. Are you talking about having almost a chorus for the parts in parenthesis? I kind of like that idea if you are. As far as the second verse, I have to say, I do see the connection, but understand your point. Maybe I could work in "Come and join the hell hole" though. I kind of like that. @Ken ... thx much for the listen and comments. They are always appreciated. Totally agree on the b/v's, @Paul ... thx as always for the listen. Love your new one. No flute in this, Just a lot of guitar tracks, vocals, midi bass and drums. Thx for the comments!
  8. I enjoyed the tune, especially the music and mix. Definitely 80's which you know. While not my favorite musical decade you do it very very well. The weak link for me is the lyric. Not necessarily from a subject matter viewpoint, but more from a hook point of view. My personal preference is a lyric with more rhyming. It grabs the listener more. I would have liked more rhyming, though just a personal preference. Really enjoyed the music and mix nonetheless Dave
  9. I really enjoyed this. Very powerful music with the synth bass. Loved the lyric too, though I agree with the others that the bridge needs more differentiation. Excellent powerful song.
  10. Seagull/Joe Bonomassa I know this is a Bad Company song, but I like this version better ... The dude can play! Seagull cover starts at 1;45, but I don't recommend missing the first 1:45 and fast forwarding.
  11. Hey all. Haven't had much time for writing of late. This is the first in a long while. Thanks for any feedback you can offer. I know some don't like political tunes. Couldn't help myself. It is what inspires me of late. 100 Days Music & Lyrics by David S. Becker (c)2017 David S. Becker Music INTRO VERSE 1 I'm drying my eyes I'm torn up inside This once was a place Where the heart and the soul They could thrive PRE-CHORUS (How can they cheer) When we're dying (And turn a blind eye) To the lying (For 100 days) I've been crying When compassion is lost We will all pay the cost And a nation is failing It's all crumbling down In just ... CHORUS 100 days (Watch it burn) 100 days (When will we learn) 100 Days What have we done VERSE 2 In the harbor she stands With a torch in her hand She's welcoming those From distant and faraway lands PRE-CHORUS (How can they cheer) Liberty's dying (And turn a blind eye) To his lying (For 100 days) Autocracy's looming When all decency strays While the suits look away And the house on the hills Gone from bright light to gray In just ... CHORUS BRIDGE I think I'm goin' crazy I must be losing my mind I don't even recognize this place Maybe I'm blind Tell me I'm dreaming Or I simply lost my way It's all gone to hell In just 100 days CHORUS x 3/Fade
  12. Hey Paul, Good to hear another tune from you This has a huge Styx feel from the Dennis DeYoung Grand Illusion days. Awesome music. I don't know where I could begin to make this better. Well done! If I had one suggestion it would be that I would rather like to hear those synths in an interlude section rather than carrying the song and actually bring a vocal melody into the song, not unlike Styx did in the good old days. I think it would be awesome. It is great as an instrumental, but would be killer arranged with a lyric. Just my $.02. Great work. Dave
  13. Hey Lisa, Hope all is well. I am loving this. It has a very cool 70's soul feel, something you might hear off a Curtis Mayfield album or Marvin Gaye's Whats Goin On album. Loving the heavy bass. Really great lyric and I agree with above commenter, really good vocal and music and melody compliment each other really well. I am not hearing a rap part in this tune and like I said, I am hearing more of a soul tune here ... think Freddie's Dead by Curtis Mayfield or Inner City Blues by Marvin, or even Son of a Preacher man by Dusty Springfield. Take care neighbor Dave
  14. Elvis Costello/Pump It Up
  15. Hey Daryl, I totally enjoyed the tune. I love the quirky feel. Personally, being an American, I did not find the lyric preachy at all. I also do not see this as an "anti-American" song as some have espoused. Rather, I see it as an "anti-Trump" song which "many many" Americans would agree with you about. I like songs that take a stand, whether you agree with the message or not. I don't find that preachy, I find it real and heartfelt. I also don't see the subject of this song as being solely an American problem. I look at it as a universal problem, for which all can proudly voice their position on. My take anyway. I really dug it. Dave