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  1. Song Title Association Game

    Nick Lowe/Soulful WInd
  2. Heart Of Rock 'N Roll

    I live in Bradenton Rob. The band plays in the Bradenton/Sarasota Palmetto/Ellenton area. We talk about crossing the bridge into St Pete or going further south into the Venice englewood area, but havnt done so yet. thx for giving it a listen. Dave
  3. Favorite Song(s) of the Week?

    Been listening to this cover of a Neil Young classic, Cortez The Killer, done by The Dave Matthews Band and Warren Haynes ... Great jam!
  4. Heart Of Rock 'N Roll

    Hey all, Figured I would share a live cover of a Huey Lewis tune my band, The Klick Band, plays. This was from a show we played at Ace's Live in Bradenton, FL. Hope you enjoy. Not studio quality by any means, but again it was recorded live.
  5. Song Title Association Game

    My favorite Dire Straits tune ... Down To The Waterline/Dire Straits
  6. 100 Days

    @Gary ... thx much for the listen and comments Gary. It is greatly appreciated! Dave
  7. 100 Days

    @Dek, Johan and Tom ...thx much for the comments. Greatly appreciated. I keep changing the drums and going back to what I had as nothing sounds right to my ears. Still working on it! dave p.s. Sure would love to hit you up for a drum track Tom, but I remember reading you are not doing that these days ... hint hint

    Congrats on the new band. You two make an awesome duo. I love your vocals together. It reminds me of a bit of Shane MacGowan and Kirsty MacColl. In fact, I have to make a request. Please please do a cover of Fairytale of New York. Now that would be amazing. Love the song and especially the write and vocals. The only issue I had with the tune and considering Johan's guitar heroics it is kind of a strange crit. I wasn't a fan of the solo at the end of the tune. The playing is great and I love the sound of a clean chicken picked strat (at least that is what I assume you were playing) through a clean fender princeton, twin, super reverb or any other fender amp, which is exactly how this sounds. However, I just don't think that style fits the song and it kind of comes out of nowhere at the end. This is not a crit of the playing at all ... I just think the style doesn't fit the tune. I am not sure a solo is needed at all. All the best to the both of you. Please come by the west coast of FL on the first tour of the states. Ill be there ... and don't forget that Fairytale of NY cover. Dave
  9. Song Title Association Game

    Sir Duke/Stevie Wonder
  10. Happiness - Bielka

    Hello Bielka, I really enjoyed this. The singer has a great voice and like others I really enjoyed hearing this sung in French. I tried to envision the song sung in the english translation and had trouble. Even though I would not have understood the meaning of the lyric had you not translated, it wouldn't matter. The music and performance was so peaceful and smooth I got lost in just listening. Really enjoyed it. Nothing to criticize from my vantage point. Dave
  11. Get Me Down

    Excellent. Pristine vocal. I really love when the music lightens and your lead vocal is more up front with the lovely sounds of the backing vocals. I really think the piano and your vocals and the tremendous songwriting are the stars here and they are, at times, unfortunately overpowered by the rest of the production. This would be even more amazing stripped to just the piano and your vocals. It already is pretty amazing as is. Great stuff, Dave
  12. 100 Days

    Hey Mark, Thx for the listen. When I was fooling around with the progression, as is always the beginning of my songwriting process, while singing extraneous ramblings, it started as a love song. Problem is I am a horrible love song writer. I guess I have been married so long, with more songs than I can count about my wife, that the love song arena just isn't in the cards for me. As a result, there was this. I get that maj 7th chords and politics don't necessarily make a good match. Nothing like trying something new on for size! Anyway, per previous posters, I have taken the bv's back a little and have also tried to work on the drums a bit, though I do not believe successfully. They are still a WIP and the bane of my existence. Thx, as always, for the comments. Much appreciated. Dave
  13. Touchdown Into Grey (May 2017 Update)

    Hey Mark, Well obviously I have been away a long time. This is nothing like the song as I remember in the much earlier version. I remember thinking the earlier version was tremendous. I think this is, as well. No need to hire a "pro." This sounds as "pro" as anything I have heard on this site. It sounds very pro to me. Exquisite playing in my view. Congrats. One of my faves ever posted on Songstuff. Dave
  14. Saunton Sands

    Hey Dek, Love it. What a great tune and far different from anything else I have heard of yours. Love the lyric the melody and the singing. Not much else to criticize. All good to my ears. Very sorry for your loss. It certainly sounds like you were left with a bunch of very good memories. I am glad you could share them with us. Dave
  15. Song Title Association Game

    Bobby Fuller Four/I Fought The Law