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  1. I Choose You

    Looks like my plan to brainwash the people of this planet is finally taking effect. Haha thank you. (:
  2. I Choose You

    Thanks I appreciate your feedback. (:
  3. So High

    Haha I actually might do that for this album I've been working on! Thank you!
  4. So High

    Thanks buddy. I have one. Never fully gets rid of the pop though until I edit it, which I didn't in this case.
  5. So High

    Thanks! Lol. We're not gonna get that into it. We legit just wrote the melody in like 5 minutes and recorded. (x
  6. So High

    Haha we got high afterwards. (x
  7. So High

    This is song I just wrote and made with my friend a few minutes ago. It's short. We think it's a good song but I like to get feedback for that kind of opinion. I'm singing and guitar, and he's on my keyboard. We just sat in front of mic and did a "live" performance, so here it is. Oh and it WAS a video, but I can't upload the video on here cause the size is too big. https://soundcloud.com/skylesslimits/so-high-ft-stagecoach-dilemma LYRICS: I'm the black guy He's the white guy We're just singing some songs tonight I'm not a criminal He's not a cop We're just two friends and we're oh so tight After we sing this song we're getting so high High, high, high, high We're getting so high, High, high, high, high We're getting so high High, high, high, high We're getting so high
  8. I Choose You

    Hahah okay I confess. (x But yeah, my official version is going to be a rewrite and I'll do what you suggested. (:
  9. I Choose You

    Every time I play this live I always think about how it'd sound so awesome recorded electric as well. Sounds like I need to invest in some more equipment since everything I have is just acoustic friendly.
  10. I Choose You

    Exactly what I was thinking. Thank you. Where would you add the shakers in at? The whole song, or just certain parts?
  11. I Choose You

    Thank you! The singer/songwriter vibe is what I aim for. (x My lack of vocal range is going to be the death of me. >.< I know what you mean though.
  12. I Choose You

    Crap, you noticed it As I was writing it, I told myself I was just going to break one grammar rule and hope that no one would pay attention to it. At first I went with what you said, but "nobody has ever knew" flowed from my mouth better. Know what I mean? Also, thanks!
  13. I Choose You

    I just wanted to get some feedback on this song? Maybe some recording ideas for when I make a "studio" version. Thanks in advance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StqgNgEGUuE
  14. Soundcloud And Youtube

    Every time I upload a song to Soundcloud, YouTube, and Reverbnation (The only places I upload my songs) my sound quality goes down. The sounds isn't really distorted, it's just like it gets way quieter than the original. I upload my songs in WAV format. Is there any way to fix this problem?
  15. Video Editing Help?

    Okay, whenever a band releases a new song from an album, I always see them post it on YouTube and make it look all cool like this: What software is being used? Can someone tell me what software (preferably free) I can use to make videos like this?