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  1. File Upload siize?

    Hello all, I am an Australian Composer having Composed many Original works large and smaller for many different Genres! In an effort to contribute more to this Forum, I tried to Upload one sample I Composed & arranged for just Piano & Cello! However even this smaller work exceeds the permitted Upload Data size?
  2. I am an Australian Composer looking for Australian Choirs to showcase some of my music. Cheers
  3. Does any one have any - Great Highland Bagpipe Drum Scores? (Snare, Tenors & Bass) especially Slow Air 2/4/ time? Can any one send me either a great Bagpipe VST Plug-In & / Great Highland Bagpipe Sound Font(s)? Many thanks franjac1@westnet.com.au
  4. Welcome to the forums Composer :)