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  1. Thanks a lot Alex
  2. Thanks a lot
  3. Wow. Thanks so much Simon.
  4. Thanks for the listen and suggestions - I really appreciate it
  5. Thanks a lot
  6. Thanks Steve
  7. thanks so much Matthew
  8. Mission accomplished
  9. Hi Steve and welcome to the forum I like this and the attitude that comes with it. Would be great performed with a band.
  10. wow - this is really nice Steve. I love that slightly off key air to the intro section - very cool.
  11. Tres bien Matthew. Very uplifting. Would be a nice song to add lyrics and vocals to.
  12. Great stuff Emily. I wouldn't change a thing with the song - perfect pop. The recording and mix could use some work - dirty up the vocal, bring the drums up in the mix and you'll have a winner.
  13. Great song Chumpy - tons of fun and very well recorded/performed
  14. Thanks so much Steve.
  15. Thanks for the listen JH